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Your Dog Can Be a Special Distinctive Sign?

Good Morning Folks!

your dog walking in city

When it comes to walking with our dogs, I like to vary the path we use. This has several advantages; for example, your dog encounters different people and situations. In the perspective of better socialization, this is very useful. Nevertheless, you can gain handy experiences, even if the route, for example, is similar throughout a week. Now, I share with you what I observed during such cases.

There are dog owners who bring along their faithful companion not only in walking but during arranging other stuffs, too. They certainly had faced “a dog as distinguishing marks” syndrome so far.

Personally, I’m a member of this group as well. Therefore, I have enough involvement to speak on this topic and share my experiences collected by my observations.

Your Dog As Distinguishing Mark

Let’s say, you take your furry friend along with you to buy during a week. What happens?

Day 1)
On the first day, passers by only stare at you. Alternatively, several little children are pointing towards you while saying “doggie.”

Day 2)
On the second day, the employees of the stores, boutiques and other facilities settled inline with your path noticed you. Their eyes follow your way. Of course, the children will continue appreciating your dog without any inhibition.

Day 3)
On the third day – if the children do not notice you – the parents raise awareness like “Look, there is that doggie!” The employees of the above-mentioned stores are smiling and even greet the two of you.

Day 4)
On day 4 – because you have to arrange more things – you leave your dog at home. What are you experiencing now? No one under the sun recognizes you; they ignored you or simply looking over you.

The children do not shout with a smile that “Man / Woman” – they simply deal with someone else. Being alone, you aren’t interesting at all. It’s an extreme case, if a shopkeeper recognizes you and asks you “Where’s the dog?”

Day 5)

On day five, you bring your fur baby again, so you see the satisfaction on the face of the boutique employees: “yes, this must be so!” They greet you with smiling, or even whisper it between each other before you get there “Look, there comes the dog man / woman.”

Day 6)

On the 6th day, after the greeting, they take the courage and make questions to you: “What kind of dog is this?” “What’s its name?” “How old is s/he?”

They tell you that they also have suchlike puppy at home, it’s called so and so, perhaps tell you a recent funny, sad, touching, or simply loving story about their favorite.

Day 7)

On the seventh day, these lovely people are waiting eagerly you to pass them again. And they surprise your four-legged friend with a little treat or – in a sweltering heat – a fresh drink water.

By doing so, they charm you off your feet. After all, I love that person who shows affection to my dog. That’s it.


Thus, due to the reasons mentioned above ‘scientifically established’ that your dog is a very distinctive sign for you. If you do not believe me, go investigate for yourself.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

How to Relieve Stress in Dogs at New Year’s Eve?

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visible stress in dogs on New Year's Eve

The last day of any year is generally nothing more than preparation for the evening festive in most countries. However, not everyone is eagerly waiting for the approaching midnight. The emerging stress in dogs makes their owners think about the midnight-gong with anxiety. In this case, we should relieve the phenomenon on the New Year’s Eve.

I mean especially the sound of firecracker and explosions of fireworks because all the canines are scared and want to get rid of the cacophony. Namely, the number of dogs running away to the world increases by thousands each year.

Partly, they become a stray animal; others find their death on the highways. There are also fortunate species whose living continues at a shelter where their owner could find them. Here are several tips that help you to avoid the New Year’s Eve stress for dogs.

Making Our Dogs Be Tired

The main rule is not to take your dog into the celebrating crowd. You do the best possible if you make your furry friend to be tired enough on the forenoon of 31st the December and the day before, as well.

The animals are especially worn by the fact that they cannot see the way of escape within the celebrating crowd. Anyway, their ears are more sensitive than humans, and the harsh sound effects increase the stress in dogs.

You can make a larger strolling, exercise and training him or her, too. For example, your Fido might be your accompany with your biking or jogging. Playing to fetch or frisbee also could be the proper solution to make him tired.

My Friend, if our dogs are weary, they will be calmer and will not to gasp its head to all the noise!

Walking on Afternoon of 31st

Be sure to have your dog on the leash during walking. However, please, don’t force the strolling if you perceive its fear. Namely, the possibility of running away and the stress are increased by the approaching darkness.

The walk at this time could be shorter like you take him or her for doing their business only. By doing this action around your residence you can prevent developing stress in dogs due to an exploding of a firecracker or fireworks near you.

