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Hello Dog Lover Friends,

Alex Sparrow is appreciating you stopping by at TalkOurDogs.com. 🙂

This site is dedicated to those present and future dog owners interested in achieving a healthy and fullest life with their dogs.

The aim of this website is twofold:

* partly share valuable info and experiences on the different dog related topics; like dog breeds, dog behavior, choosing dogs, dog feeding, dog health, dog training and having fun with dogs – among others,

* partly – because Alex doesn’t know all – this site is intended to be a communication platform for everyone who wishes to ask, share and complement for delight for owners and dogs equally.

Why we need to talk about the life of our canines?

I think the reasons are obvious because our dogs are …

* those special animals which defend us, our family members, as well as our real estate,

* those essential staff members who make our work easier by doing herding, watching, search, rescue, therapy and other activities,

* those humble fellows who teach us to be beloved and giving affection to others,

* those teachers helping us learn to gain patience and having fun,

* those selfless friends who are our faithful companions – unconditionally,

* those helpmates who improve our life’s quality by helping us to battle against stress as well as physical deficiency,

* those teachers who are able to improve the social communication of our kids,

* and they are those doctors who motivate ourselves to spend our times actively and healthy.

The Author

I’m Alex Sparrow, retired but active in many things. I’m residing with my family in our suburban house built with our own hands, in Hungary. I worked on building, engineering, oil exploration, marketing fields of the corporate world in Europe, Africa and USA. Then I became self-employed in Hungary for two decades.

Among, I’m interested in psychology, on an amateur way of course. I’m finding pleasure in studying people and nature on my own way because either the humans as well as the animals are so complex.

Naturally, that’s true that I collected a lot of experience. Despite, I think enough stuffs remained to discover in the rest of my life. And if you decide to write down your thoughts, to see increasingly into motivations and mental process is indispensable.

I’m always interested to see what’s behind things. You might ask me hereupon if I’m a good judge of character? I’d say I’m only semi-finished. I believe there is always something to learn because all of us are so different. And don’t be ashamed to learn from someone who knows more than you.

I’m lucky enough to spend my days with reading, writing, gardening, do it yourself, and exercising with our loving dogs, of course. I committed several writing about canines, and their publishing is in progress. Anyway, this site is one of the results of my enthusiasm I feel for the admirable world of the dogs.

Have you ever seen a blacksmith in work? I observed as a child that – saying – the blacksmith made a horseshoe. You shouldn’t think that he put it on the shelves. No, he would throw that in the sand, to let it be cooled. Then, who requires it, will take that. I’m thinking about writing this way, too, so anyone who wants to read it; he will do that.

I believe that keeping a dog is a personal matter for everyone. There are people who don’t like animals, perhaps they have a reason for that. But, others love the animal world and feel better from them. I belong to the latter group.

My parents and grandparents always kept animals in the household. There were chicken, ducks, geese, dogs, cats, cows and even horses. The invading army took the latter two in the Second World War. After all, they had to eat, but we were left without milk and draft animals.

So I inherited the love of animals from my ancestors. Because the love of animals is can be inherited, really! This love cannot be influenced by the fact that, for example, Lisa chewed my shoes. Who you can blame that is me, because she had access to them and interfered with teething.

There were a lot of dogs throughout my life, and I would be in trouble if they should be counted. The first was a white Hungarian Kuvasz, called Swan. In reality, she was within our yard earlier than I could remember.

And yes, there was a time when I was without a dog as well. I lived in an apartment house, and my heart dictated me not to restrict an animal to 36 square meters. A dog requires space, air, freedom, which can provide better with a house equipped with yard and garden.

Dogs will be in my household only until I can take care of them. That’s because you should deal with them. Furthermore, you should exercise them. You should love them to be healthy mentally, too. And when the time comes that I’ll be unable to do all that, then I will have plush dogs.

I believe it not even will occur tomorrow.

I’m lucky enough to spend my days with reading, writing, gardening, do it yourself, and exercising with my loving dogs, of course. I committed several writing about dogs, and their publishing is in progress. Anyway, this site is one of the results of my enthusiasm I feel for the admirable world of the canines.

During times, I dealt with many dog breeds like Kuvasz, Pumi, Puli, Hungarian Vizsla, Bernese Mountain Dog, Komondor, Boxer, Husky, Wirehaired Foxterrier, Mudi, German Shepherd, Labrador – just naming a few.

All in all, what you find here is based on my six-decades dog keeping experiences, including my volunteer work in an animal shelter before. Dealing with different animals broaden my horizons and helped me better understand the relationship between dogs and humans.

Having said that, I look forward to sharing with you and getting to know you – for enrich the lives of each, you and your furry friends!

Alex Sparrow

Do you like what you read here? Then share this website, your friends also may benefit from reading.  If there is a topic you would like me to research and write an article about, please let me know through the contact link or leave here a comment.

Thanks again for your visit on Talk Our Dogs – I hope to see you another time soon.

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