An American Staffordshire Terrier Has Merry Personality

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American Staffordshire TerrierMy Friends, recently we traced the history of the American Staffordshire Terrier, from the beginning to the present. Now, we will cope with their appearance and a bit more with their temperament. I keep this section very important due to the widespread misunderstanding that plagues this breed. The negative beliefs – like it is an aggressive dog breed – are often undeserved. (I just note that people judged earlier the Doberman, German Shepherd and Rottweiler similarly.) Although, I can state, hostile dog isn’t born, the people make them so.

Physics of the Amstaff

Having a look at the members of this breed, you can see a muscular and stocky animal. They are showing simple elegance, combining with agility and strength. The Amstaff has a relatively large head, equipped with roundish, powerful muzzles.

This dog has the low-set, round shaped and relatively big eyes. Their ears show a rose figure in natural forms, but the cropped shape is frequent.
They have medium length, brawny neck. The wide sloping shoulder continues with well sprung ribs.

If I watch them from the front, the forelegs seem straight and large boned. The rear legs also are properly muscled. Their foot is compact, intense and well vaulted, and toes are padded enough.

Its elastic gait plus low gravitational center assists this canine stay balanced whereas leaping. And it’s quick enough to avoid a rival’s teeth. Their height is between seventeen – nineteen inches at the withers, so this muscular dog looks even more compact.

Their weight – when they reach their full maturity – is between 24 – 38 pounds (the females are lighter weight).

Coat and Care

The American Staffordshire Terrier appears with a smooth, short and close fitting coat. You may find them in nearly all colors of the rainbow. However, the liver color is unaccepted by the standard. Plus the white color should be under 80% of the whole coat.

Grooming this dog doesn’t cause any headaches for you if it familiarized with that in puppy-hood. If this didn’t happen in time, you may expect some difficulties, for example, when touching its feet. Their fur remains shiny and doable with weekly brushing.

As for the fur-shedding, that’s marginal interim, but amplified when the seasons change. This canine gets well with bathing only few times yearly, despite it doesn’t exude a bad odor. Of course, if s/he was rolling into some unwanted material, you will bathe him/her.

Moreover, developing bad breath may happen with this dog. That’s why I recommend you to pay attention to the mouth hygiene. You will do your best if you brush their teeth once or twice a week. With this action, you can prevent the bacteria causing the bad breath move in.

American Staffordshire Terrier Temperament

The Amstaff is the only one of the bull-type terriers, whose design served the establishment of a working dog. They wanted to get a very balanced nervous system and calm basic nature – besides the undisputed combat-ready nature and extraordinary physique of the ancestors.

That makes the species of the breed still suitable not only work, but also being a great family member. This Terrier is brave, relentless and steadfast, plus it’s always yearning for the heed and liking of their owners. Just as successful in becoming an intrepid protector, the love for the owner also fills their soul.

Relationship With Children

Usually these dogs are mild with kids, however some of them can be dominant and rough-playing with little children. Due to their origin, they have extremely high pain threshold and thick skin. So they use to tolerate even the hair pulling by kids.

I was lucky enough to see as one of these dogs endure everything from children, with one neighbor. Nearly two hours I spent there and experienced that the game was always in the focus with the two six and eight years-old kids around.

As Bernard (the father) said, a good American Staffordshire Terrier shouldn’t be educated to love children. The long line of ancestors has been brought up that character into them. Because basically s/he is a child forever, it even couldn’t live better its playfulness.

Those Amstaffs which grew up in a family with small children like their Garry and Polly, bear themselves as a nanny and guardian angel literally. They are taking pleasure in these tasks really. Moreover, Bernard told me the fact that pedophiles, satyrs, etc. would be better not trying to do with their little owners.

Bernard’s Recommendations

For those who want to get such a dog next to their children, it’s always better to have a child or even an infant at first then vice versa. This of course is generally understood. “We had dogs before and just after the babies arrived, there was no malice resulting from any jealousy.

The reason is simple: we treated the dogs with special attention continuously. But, we drew their attention to respect the rights of the newcomer, already at the start. Every time our children were around in the yard, the dogs could smell and lick their feet and hands.

Of course, the hand and face washing were followed in the bathroom. This way, they accepted our children as family members without difficulty. Nevertheless, I would not recommend leaving them alone, until the child is at least five or six years will not be.”

I’ve to say that I agree with Bernard has been said, completely.

Relationships With Strangers

When I visited the family, the two Amstaff barked at me until Bernard came out to the gate. He gave a command to them softly, and they ceased the barking. They behaved reservedly and I also do the way like someone who didn’t take them into account. (I’ve experience in being calm in such a situation.)

Garry and Polly sniffed my clothes and hands while the owner invited me into the house. Bernard said me they behave similarly with other dogs and pets, too. “They’re real guards in their soul, however, could be pleasant in direction of individuals while their owner is present.”

When you acquire the puppy from a respected breeder with a mild bloodline, this canine won’t be hostile to folks. As they have been developed to fight, and due to their loyalty to their family members, in case the Amstaff senses concerned by one other dog, he could turn into aggressive.

The American Staffordshire Terrier requires to be handled as a member of family, and hardly ever left tied up alone, outdoor. Critical conduct issues and aggression can appear when an Amstaff is lacked of care and left with unloving people.

Required Activity

American Staffordshire Terriers should have exercise to keep up their muscle tone every day. They get pleasure from lengthy strolls plus playing within your yard. Owing to their necessity of active lifestyle, I recommend keeping them in a home having a fenced-in yard with lots of room in order to play to fetch and exercise.

If these canines raised together with other animals, a properly-bred Amstaff does nice. But, it may happen you’re adopting some older animal. Then it is best your household does not keep another pet. Perhaps the lightest nature Staffordshire can assault if invited to a duel by another dog, or if s/he senses his host is in hazard.

Due to the bad reputation on this breed, your insurance policies might not involve an Amstaff. Consequently, you as a possible owner will need to seek the advice of your insurance company earlier than undertaking this type of dog.


I had an opportunity to talk with a trainer who has 23 years experience. He said, in relation to educating, this canine learns rapidly. However, it operates best with such an owner who has the firm hands and consequent mind.

He suggested to apply the positive reinforcement technique in teaching. Namely, the rough handling could result in a situation where the dog will not trust in the trainer. When you see unmanageable Amstaff, one of the reasons can be the harsh treatment.

You need to start to socialize your puppy as early as possible. You should take care on teaching it to be nice to individuals as well as children. These resolute dogs cannot do without training plus a great deal of trust and toleration.

They must be educated and socialized from the beginning. My Friend, just think about please, each well-mannered American Staffordshire Terrier is definitely an amity messenger when it comes to this breed.

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Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow is a nature enthusiastic for more than seven decades. He was writing nearly 400 articles, reports so far about how to live with your dogs harmoniously.
Alex Sparrow