Knowing Your Dog’s Fears

There is an obvious human reaction that we try to calm down our dogs if we perceive their stress. Sometimes this works, but another time may not be effective. It depends on the bond between you and Fido and the different sensitivity of every animal.

As a habit, I use to let our Zizi and Lisa hide this time if they want. They are outdoor dogs, and I let them go into the garage or the hall to calm down on their own. There is a hideout piled from blankets, so they feel themselves safe there.

Handling Stress in Dogs by Distraction

If your canine loves to learn or play, then you can distract his or her attention with those activities. The result of this can be that s/he will be accustomed to the noise more easily.

However, I’d like to recommend you to do this in that situation only if you see the willingness of s/he. Please, don’t force this because you can trigger the opposite effect from your furry friend.

At best, you might retreat to a quiet place or countryside with your dogs!

If You Still Want To Have Fun

If this is the first New Year’s Eve for your furry friend, rather stay at home with him to see what kind of reaction you might expect next year! If you choose to the house party, read the tips I wrote here related to the Christmas festive.

However, if you really want to have fun that night, and left your dogs alone, you might use a crate.

You also may cover that with a blanket (leave access to air!). Furthermore, pet owners must ensure the excluding of the possibly escape. This is another way to reduce or eliminate the stress in dogs caused by sound and light effects on New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year,

Alex Sparrow

How To Care Our Dogs Special Way At Christmas?

Mornin’ Dog Folks!

One of our dogs - Doris as SantaIn the direction of finish the year – which is also the holiday season – we are putting brakes on the everyday rush. At this period, everybody turns into obsessive about the festive ambiance, the coziness. It follows from this that we wouldn’t like to divest our dogs from the family programs in addition to giving gifts on this occasion. So far, so good. But, what would the dogs say in case of asking them about their experiences regarding holidays like Christmas?

Holiday Trends

My Friends, the above question isn’t random, simply think about the latest years. You may encounter the phenomenon as people – in increased number – could be so intimately linked to their furry mates.

Dog owners arrange a particular birthday celebration for their canines like giving presents, cooking cake and so on. I feel more individuals are inclined to consider the dog as a human being with that in mind as well.

You may have noticed this tendency in America and Japan, for instance. There, many people power their dog directly with a human role. And, looking around within my environment, what can I perceive?

I do experience this increasingly with novice dog owners. They are inclined to pamper their furry friend after a long wait for their first, coveted dog. I confess, I had such a period when my son was a child.

My Experience With Our Dogs

But, I only think back to those memories funnily today. I remember our Boxer called Doris with a Santa cap over her head, plus a table labeled “Merry Christmas” in her mouth for the photographing. I sent this picture as Christmas greetings to relatives thirty-five years ago.

And you know what? It wasn’t a big task for Doris, but I’ve to say she didn’t enjoy that particularly. Just think about that as you command your dog like “Grab,” “Stay,” “not good, I said you Grab and Stay!”

And she snapped the squeaky toy gift in two minutes. The funniest thing is that we can buy our dogs any gift. But, s/he isn’t going to be happy with that in an extent like the remaining gala dinner and a little attention.

Dogs are simple creatures; it is easy to make them pleased because they want uncomplicated things.


For instance, they play a piece of wood merrily, and there is no greater joy for them than you (the owner) spend time together with. For them, Christmas is nothing other than the fact that you’re in such a little different mood.

They experience more coming and going as well as the additional food. Please, I don’t recommend you to force them in our holiday habits; it will not be such a pleasure for them as we think!

We can buy a gift for our dogs, but be aware that we do that so much more for our soul, not because of their own. A new game will please them, but then don’t take it a minute later, saying that it was beeping too loud, or s/he will tear up that.

Caring Example

After all, it was a gift so the best you can do is letting play with that as s/he wants. To mention my own practice in feeding, instead of the usual nutrition I use to cook a stew for them, the recipe is here.

As a supplement, I give Zizi and Lisa a large marrow-bone. This way, both I make them happy and my peace of mind is fine. However, I’d warn you not to give your dog anything that make her stomach be diseased.

I love to walk our dogs on the 24th because as if the world would be different that day. Of course, others also have walked with their favorites. We see the familiar faces, but somehow smile more kindly at each other.

The morning walk can be longer to take the dogs get well tired. This way they will not be in your way in cleaning, cooking and last-minute gift-wrapping. Then in the afternoon, I used to go out with them a bit more before the gifting.

