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Curious Bichon FriseWhen it comes the Bichon Frise, you can hear interesting suppositions related this breed. Many people think by seeing it first time that this little doggie is not much than a white soft toy creation stepped from a toy store showcase. And how they are surprised to find out that it isn’t a soft toy creation. Instead, this little white cotton bud figure is a real dog. And its history dates back to the 1300s years.

About The Origin of  Bichon Frise

This doggie required a very long time to develop being recognized in the United States, regardless of its historical roots. The story of the American Bichon Frise Club was only started within the mid of 1960s. Moreover, the AKC was acknowledging this dog breed not earlier than seven years later only.

Fact is that not too many breeders are dealing with the Bichons in U.S. Yet – without doubt – its popularity is growing at a fast tempo. And in all probabilities will proceed to do so – particularly when this doggie’s wonderful character turns into more broadly known. It’s sufficing to look through the magazines or films to recognize how many celebrities has this canine.

And other title ‘Barbet’ were applied in reference to this kind of canine, and at a certain time additionally they had been known as Barbichon. Throughout the time, the prefix is worn out, and left the Bichon name only. People found the Bichon Frise within the countries of the Mediterraneum anno in the 1300s.

The Italian sailors discovered the breed and took the dog to Italy in the 1300s. These dogs will become favorites of Italian nobility in no time. In the region, similar to other small dogs, the Italians happily clipped the Bichons lion style. Anyway, contemporary paintings show that this tiny dog was findable in the household of every French aristocratic family, too.

People distinguished four versions of the Bichon earlier such as:

1. The Bichon Bolognese got his name from the metropolis of Bologna. That city is famous for its University founded in 1088. And that’s the contemporary provincial capital of the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy.

2. Bichon Maltais (translated from French to English as Maltese) was named after the island of Malta.

3. Bichon Tenerife. According to the general perception, they acquired by Spanish sailors into Tenerife, the biggest of the Canary Islands. The exotic sounding Bichon Tenerife name increased the commercial value of the already progressively common dogs. Consequently, this kind of type designation survived for nearly nowadays.

4. Bichon Havanese. These dogs arrived to Cuba by Spanish sailors, and became known as the Havanese.

Bichon on a Goya paintingIt’s a fact that the Spanish conquest of Cuba and founded Havana as their port in 1515. However, there is another opinion too, which conveys that the Belgians also breed these doggies. They bred them in the city of Havalange throughout centuries, and that’s the reason of the name Havanese.

The Tenerife or Bichon became widespread in France during the reign of I Francis (1515 -1547). But achieved the greatest success in the royal court of III Henry (1574 -1589). The dogs were so spoiled there that groomed and perfumed exquisitely and decorated with ribbons. And the tray-like basket hung on those ribbons from the king’s neck. Did you ever think that the Bichon Frise was so favored by the kings?

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