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We arrived to the second part of the review of Airedale Terrier today. The last time we dealt with the origin of this dog, breeding grounds for, name variations as well as using them in the First World War. Today we discuss over this canine’s appearance and will talk about the qualities of character as well.

Appearance of the Airedales

To begin with, these terriers are very energetic and determined. It comes from this that they have an intelligent and suspenseful look.

This dog breed compared to other terriers is more bodied and robust but structured very harmoniously. If you look at it, you see a stylish appeared, agile and athletic dog before you.

The body structure of the Airedale Terrier also serves its efficient working ability. Their simple – rectangle can be drawn – muscular, compact body is free from all extremes. Their limbs also are strong.

S/he ought to keep its head and ears in alert and held its tail in high position, have interest and curiosity. Furthermore, they should have a stylish and intelligent regular quality and majestic look.

Coat and Color

His or her body is covered with two layers of hair. The undercoat is soft and fluffy, and the top coat is strong, very dense and slightly wavy.

This type of terrier is not molted, so you can keep it in the apartment problem-free. However, as one of the owners said me at a dog show, you should care for their hair regularly to spare yourself from cleaning everyday.

The Airedale Terriers are occurring in several color versions. In the major instances, they have black fur, head, leg and abdomen while mixed with some brown.

According to the standards of the American dog breeding clubs, it’s normal to cut back the tail of puppies in five days after the birth. Nevertheless, this is a cruelty matter in their native country.

His or her movement is quick and easy; the whole dog exudes alertness, confidence, harmony and cheerfulness.


As for their height, the male dogs reach a height up to 23,5 inches (61 centimeters). The females are slightly lighter. They weigh an average rate varying between 56 and 76 pounds (22 – 30 kilograms).

Temperament of the Airedale Terrier

The Airedales’ temperament is mixed the gentle disposition of hounds with the terrier attributes. They are proved as the most versatile terrier canine. This breed is adventurous, quite brave, and having a great deal of affection to play.

It’s extremely smart and just a little obstinate, consequently, teaching it occasionally could be time-consuming. Apart from that, I found that with the proper amount of training time, they become obedient, loyal, and ideal watchdog.

Furthermore, as long as this breed receives sufficient psychological and bodily stimulation, they could make excellent household pets.

Hunting- and Watchdog

The Airedales have fierce temperament, they are tough, persevering to the end of the battle. They do not know the fear at all. Being a not-so-old breed, the species preserved their original talents so far.

This is nothing more common than the typical hunt for puma in Canada. I talked hunters and accordingly; people use these dogs to hunt wild boar in Hungary as well as to catch a bear in Romania.

The Airedales are stubborn dogs, namely they bred them to hunt independently from their owner. Due to this instinct, they often tend to go after their own heads. However, they are a very good observer, and can work fine in a team as well.

They are not aggressive, but do not hang around when an unauthorized intruder approaching their sovereignty. Due to the huge breaking-teeth, the bite of Airedale Terrier is strong and can cause serious injury.

Continued with keeping and health aspects next time,

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

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