Intimate Atmosphere

For me, this is the most intimate atmosphere, almost only we are on the street. It’s already dark, through the windows you can see the light and families celebrating Christmas.

And even it’s snowing, if you’re lucky. (Unfortunately, we have no snow this holiday.)
Those who have chance, organize the whole family with a dog walking, tobogganing or where the dog can run around with you.

The family will benefit from the relaxation of the festive preparations and rush. There is no greater gift for your canine when s/he is the reason the family walks with him or her.

This way, you will not have to tell yourself during the dinner that the poor dog left out of everything.

Meet the Rules

Some rules I have to mention that they have often forgotten in the celebrations. We use to say that our dogs can be unleashed anywhere if they are socialized well.

Namely, the proper relationship already established with you can tell him or her what you like. In this case, you can be more lenient with him or her. For example, you can let your favorite to come in where other times not allowed.

Of course, there are owners who don’t know the dog body language in full and their dog isn’t so obedient. The best such an owner can do is to ensure compliance with the rules of the dog in this case, too.

What I mean? For instance, you should be prepared that the arrival of guests will stir the canine. Thus, it is important that your dog is sufficiently tired, in advance.

Behavior With Guests

Namely, there could be someone among the guests, who is afraid of dogs or one who fears for his clothes. And there are people also who worship the dog and confirm the bad things such as the hopping, with the best intention.

Pretty irksome when we have to reprimand our dogs what not to do – in the front of the guests. And even more unpleasant if your guests should be advised to avoid feeding your dog.

Conversely, do not caress it when jumped up with muddy feet, or came into the forbidden zone.

It is worth preparing your dog in advance for such situations by exercising the “No” and “Stay” commands, which might come in handy at any time. For larger problems, your dog also can be kenneled during this time.

Another solution may be to inform the guest family in advance how to respond to certain things the dog does. Anyway, by now they already know that we are the “mad dog owners” in the family, this point will not surprise them.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for every animal loving people around the world! Arrange joyful walk or journeys with your fur babies among these holidays!

Our dogs also deserved to show them our affection, together with those spending their days in shelters through no fault of their own. They are entitled to receive some attention at Christmas together with people taking care of them.

Happy Holidays,

Alex Sparrow

Is The Airedale Terrier A Kid-Friendly Dog Breed?

Hello again, Airedale Fanciers!

airedale terrier and girl

Children and dogs – it is an idyllic and well-known pairing in films, novels and real life, too. Today we will discuss over how the Airedale Terrier relates to kids. (The breed’s health was on the agenda in the last part of the series.) Today’s topic is interesting in two respects.

Firstly, this pairing means cloudless happiness, play, laughter, security in under the protection of a four-legged guard. On the other hand, it means bloody bit little hands and faces through the sad statistics: the most common victims of dog bites are children.

However, here’s my duty to note that the statistic is general and includes each dog breed. Another crucial factor is that – in the majority of attack cases – the human irresponsibility or incompetence is the reason. Well, now what’s the truth:

Is the Airedale Terrier Kid-Friendly or Not?

There are many adults – myself am one of them – in whose children life a friendship with a dog played a decisive role. My friend, this is an experience that cannot be replaced with anything else.

And those who receive it, s/he would relate to the living world another way. For example, dealing with an Airedale teaches kids for responsibility and regularity, at the same time stimulate them to healthier lifestyles.

Airedale Terriers are nice with children and sufficiently well-built to deal with the heavy-handed hugs and pets. Furthermore, their overexposed attitude toward screaming, running children is making them child-friendly canine.

For all this, however, the adult’s supervision, help and positive attitude cannot be dispensed. Chances are you’ll be shocked by which breed shows similar traits. There is, for example the savage-looking Boxers are actually good with kids.

Or, taking another example, the American Staffordshire Terrier (also known as pit bull) belongs to here, too. However, at the same time, the small – and no doubt snappy – canines like Chihuahuas aren’t so children-friendly.

What Determines the Affection or Horror

This Terrier is specifically family-oriented and child-loving dog breed. And although towards strangers s/he behaves as if they were not there, the Airedale loves the family to which it belongs.

According to my experience, a social being, adult Airedale Terrier (which grown up with a healthy spirit) recognizes the “pup” in our kid. Consequently, this dog behaves tolerantly toward the little child, due to their gentle nature.

