Airedale Terrier – Possible Health Issues Plus Care

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Airedale_terrier_(wystawa)We arrived to the four section of our Airedale Terrier review. The upkeep requirement of the breed was the topic at our last meet. The subject of today’s conversation – possible health concerns and care – is closely related to that. Namely, the proper feeding and exercising are contributing significantly to a healthy life – as in humans, just as in dogs.

Airedale’s Health in Youth

The Airedale Terrier is free from inherited diseases, medium to large sized, fast-growing dog. In case of the similar, large and fast-growing, movement-demanding breed, it’s a priority to prevent joints from overloading.

Therefore, their weight must be kept at an optimal level. Plus you should ensure the motion quantities suitable to their age and physique. This means that before their one-year age, it should get that move quantity as it requires on their own only.

Recommended Movement Types in Youth

At this time, it’s advisable to avoid the run, obstacle jumping, hiking. The most ideal exercise for them is the wrestling with other dogs, playing tag and swimming. These moving strengthen the muscles without overloading on their joints.

Additionally, I recommend you to avoid long-term (1.5 – 2 miles long) monotonous run in their adulthood as well. In fact, the constitutional structure of this Terrier makes it most suitable for rather short, fast gallop and leap.

Health Concerns of the Airedale Terrier

Primarily, the average length of living time for a healthy Airedale is spread from 10 to 14 years.This terrier is a very strong constitution, tough dog and shows hardly any reaction to pain.

In particular, it is important to monitor their behavior constantly. That’s because – in most cases – only very small signals noticeable when they are sick.

The Airedale is prone to hip dislocation as well as allergies, thyroid- and cardiovascular diseases. However, most of the problems are arising from unbalanced diet, as our vet said.

The stomachs of these terriers are particularly sensitive; it’s prone to flatulence. To avoid flatulence, and stomach’s fatal turning, you should include some rest between eating and walking.

This rest is so important because Airedales have a big appetite. For example, it’s able to clean up a full package of five kg dog food in no time. As you know, it’s much better to prevent the trouble than to treat it.

Grooming Your Airedale


The coat care is part of the protection of health as well. The Airedale Terrier is a wire-haired dog, doesn’t molt. The coat consists of two layers, the softer undercoat and coarse guard hairs.

The dead hair doesn’t fall out of their skin; it must be removed by brushing and trimming. It follows from this that their hair requires constant care. To avoid lumps, and grinding together it’s recommended to brush or comb it thoroughly 2 – 3 times weekly.

Furthermore, I recommend you to get rid of the surplus and dead hairs quarterly. This action – if you carried out carefully – could give a distinctive appearance to your favorite.

WARNING! Cutting down the hair is counterproductive, since in doing so the root of dead hair remains inside the skin. Consequently, it may cause irritation, which ultimately leads to eczema.

Due to their double-layered coat, these canines are able to live outdoor during even cold months.


The tartar deposited on teeth of your dog can lead to serious health problems. Focus on proper dental care, because – when neglected – a dental illness will get a chance of implementation!

You can ensure your dogs’ mouth health very many ways. Brush their teeth regularly with a toothpaste made for dogs. At the same time, well, talk to your veterinarians, namely they use to recommend professional cleaning, in certain period of time.


The regular ear cleaning of your Airedale Terrier is a basic requirement. That’s also important because the pendulous, furry ears may get stuffy easily. This way, the different infections might find their chance to develop.

Continued with training your Airedale next time,

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

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