The attraction is mutual, but the larger / smaller kids are often over-confidence in toward a first seen dog. So, they don’t keep themselves to the rules of being accountancies, which may cause defensive reaction from the part of the animal.

And it’s not the dog’s fault. The canine’s aim in this case is not to damage our child. Its suddenly seize even couldn’t scratch another dog’s skin at all. But, the dog not knows that children’ reflexes are slower.

Moreover, s/he also doesn’t know that children’ thin skin isn’t protected by fur. That’s why you always should supervise the interaction between your child and your dog.

My Recommendation

In light of these, it’s understandable that majority of the parents are mistrustful of dogs. And, although a healthy distancing itself isn’t wrong, but it is important not to dissuade with the specter of the bite.

The Airedale Terrier has a sensitive spirit, which is also proved that if we treat him unfairly, prone to take it offense. This dog becomes an adult by roughly two years of age.

And although s/he is apparently serious – like an English gentleman – still very playful and a real clown. S/he is extremely docile and obedient, but you must catch him / her already at the beginning.

Similar to each breed, the Airedale requires early socialization – contact with various folks, experiences, sights in their youth. The socialization helps be certain that your Airedale pooch becomes properly-rounded canine.

That’s because like all dogs, s/he also will test your hands, wondering how far it can go. With early socialization, this breed can be kept easily together with all types of dogs and other household pets.

Nevertheless, you have to take into account their violent nature, and in relationship with the other animals s/he is usually the dominant entity.

In short, I don’t hesitate to recommend the Airedale Terrier, especially for an owner who is receptive to their sensitivity. And this breed is one of the best choices for living with kids.

Continued next time with training your Airedale,

Alex Sparrow

Apartment Dogs – You Required to Live In Smells?

Hello Dog Peeps!

apartment-dogsI don’t know about you, but I often hear that the apartment dogs make their home stinky. I have experienced this also when visited some dog owners’ home. However, it shouldn’t be that way, because it’s only up to us to live in such a frequent dog-smelling home. Namely, we are able to maintain our apartment hygienically by complying with a few simple rules.

Dogs (Do Not) Stinks

You may remember my former article dealing with get rid dog smells. The essence of the article is that the unpleasant odor is unknown with dogs kept healthy and hygienically.

A healthy canine doesn’t let go unpleasant smells in the air of your home – either from the front or from behind. What is more, if their fur is maintained properly, then the dogs’ center also will not stink.

Achieving a non-smelling status isn’t so difficult as you may think. Let’s see some examples…

Treating Home Accidents and Their Consequences

In addition to the prompt action, I use to do the followings. If we are at home when our dog peed, pooped or vomited, then we clean up promptly. This is because each wasted minute increases the amount of hard avoidable smells.

We pick up the “rough” pieces with a paper towel and quickly bagging it before it is discarded. Then we have blown a stronger cleaner with lightning speed onto the tiled floor or plastic surfaces.

This could be a commercially available enzyme spray that specifically produced for clean up and odor neutralization. But, if this isn’t available, the window cleaning and other general cleaning can be handy, too.

Act Quickly

The point is, if possible, we should spray the surface before the stain is dried. After that we have time to clear away the ‘accident’ thoroughly.

Always worth to clean at least two rounds; in the first session, we remove all visible dirt. Next, we clean up with clear devices in the second section. Afterwards, we chase away the last odor molecule by applying a further dose of detergent.

You will achieve not only an instantaneous hygiene this way. But you minimize the further risk of pee / poop in the case of having a puppy. Namely, there is no odor trace left as a trigger stimulus in the home.

In case of upholsterers, the principle is the same. Consequently, having apartment dogs, it is definitely advisable to refuel reliable carpet cleaning.

Lying, Weltering, Caviling

You save yourselves some time and energy by supervising your dog’s movement in your flat. If you are setting certain limits, he or she will know what s/he can do or can’t. This way, you don’t let him / her to go rampage on all your furniture.

Otherwise, your favorite will expropriate the whole apartment, including all your furniture / furnishing.
Never mind if it is a blanket or towel. It’s not difficult to make understand all dogs were and when is free to lie.

Please, keep in mind that the more washable fabric covers you’re using, is the better. Unless you are a firmly convinced dog owner who prohibits lying on the furniture.

The Place of Apartment Dogs

I know from experience that majority of dogs stick to their usual place. Of course, they carry a lot of dirt to there. It’s up to you that you buy a bed that’s easy to clean or make one by yourself.

Millions of alternatives exist to choose from. But, it may happen that your dog does not like neither the basket nor the pillows. However, this case also is not hopeless.

You can buy him / her a penny rug – those are easy to clean and not very valuable. In other words, you may discard them easily if they have been difficult to keep clean.


The situation is that the dog smell can be felt in any home, if the owners do not clean the flat regularly and thoroughly. To make so, pull away the furniture from the wall and vacuum hidden corners.

Namely, the dust and dog hairballs settle down there. And these “hidden agents” are responsible for dust and dog smell in your apartment in the first place.

Of course, there can be fewer sensitive surfaces in your flat. To clean them, you may use the good old chlorine scrubbing agent. Applying that you gain a further advantage; you prevent the bacteria progeny.

Clean-up Thoroughly

Living together with apartment dogs it is advisable to commission an expert to clean the carpets and upholstery once / twice yearly. Naturally, you also can do that if you have the proper machine. Nothing can replace a deep washing and chemical carpet cleaning. Sometimes it’s worth a little extra money to spend, then it’s much easier to keep the level.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Facing Dogs and Cyclists Should Lead to Attack?

Hello again!

when dogs and cyclists encounterA healthy lifestyle includes movements and exercise in the open air. Some are walking with their dogs; others are jogging or running and there are those who biking. It’s inevitable sometimes that dogs and cyclists are encountering during their activity. And, familiarizing you with new area by biking might be risky once you cross into a canine territory. So, it is not useless to be prepare for such encounters to prevent any problems.

When Dogs and Cyclists Encounter

Similarly to other living beings, dogs indicate their very own area. And they don’t greet prettily cyclists, joggers, motorists or any additional trespassers. Remember that 98-99 percent of the registered dog bites occur inside the dog’s territories.

When you step into a canine’s private zone, be conditioned for the animal to get into the assault manner. A considerate human may perceive warning signs like livid barking and may prevent problems by leaving the scene instantly.

If you don’t, then you expose yourself to a potential dog attack. This entails biting in your heels and an effort to take you down. Rest assured, a dog assault can throw you off stability, and can result in severe wounds.

Therefore, understanding how to handle dog attacks is a crucial measure to ensure peace in your cycling. I don’t recommend kids – or cyclists having little knowledge with canines – trip the place dog attacks may happen.

Attack Signals

Dogs are often inclined to assault cyclists from the rear direction. But, don’t assume all canines aspire their preys savagely. You can ascertain if the animal has critical will to bite you by observing the dog’s gait.

In addition to the previous barking, if s/he feels threatened; the canine will chase more outrace than usual. Their tail levels downward, ears are erected and mouth opened.

Ways You Can Apply

* Once you notice the dog comes near to you from any course, remember to guard your bicycle’s front wheel. If the animal abruptly makes a frontal attack, it could trigger a collision plus your fall.
The wise decision is to go to the farthest side of the road as well as to ride away without hesitation.

* Another possibility is when you yell load-throated to cope with the offended dog. This sound can temporarily shock the canine and makes it to vacillate. If it’s work, use the additional seconds and leave the scene as quickly as you can.

Nevertheless, at facing dogs and cyclists, if s/he remains in assault mode, lift your fist associated with an angry shout. Majority of dogs are scared of human violence will not chase after a person who poses an evident menace.

* I’d recommend you to understand that you probably can’t outrun a dog always (unless you’re Usain Bolt). For instance, cloggy roads or steep tracks could cause cyclists to make a very sluggish getaway.

No panic, my Friend, a can of dog spray is your savior. That spray will tweak the dog’s eyes and nose, so shut off the canine momentarily on a harmless way.

* If the above ways are ineffective, you should call help. If the dog in question is resolute in its assault, defend yourself and put your bicycle between you and the dog. Be careful and don’t attempt to kick the animal, as this may increasingly cause you to lose your stability.

If you’re assaulted or bitten, then look after medical help instantly. And report the case to the authorities and present a complaint contrary to the dog owner. The canine might want to be put into quarantine to confirming whether it is rabid or not.

Background of Dog Attacks

Don’t plug our heads in the sand but say: the human carelessness is behind attacks always. Main reasons are: people keep their dog improperly, or deal with it aggressively, or simply throw out the animal.

No wonder if the frightened, hungry canine simply runs wild. Due to this fact, the only way you can sustain a dog if you look after it responsible manner.

That way allows you to keep away from to turn against you or towards other individuals or animals. Furthermore, I advise you to take your canine to dog school in order to learn the correct social behavior.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, a dog attack may happen with anyone, so you should be aware of what to do in such a case. It is important to teach these for your kids or elderly, too, as they are at the greatest risk.

Pay attention to avoid mixing dogs and cyclists. Prepare yourself to get the ability to react in the event you face a territorial dog during riding.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Are You Aware Dogs Relieve Stress Efficiently?

Hello Everyone!

dogs relieve stressThere is no doubt that to relieve stress and pressure is a desired goal for many. Recently, I read the result of a stress-related survey performed by Harris Poll for the American Psychological Association in 2014. According to that, stress-associated sicknesses are present in large numbers of American population, and the trend is steady, unfortunately. Mainly, docs have recognized the fundamental reason behind this is our “seriousness.” And that led to the present situation in which meaningful stress-reduce ways working incorrectly.

Before I go any further, I state I have no medical qualification. But, I also live in the today’s stressful world. It follows from that I have topic-related experience and know several stress-reducing methods, such as an old dog enthusiast, too.

Disadvantaged quantities of stress occur typically as bad mood, baldness, fear, migraines, nervous excitement, sleeplessness, weigh gaining. And at the serious stage, the depression presents itself.

Studies show that stress impacts on fifty percent of all diseases within the U.S. and reaching 70% of doctor visits. However, right before you ask your family doctor to prescribe ‘Valium’ it’s worthwhile to take into account certain pure possibilities.

Relieve Stress Natural Ways

* To reduce stress I use to apply the Lincoln method (writing down problems on a paper). Just make two columns of that paper: /Fears I’m able to take action about, b/Fears I’m unable to handle on my own.

Studying these from my notes gives a whole new dimension, and I can commence to accept simply those I may change, and approach discovering solutions for those I’m able.

* Slowing down almost the whole lot in my life is actually another stress reducer. Holistic research educated me to end running for ringing phones. Why the heck did I usually do this?

I now focus on driving a bit slower and set the car in the garage to unwind and undergo another transition before I step into the home. Similarly, I chew my meals slowly than before. Doing so I often perceived this as a stress mitigation.

* Next, you can drive yourself to be more sociable to relieve stress. Namely, under stress, your inner voice prompts you to isolate yourself. My friend, nothing might be worse, as stress experts state.

Withdrawing permits us to focus on our issues, which reserves unfavorable pondering – rather than resolving we strengthen it. Once you really feel stressed to the roof, phone a buddy or place yourself among kids.

They have special talent of making you overlook your fears. Alternatively, take a volunteer work, that is effective in chase away the stress.

* The laughing is another medicine to counteract to stress. Once we are laughing, our blood flow to our brain is elevated and endorphin provide us feeling of nicely-being are launched and stages of stress fall significantly.

We can activate this therapy by laughing at ourselves, our excellent imperfection that will make up each of us.

* In case of sleeplessness, you should keep away from alcohol, caffeine plus tobacco. These all hold unwanted side effects on your sleep. To calming down earlier than bedtime enjoy heat-bathing, listen tender music or light a candle.

You should speak to yourself in a positive way and pat your shoulder from time to time for a task properly-done. Additionally, afford yourself some reward.

Once you do that you’ll notice an improvement within your body’s defense system which may last for a couple days. The reward may for instance a footwear or even cookies or each!

* Hesitancy can make stress stronger; therefore, you should always figure out how to be more self-centered. Some might connect assertiveness with aggression or hostility.

But, I merely imply expressing emotions you’re feeling, letting others understand your views plus performing on your behalf.

Several things you can apply are: start conversations, venture to find and establish new friendships or speaking up if you sense it is warranted. Do not be frightened to disagree. Offer and settle for a polite expression of praise or admiration.

* And now comes the most important natural way of lessening stress. And, I can confirm this based on my own experiences.

One particular doctor’s analysis of 480 individuals under tense circumstances discovered that “… the highest stress reducers are dogs”.

Individuals who have been going through unbearable conditions had the lowest blood flow and heart rates, in case they had been along with their canines.

Those are even fewer than those that have been with their spouses. Potential explanation is that dogs are recognized as utterly avoiding moral judgments. Who could ask for a better method to relieve stress?

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Fun Games With Your Dog Deepens Bond

Hi Everyone!

fun games - fetchI have not encountered a dog so far that isn’t wanted playing. In fact, they are the happiest when they can do that with their loving owner. Playing fun games with your pet outdoor serves many purposes. It’s a good way for both, you and your canine to get your exercise, and like all exercise, helps you tone muscle, lose weight, and blow off steam. Plus, playing games with your animal allows you to spend time together and bond, and it’s just plain fun.

Your dog will pick up some of these games fairly quickly. And others might mean you have to spend some time getting your fur baby to understand the rules. S/he will appreciate the time you spend with
him or her either way.

Before Start Playing

a) Make sure the gaming rules are clear and apply them consistently.

b) Don’t forget to have breaks throughout playing frequently. Doing that your canine can focus its interest on you, plus is prevented from become over-excited.

c) Hold game periods short, fascinating as well as rewarding. Cease the game earlier than your animal will lost its interest, this way s/he are going to require more.

d) Change the games time to time, so those will not be boring.

List of Outdoor Fun Games

Dock Jumping

Of course you need a lake and a dock for this one, but this activity makes for a great time. There are actual competitions involving how far the dogs can jump before hitting the water, although that’s not what you’re about.

You’re both going to run a few steps and jump in. Your pet will love that you’re doing it with him.

Duck, Duck, Goose

It may be a children’s game but dogs can learn to play it too. Give your dog his favorite toy and tell him to lay down and wait. Start walking around him in a big circle saying “duck, duck” as many times as you want.

And then yell “goose!” and chase him until he lays down again. He’ll figure this one out pretty quickly.


This may be the first game you think of to play with your dog, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. The fetching object doesn’t need to be a ball every time; vary it with a Frisbee or a rubber toy that bounces every which way.

Just make sure it’s not so small it presents a choking hazard.

Hide and Seek

This is one of the fun games, too. Have your dog sit and wait in another room with the door open. Then go hide and call your dog. He’ll love this game, especially when he’s rewarded with congratulatory hugs.

A variation of this is Find the Treat. Again, put him in another room and hide small treats in several different rooms. Make them increasingly harder to find if he’s got a good nose for scents.

This also can be play outdoors, for example, in your yard.

Obstacle Course

This can be something you’ve put together yourself or some deluxe model out of a catalog. The important thing is to make it challenging enough for your dog without putting him in danger.

You might spend several hours teaching him what you’d like him to do but once he understands, there’s no stopping him.

Water Hose

I use to play the water hose game with our dogs, and they are leaping up to capture the fluid stream with gmouth. Alternatively, I use the water hose to make jet chasing game they are enjoying very much.

Of course, I make sure the jet isn’t very strong. And I move the water-jet, so they can chase it. Another benefit of this in addition to the game is that dogs can receive a simple bath this way.

I am cautious not to hurt their head. For the protection of everybody, I typically stand several meters away from our dogs. This way I avoid being wet from head to toe.


To play these fun games outdoor do not require a well-equipped court. We can play these in the yard, at the park or even on the green grass. Playing games with your dog give you two a very special bond. Furthermore, you get to do something healthy for both, you and your favorite.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

8 Top Tips On Giving Dog Names

Howdy, Dog Lovers!

Dog NamesOne of my good friends was walking with their dog when we encountered. The Dalmatian dog got the Molly name before, and he told me he felt himself weird at a time when he shouts that Molly-Molly. We just discussed over dog names when a woman came towards us with her dog; called Satan. Hearing this, my friend reassured that the Molly is a correct name. So, let’s see how we can get a proper dog name.

My Friend, one of the responsibilities you have when you bring home a new puppy is giving him a name. This may seem daunting task to you because whatever you call him; he will live with for the rest of his future.

Ideas for Dog Names

No question, you want the name to be the best; one that’s worthy of your special new puppy. Here, then, are some tips when it comes time to name your little guy or gal:

1) I suggest you, don’t feel you have to rush right into choosing. Live with him a while so you can get to know its personality. It’s hard to see what he’s really like until you get him home and watch him interact with the family for a bit.

2) Allow the whole family to participate in finding dog names. Your 5-year-old may surprise you by coming up with a wonderful name.

3) Remember that cute puppy names don’t necessarily fit when the dog grows into adulthood. “Smuggler” might sound sweet when he’s a 10 week-old fur ball, and just took your shoe five minutes ago. But, it sounds ridiculous when he’s a 75 pound manly dog.

4) Pick a name what fits the dog’s personality or maybe his behavior. Is he quick, sneaky, smart, spoiled, sweet, easy, or stubborn? Work those into names like Prince, Lucky, Rebel, and so on.

5) Don’t be boring or degrading with your name choice. I once had a neighbor who named his dog “Dimwit.” Maybe the dog didn’t know what it meant, but everyone else sure did and treated him accordingly.

6) Your dog’s name shouldn’t sound like other words you’re teaching him, or he will become confused. For example, “Kit” sounds an awful lot like “Sit”, and “Joe” sounds like “No.”

7) Some dog names are funny, but will they always be amusing? It might be a current joke that no one will “get” in a few years, or you might grow tired of it, in which case it becomes annoying rather than funny.

8) Another idea is to name your pup after a famous dog. Maybe there’s a dog with a great name you admire that looks similar to your dog. You can do an online search for famous dogs… or well-known people’s names for that matter.

If you can’t come up with something satisfactory, get online and look at one of the many dog name lists. There you will find more dog names than you’d ever imagine. Surely you can pick out a few great names the family can choose from and you and your dog can be happy with now and in the future.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

How Guide Dogs React At Getting Attack?


one of the guide dogs at work I read the following news here recently and felt an urge to discuss the reaction of guide dogs when they have been attacked.    (Photo: Flickr/kenjonbro)

“A Budleigh guide dog owner is asking fellow pet owners to be careful after a terrifying incident where her dog was attacked.
Penny Gatter, 67, who has very limited vision, was walking on Budleigh seafront with her dog Milo, a four-year-old Labrador/retriever cross, when another dog approached them.
It attacked Milo, who due to his guide dog training and non-aggressive character did not attempt to defend himself.”

I read similar stories with compassion toward the aggrieved party always. As a dog lover and keeper for decades, I’m aware that dog attacks are inevitable sometimes. It follows from that the attacked dog becomes affected badly at that time – due to their training.

How Trained Guide Dogs Behave

A guide dog must meet the multifaceted system requirements. It should be strong and courageous, tenacious, yet gentle, human-loving and free from aggression. Additionally, it should be a docile, intelligent, obedient, yet self-thinker and distinct.

Only those canines which possess these properties can be trained successfully to be a guide dog. Just imagine: the human’s fate and life depend on them. (The bests for this mission are the German Shepherd, Labrador/Golden Retriever, Giant Schnauzer, Newfoundland, English Setter, Airedale Terrier.)

As you can see from the above, guide dogs have been trained to provide assistance and not for attacking.


For instance, you may have read in the USA Today that a guide dog tried to save his owner from crashing with its own body in Brewster.

The visually impaired Audrey Stone and her dog, Figo tried to cross the road in New York City in the morning. However, a driver of a minibus transporting school children didn’t recognize them in time.

The Golden Retriever quickly jumped into between the bus and his owner to catch a collision. And with his self-sacrifice certainly saved his owner from possible more severe injuries.

A well-trained assistance dog will not assault in return for a similar attack – even at the cost over its life – due to their training.

But let’s go back to the introductory story.

Milo’s owner said: ” When Milo was attacked he stood right next to me and never moved, and this dog was just lunging at him.”

Luckily, Milo suffered only bruising outwardly, but he could get a shock that might result in giving up the service. Unfortunately, there are examples in this regard as well.

What Statistics Say

I also read a related statistic performed by dog researchers. According to that, 240 guide dog suffered by dog attack between March 2011 and February 2013. That’s roughly ten assaults monthly and shows upward trend.

In the aforesaid period, five seeing-eye canines retired due to the shock acquired by the attack. The financial implication of this calculated £ 171.657. And we didn’t mention the emotional feelings of the needy person.

Just imagine the bond between the needy individual and a guide dog developed during the service. That is much more and deep compared to between a sighted owner and their pet.

And an attack could result in both the dog, and the visually impaired do not want to go outside anymore.

My Take on It

I know from experience that most of these attack on guide dogs – or other canines – could be preventable. The society doesn’t have to do other than properly handle the irresponsible dog ownership. Namely, I see the main trigger cause for dog attacks in that. Hopefully, more and more dog owners will be careful not to hurt these human helping animals.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow