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French Bulldog – Know Their Appearance and Care


French_Bulldog_blackandwhite_portraitAs you can see in their developing history, the French Bulldog turned into a favorite in very early, and this status only strengthened over time. This is totally understandable since they have a very pleasant character. And, that associates with their very original – although isn’t beneficial, according to some – appearance. It’s interesting simultaneously that their qualities of character mostly urge to line up with them even those who were uncertain due to the optical reality.

Appearance of the French Bulldog

What notion do you take when this dog appears in front of you? You perceive such a physical appearance, which is mainly characterized by their natural ‘bat’ ears. Those are wide at the bottom, and on the top are rounded.

The Fundamentals of Dog Grooming Are Easy

Hello Dog Lowers!

dog-groomingI had a visitor recently when I performed the due dog grooming on our Zizi. The guest was surprised that I do this on my own, namely; she takes her doggie to a groomer always. We talked about, and I convinced her that the grooming isn’t a brain surgery. But, knowing the fundamentals of grooming dogs is important to maintain your pets joyful, healthy and good looking. Especially when this animal is your best buddy and partner in your life. Read and discover useful dog caring basics to remember.

Canine grooming is included caring duties that prevent your dog from developing health issues. Naturally, the keeping well of the appearance of your furry friend also belonged here. There are simpler grooming procedures that you’re able to do on your own at home.

Be Informed Before Start

If you haven’t been former experience about dog grooming, ask advice from your wet, breeder, trainer or friend. Then follow their proposals and provide the adequate supplies. And naturally, arrange the location in which you’ll carry out the grooming.

Furthermore, you can research your canine’s breed and coat type online to see what devices are necessary. You might also consider contacting a local groomer on the proper tools for your animal’s coat. Simultaneously, you can learn the proper use of the devices, too.

The dog’s coat is functioning as safety from the chilly as well as the heat. If your animal is a short-haired Hungarian Vizsla, his grooming requirements are not the same as for a Bobtail dog that grows a long hair. Moreover, it may happen that your favorite’s skin is more sensitive than the average.

Basic Supplies of Dog Grooming

Alternatively, you should know his ear and nail condition, whether you can perform their care besides usual grooming. Of course, basic tools are required to perform any dog grooming action. Namely, it may occur that an intervention becomes necessary between two grooming occasion.

What I mean? Say, I have a long-haired dog, and I perceived that its fur is tended to develop matting and tangles. I’ve an appointment with a professional groomer, but it will be due only after a month. I know, that I’ve to intervene, so I brush my dog’s hair with a proper device.

I know, if I overlooked the care of my Zizi’s coat, the result will be an irritated skin. And I don’t want to harm my dog because she deserves better. Consequently, different brushes and combs are that devices I use to avoid becoming mats and tangles.

Nail Care and Bathing

The situation is similar for nail care in dog grooming. Dog nails are growing and their maintenance is necessary. If our animal has opportunity running on a concrete or solid surface, then its nails wore natural way. If it’s not the case, then we need to get nail trimmers and file to trim his nails frequently.

Generally, the bathing of our favorite follows the coat brushing. The necessary devices are different depending on the size of our dog. You can bathe your small canine in a bathtub without difficulty. Having a Great Dane, for example, you have to take care of some bigger devices. Those are available from either online or through a pet shop problem free.

Of course, where you buy the tub, you also find shampoo designed for dogs, in all certainty. Even so, your choice should be based on your wet’s opinion, related the skin of your canine. Your vet identifies if needs a shampoo that clean and treats your dog’s skin better.

Ask Your Vet

Your veterinarian also instructs you about using ear cleaners as well as medication for treating possible allergic problems. He advises you what special drops need to apply for healing your dog’s eye problems. Conversely, to prevent eye infections appearing you should wipe off excessive “tearing” from the eye area always.

You need to understand and accept that your dog’s health depends not only on feeding but also on frequent care. And dog grooming activity also comprises the frequent and satisfying exercise, too.

For developing your pooch’s immune system and remain healthy, make sure that he’s properly exercised. Moreover, he will work off the possible excessive fat, this way that cannot cause a well-being problem.

If You Don’t Have Time …

As you see, it’s important to maintain the canine’s coat, skin, ears and nails in the very best shape. Relaying on breed, hair and skin type, grooming your pet properly could take a couple of minutes to just a few hours weekly.

Of course, not every dog owner might have the ability, time, desire or experience needed to this. If it describes you, it’s the best to rent a professional groomer. The internet or phone-book may be useful in finding pro canine groomer. Costs could differ relying upon a canine’s breed, particular health, habits, or grooming positions, sort of products used, and so forth.

Ask your pals if they could suggest you any pro dog groomers in your surroundings. Then call the recommended persons and ask questions, for example:

* How lengthy have you ever been in this business?
* How did you learn to grooming dogs?
* What expertise do you’ve been grooming canines of this breed?
* Are you able to present references from vets or trainers and from customers?

Then if the answers sound persuading on the phone, visit that person’s facility. If you like what you see, schedule an appointment with him or her. And if you observe well how the pro works you may try to do that on your own next time. The point is to satisfy the dog grooming needs of your beloved furry friend for its wholesome and your peace of mind.

Talk soon,

Alex Sparrow

Skunk Smell on Your Dog? Remove It This Way!


the-skunk-smell-producerMy Friend, probably you know that every creature in the animal kingdom is part of the food chain. Thus, every species are hunter and prey, with some exceptions. Consequently, every living being developed certain weapons to protect themselves. The skunk smell is one of these techniques, which is an excellent defensive device for this animal for avoiding to be a prey.

Skunks are thought by environmentalists as essential predators, which decrease insect settlement in your garden. Bugs comprise a significant part of their total food plan, although they are able to eat nearly anything. So they have a certain ecological advantage, without doubt.

The other side of the coin is that a skunk – while search for bugs – can make damage in your garden. So they aren’t can be characterized as some kind of household pet. This is even truer if we consider the diseases they convey, for example, the rabies.

About Their Weapon

A lot of us got the teaching from our parents, that when encounter a skunk as a kid we should turn our back immediately and strive to go in that direction. That’s okay so far but what about our nosy dogs? Namely, they almost always have to acquire that knowledge on arduous mood.

The skunk has similar anal glands are findable in dogs. And these organs are excreting a fluid smelling like a mixture of vinegars, rotten eggs and burning rubber.

To put it mildly, it’s not a “Givenchy Un air d’ escapade 2013 perfume” the ladies could use. However, that’s the one part of their protection mechanism only.

In other words, that’s only a bullet for the gun. But, if you got the bullet, you have to shoot it out with something. And these animals possess an excellent gun, so they don’t have to go to the neighbors to borrow one.

There are powerful muscles surrounding the anal gland in the skunk body. Those are playing the role of a loaded gun because they are spraying the fluid mentioned above up to 15 feet away.

So as soon as you see the skunk’s lifts its tail and targeting you, the attack might happen the next second. The effect of this “bullet” is so strong that’s could stave off even large animals tried to prey on the skunk.

Removing Skunk Smell on Your Dog

If your dog is trying to satisfy its curiosity when meeting a skunk s/he could experience that spraying. If your doggie isn’t lucky and got that “bullet” to the eyes, s/he will suffer by a caustic pain. In that situation, I advise you to bring your pet to the veterinarian without delay.

Let’s say your dog got away with unharmed eyes, and only their coat is stinky. Of course, you can perceive the effect of this intermezzo when your canine comes back to you with fool-smelling fur. What to do now?

NOTE: I warn you to begin the removing action immediately as you perceive the skunk smell on your pet. Namely, if that odor dried into the fur, your cleaning operation requires double time and effort.

The Cleaning Process

First of all, I’d strive to prevent that “odor” to spread inside the house. In order to make sure that I’d keep my animal outside and prepare myself to bathing him or her. I would put on gloves and the nylon cloak I use to dog bathing usually.

Ergo, I will wipe my dog’s coat by using old towels, before I wet its coat. As this occasion isn’t the primary, I bear De-skunking shampoo at home. I will use that product and scrub it into the fur of the affected area. Then I let some time to the shampoo to exert its effect on that stain.

Now it follows that I apply the shampoo on the whole body of the canine. Next I rinse my dog’s body appropriately. If I don’t get a satisfied result, then I repeat the whole process. And I apply a hair-dryer to make the dog’s coat dry.

Alternative Products

What to do if – for some reason – you have not purchased any so-called De-skunking material earlier? No panic, my friend! You can make your own mixture to use for this process. Just take…

– 1/4 cup of baking soda,

– one teaspoon liquid soap,

– one quart hydrogen peroxide (3%).

You will blend these components well into a mixture. Then you can use this such way as I mentioned above in connection with the readily available De-skunking shampoo. Please, pay special attention to avoid the mixture comes into contact with ears, eyes and mouth. As described above, you can repeat this operation if the skunk smell doesn’t disappear in the first attempt.

Anyway, without having the aforesaid products, you also can apply other materials like mouthwash or tomato paste / juice. I’ve to say I didn’t use any of these, so their effect isn’t known for me.

I want to emphasize the followings: Do the described cleaning process immediately when you perceive the bad smell! That way, you prevent the spreading of that odor all over in your home. If you are delaying, you will face a vast amount of cleaning work.


Skunk smell on your dog is such a problem that requires your immediate attention. I’d say, it’s best to be prepared if you’re living in an environment where these animals are frequent. You cannot know when your dog will encounter a skunk and what will be the outcome. Learn some method to get free humanely from skunks to prevent yourself undesirable situations.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Can a Proper Dog Grooming Comparable to a Bone?


proper dog groomingBy reading the post title, at first you may think this is a nonsense. After all, how can someone compare a proper dog grooming to whatever bone your pet can get? And literally, you can think of it rightly – but look at this thing differently. Naturally, I know, if you give a bone to your dog, s/he is chewing on it gladly. And I also know that not all canine is a fan of the dog grooming.

But, as I’ve experienced, our dogs prefer to keep their own den clean, for example, they avoid relieving on their sleeping place. Furthermore, they are more vigorous and cheerful after having grooming. Cynic might say that this is because the dog got rid of the groomer.

My Opinion Is Different

The way I see it is here. My friend, your dog needs proper dog grooming as much as you require on the human way. Just imagine as your dog – having a long-haired coat – how s/he can feel itself in summer. You take your favorite to walk frequently and see as s/he is rolling on the ground happily.

After coming back home you perceive as s/he is rubbing or scratching. That may be a reason of s/he picked up some debris or parasite. What will happen if you – due to whatever reason – leave this matter that way?

This thing will not be ceased on its own, and you may face different consequences I will discuss below. I assume your dog is with you and is living in your home as a family member. That’s why it is important that s/he remains clean and healthy so as not to incur any sickness that may affect you and your family.

Importance of Proper Dog Grooming

Please, let’s look at the aspects more closely together.

A) Better-looking Dog

You do not want your dog looking like it has not been bathed for a long period of time. What your dog look like will reflect back on the kind of owner whom you are.

Brushing and trimming your dog’s hair will make it feel much cooler and cleaner. In addition, there would be less litter of fallen hairs on your household. This is vital if one or two member of the family is allergic to these things.

Bathing your dog as frequent as needed will keep him refreshed, clean and good to touch during play times and idle moments.

B) Better Flow of Blood

Dirt will prove to be a hindrance to the way blood circulates inside your dog’s body. This way, s/he is exposed to different, otherwise avoidable diseases. Furthermore, you can expect your pet to be with you for fewer years to come.

When you groom your dog, you are keeping him away from any sickness or heath malfunctions. Be sure to ask your veterinarian on how best to groom your dog so that you will not be doing anything wrong in the process.

C) You Perceive Possible Health Problems In Time

I keep myself to my tradition of frequent coat examining and grooming. In the process of grooming, you might notice some scars or wounds that need attending to. Alternatively, you might stumble upon things or aspects that are out of the ordinary.

When you chance upon these things, you can immediately bring this to the attention of your vet. Only will it prevent any further problems in the future, it will also be a way of saving your dog from possible threats that you will not see coming.

Other Benefits of Proper Dog Grooming

a) You Will Know Your Dog Closer

Taking care of your pet will bring you much close into knowing it more. You might find that it likes being rubbed or ticked in some parts of his body.

You will also learn what will make him stand still or run away. You will realize these things once you have spent enough time being with your dog while grooming.

b) Bonding Time

Your pet needs your constant attention and affection. Notice how s/he will run to you when you get home from work or cuddle near your feet when you are watching television. These times are important for your dog. It is their assurance that they are loved and cared for.

If you do not have all the time to spare to bond with your pet, you can make up for it during grooming times. It will not take more than 1 – 2 hours of your day to do this. For your furry friend, time spent together is worth much more.

c) Bringing Family Members Closer

Just imagine, one of your family members (kid, adult, retired, etc.) can contribute to this process. There are occasions in grooming your dog when a helper is handy. And during the time spent together you can teach them the process, or discuss over common interests.


My Friend, the dog grooming should not become a burden to you. It needs to be a task that you should enjoy doing. Separate some time out of your busy schedule and use that for grooming your canine. A bone is not the optimal reward you could give your dog best friend. In any part of the world, a proper dog grooming is still the best reward they will ever receive from you. This is what you could do in return for their service, company and faithfulness.

All the best,

Alex Sparrow

Boston Terrier – Attractive Appearance With Unique Look

Hi Again!

Boston Terrier sittingWe traced the history of Boston Terrier in the previous section. Today’s agenda for us is their unique appearance. The general appearance of this dog is mirroring not only physical characteristics – I think. However, it also reflects the personality of what isn’t visible, but makes an impression on me.

This doggie possesses an extremely high degree of intelligence. In other words, s/he makes impact on their environment. They’re welcome and make friends with people easily including dogs and other animals too. Despite s/he is a strong character, energetic and tireless canine, yet easily trainable and a great companion.

Appearance of Boston Terrier

Bostons – also referred to as Boston Bulls – are compact and correctly-muscled canines. These dogs’ posture let them have a presence which goes beyond their measurement. Bostons possess a wide, flat-nosed countenance, which isn’t wrinkled.

Their sq.-looking head is equal in proportion to the remaining body. The breed is a member of a division of canines known as brachycephalic (brachy = short, cephalic = head). Similarly to other brachycephalic canines, the lower jaw is equal in shape to their body.

But, their upper jaw is shorter and that’s why their face seems pushed. The deep, broad, and short muzzle is equal in shape of their head (similarly to the Boxer). Their roots are found in the bulldog strains. However, Bostons – having their sq. proportions – are created more similar to terriers.

Their bite is barely undershot, that lends a square look to the muzzle. The stop looks defined greatly. The nose has black coloration. The massive, spherical, darkish eyes are set quite apart. And they are contributing to their special look as if he’d say: I love you!

Ears are reasonably big, erect and either could be cropped or left natural way. Their limbs are hefty and straight lined. Boston’s legs are set wide apart, to some extent, and they are supporting the broad chest.

The neck is a bit curved. Tail is short, narrowed and low-set, and either screw-formed or straight and docked rarely.


These doggies are small canines; their height is between 12 and 15 inches measured at the shoulder. They are weighing between 10 and 25 pounds.

The American Kennel Club classified three sizes: below 15 pounds, between 15 to 20 pounds, and twenty to twenty-five pounds. By the breed standards any canine which weighs lower than 10 or greater than 25 pounds are undesirable.

The Boston Terrier is an active animal, requires an exercise daily. Naturally, s/he doesn’t want such an amount of exercise like a hunting dog. S/he is comparatively idle inside and well matched to renters or those that haven’t got a yard.

S/he enjoys a stroll along with you and taking part in a game within your yard. Naturally, s/he is unquestionably an interior dog, and I don’t recommend keeping it outside. My Friend, always remember that Boston Terriers cannot deal with the warmth or cold fine. Their coat isn’t suitable for that.

Coat and Color

Continuously being on the finest-dressed listing, this dog bears a nice, smooth coat. That typically occurs as black, brindle and seal (appears black and has a reddish cast observed in sunlight). Every doggie develops a face blaze and chest, and white muzzle.

That’s why you may think they are wearing a dinner jacket. And, I’d like to warn you that Bostons don’t available in solid colorations like black or white, grey or liver. You should be suspicious of breeders who attempt to promote you similar canines.

Their trick is to convince you that these are “rare” types. Not following the breed standard is definitely warning signal of the ‘breeder’ produces inadequate-quality animals.

Grooming Frequency

Boston Terriers aren’t difficult to groom. You brush them with a strong bristle brush weekly. And bathe these doggies with a dry powder shampoo. You can use a moist fabric, or let them have a random bath when you consider necessary.

Despite they actually shed, it isn’t much and will be simply managed by common brushing. As a result of their eyes can be so big and outstanding, it’s best to wash their faces daily. And have a look at their eyes for symptoms of irritation or redness.

Grooming Operations

Brush the teeth of your Boston Terrier at the least 2 or three instances per week. That gets rid of tartar developing plus the micro organism that lurks inside it. But, in the event you wish to forestall gum illness and unhealthy breath the daily brushing is the optimum.

When it comes to nails, once or twice per month you trim them if your animal didn’t wear down them naturally. Doing so you prevent pains along with possible other issues. When you hear them clicking on the flooring, they are long extremely.

Blood veins and arteries in canine toenails require careful handling. If you chop exceedingly far you could cause bleeding. Consequently, your doggie will possibly not cooperate in future s/he perceives the nail clippers approaching. So, if you have no trimming skill ask a groomer or your vet for help.

Next step is to check the ears for nasty odor or redness weekly. Behind both phenomena could be an infection. Once you examine your canine’s ears, wipe each of them with a cotton ball. Prior you dampened that with mild, pH-balanced cleaner to assist in preventing infections.

WARNING! Please, do not insert something directly into their ear canal; clean the outer ear only.

Make Your Dog Familiar To Grooming

Do not start to apply the grooming process on your four-legged friend without any introduction. Begin the accustoming to being examined and brushed when s/he is a pup. Deal with his paws regularly, they are sensitive about their toes.

Furthermore, have a look inside their mouth to achieve s/he takes this normal. By using praise and reward you’ll make the grooming process a pleasing experience. And it forms the basis for the veterinary checks are carried out smoothly in the future.

During grooming, pay attention to sores or rashes. Search for indications of an infection similar to redness, sensitivity, or inflammation on their skin. Continue checking suchlike signs within the mouth, nose and eyes, and feet. You should find the eyes clear, lacking any redness or sediment. Your cautious weekly examination of your Boston Terrier will enable you to discover potential health conditions in time.

Will be continued,

Alex Sparrow

Miniature Schnauzer Grooming – Care Needs for Beauty

Hello, dog lovers!

Miniature_Schnauzer_grooming_resultMy friends, you may have heard the saying: ‘Beauty doesn’t come free’. In order to show eye-catching form, Miniature Schnauzer grooming is necessary. So, their hairs have to maintain regularly. (This is even more so if you want to include him or her in the dog show.) But, let us start from the beginning and discuss about things, which form the basis for the development of beauty.

Feeding Quality Food Is a Must

I mean by this that the nutritious diet has great importance in coat developing. The saying: ‘you are what you eat’ is true in the dog relation as well. The better the quality of the food s/he eats, the healthier the skin and the coat is brighter.

In case of inadequate nutrition feeding your dog’s skin can become flushed. It may be scurfy, and the hair coat turns into dull and brittle. Furthermore, hair loss occurs in patches, and crusts, and blisters appear on the skin.

These detract the overall picture. It suggests that you neglect the Miniature Schnauzer grooming. Moreover, this may result a negative impact on the health.

Daily Upkeep of Your Miniature Schnauzer

My Friend, maybe this is news for you, but canines haven’t any thought of “weekends.” Each day is identical to them. Sustaining the similar routine 7-day period per week helps in guaranteeing their occupation runs without a hitch.

For instance, I used to walk with our Bella twice daily. And we modified the strolling to finish prior to as she was weary. After walking in the morning we played in the yard at home. That was combined with educating her to react hand gestures, for example.

You also may experience those are easier – if your pet knows the voice commands already. We used small treats as lures and motivation. I encouraged and influenced Bella; how enjoyable is to perform that I expected from her?

Then she got her breakfast. Next step was her toilet session generally, so she was tired enough to sleep. My note: Keep in mind, a drained Miniature Schnauzer is the fine Schnauzer.

With Bella, I decided to use solely a traditional, non-slip leather-based collar when walking. We did not use ‘choke’ or slip collars with her. And as I experienced with our doggie, harness for walks can also be appropriate. Of course, that’s beneficial only after you trained your favorite not to pull.

Namely, this dog is lively within your home, following you from one room to another or playing with toys. S/he prefers to possess a yard to have fun, however s/he’ll behave well without that when you provide an extended stroll daily. (I realized that in two half hour parts, plus play time.)

Mini Schnauzer With White Coat?

These doggies are appearing in black and silver, solid black, salt and pepper, or white color. The stable milky version cannot be shown in AKC exhibits. But, white ones are, in fact, household pet quality as a substitute.

Despite that doesn’t cause any impact on their personality. Lots of Mini Schnauzer enthusiasts are bewared of the white coat, anyway. They believing that if they need a white terrier, they will obtain a Westie. I do understand that.

Above I mentioned the necessity of Miniature Schnauzer grooming regularly. But, no panic, please, daily brushing or using a comb is enough. And if you don’t want to bring your pooch to exhibitions, then the trimming is due about five-six occasions yearly, with a grooming expert or on your own.

Preparing for Conformation

Majority of owners bring their favorite to groomer professional. That’s  due to a number of tricks to achieve that stunning Schnauzer look. You possibly can learn how to make it on your own. Obviously, you need to anticipate a less perfection the initial few occasions.

You may have to apply a sweater on the finished work if you happen to must cover the defects. And, the Miniature Schnauzer grooming is more important if these canines shown in conformation. They are hand-stripped at that times, and that’s a time-consuming process. And frankly, that’s not a stuff any inexperienced rookie should do.

Well-experienced groomers don’t strip to electric clippers in Miniature Schnauzer grooming. But, using electrically operated clippers implies that the wiry outer coat is disappearing. That explains why it isn’t applied on canines introducing in conformation.


It is very important to underline that the M. Schnauzer – in the classic sense – doesn’t shed. The dead, loose hairs remain in the skin, which can be gotten rid by trimming. This doesn’t hurt your animal hairs, and it’s the only way to be remain variety characteristic; wiry, tough, stringy.

Unfortunately, there is groomer, which likes “forget” a long and tiring process of trimming. Instead, s/he persuades the owner to quickly and – for the g – comfortable mechanical shearing. As a result, the dead hairs remain in the skin around the hair to soften the coat.

Moreover, the color can be changed; that’s particularly occurring with the salt-pepper version.

A professionally groomed Schnauzer is a true phenomenon with its clean lines and resistant hair. In addition, the dirt almost runs off from their bristle hardness coat and doesn’t shed between two trimming periods. So you do not have to wade knee-deep in hair in the home.

Miniature Schnauzer Grooming Intervals

When you are grooming Miniature Schnauzer, pay attention to rashes, sores, or indications of an infection. And search for inflammation, redness or tenderness. Check your pooch’s mouth, nose, eyes, ears as well as the feet. The eyes ought to be clear, discharge or redness isn’t acceptable. Discovering illness at the start helps to prevent health and result in lower vet bills.

Coat: to prevent to be matted, I brushed Bella’s coat three times a week. You need to pay attention to the lengthy face hair, plus armpits where matting used to begin. Miniature Schnauzer grooming also entails washing their beard after eating, to remove food debris.

Ears: careful owner examines the ears at least twice monthly. You need to search for bad smelling or redness, to discover possible infection. Don’t try to clean them by inserting anything, rather use cotton ball moist with ear cleaner prescribed by your vet.

Teeth: I use to give carrots and beef bones to my dogs to remove scraps by chewing on. Two or three times weekly tooth brushing with toothpaste designed for dogs helps to forestall tartar building. Doing it daily is the ideal anyway, for avoiding bad breath and gum ailment.

Toenails: Checking nails monthly few occasions is useful. Particularly, if your pooch isn’t walking on hard surfaces, you need to trim them. But, I don’t suggest you do this without experience. Skilled groomer or your vet, however, can help.

I suggest you to start to inure to the steps of Miniature Schnauzer grooming your pet as well as inspect in its puppy hood because of their sensitivity. For example, I use to deal with the paws of my dogs steadily. Your dog would let you the grooming if you make sessions a positive event, loaded with treats.

Until next time,


Discover the Shih Tzu Dog’s Funny Appearance

Greetings Everybody!

This is the second article in the series I’m coping with the Shih Tzu canines. In the previous article, you can find their origin and developing history explaining by me. I felt myself stimulated to write about them for a while. That’s why I collected owners’ experiences related to these little doggies. And I quoted a few opinions, actually, started the first article with hem. Now, I continue my adventure around this friendly and lovable toy breed, discussing over their appearance. Join me to discover this dog look together.

Appearing of the Shih Tzu


Shih Tzu in its glory

When you encounter this canine, you can only realize their streaming coat. But, when this fur ball starts moving, you discover a strong, vivid and vigilant doggie, which goes with proudly (or lordly) raised head. S/he corresponds to their illustrious Tibetian and Chinese provenance being a highly appreciated companion.

Their Body

The Shih Tzu dog is a tiny, powerful animal with a bit longer body, compared to their height. Their head is roundish, and wide between their eyes. Their muzzle is quadrant shaped and short, with an inch distance roughly from tip of their nose to the outlined stop.

They are having properly-open nostrils on the broad nose. Their neck is nicely set-on flowing glibly into shoulders. It’s properly length to allow head keeping naturally high. And it’s optimized with height as well as length of the canine.

You would have thought or not but their nose, lips as well as eye rims are colored liver on liver dogs, blue on blue canines and black on every other colored animal. Their teeth have a level or underneath bite. The big, round eyes are darkish; however, on blue and liver canines are lighter.

Their ears are large, hanging, low-settled and are generally hidden under considerable hair. Their back is horizontal. Tail is high-set and s/he wears it over their back, and it also is roofed ample hair. (It is no coincidence I’ve written fur balls previously.)

The Limbs

The Shih Tzu has nicely-angulated shoulders that are well laid-back, properly laid-in, joining smoothly to their body. Their front legs are straight, suitably-boned, hefty, set properly-aside and underneath the chest. Their elbows are set near their body.

The pasterns are robust and vertical. The dewclaws in front legs could be removed. Their toes are hard, duly-padded, and straight ahead pointed.

Seeing the hindquarters, their angulation must be flowing properly with forequarters. Rear legs are adequately-boned, brawny, and straight when seen from rear with properly-bent knees. They not close set however consistent with forequarters.

Their hocks are well let down and vertical. Rear dewclaws also might be take away. Toes are so as forequarters.

Their Dimensions

Since we speak about a toy dog breed, you can use them as lapdog without any difficulty. The Shih Tzu breed grows up to eleven inches (28 centimeter) high, in case of proper maintenance. They can weigh between 9 – 16 pounds (4 – 7 kilograms). Of course, the male species are taller and weighed.


Despite there’s been appreciable measurement variety always, this canine should be compact, strong, having substance in good weight. While it’s a toy dog, s/he has to be an object to the identical necessities of soundness and construction specified for any other dog breeds.

Furthermore, any discrepancy from the perfect written in the standard must be penalized as much as the degree of difference. Constructional failure generals in all breeds are as objectionable within the Shih Tzu as with every other breed. It’s no matter if similar faults are particularly talked about within the standard or not.

About Their Coat

These animals are wearing dense and lengthy double coat, streaming well over the canine. The interesting appearance also is due to the tied hair within the topknot above the eyes. There are abundant beard and mustache (funny, right?), plus the hair found on the muzzle is brief.

This doggie can appear in many colors.

What layering the coat has? Shih Tzus possess an outer coat, and a wooly undercoat with insulating function. Each of coats shed, as a result of every hair on them feature a life cycle. It contains the place it lives, deceases, and falls out, to get replaced by the next as they grow from below.

Since this pooch is suitable to inside dwelling, their coat can be kept more clean compared living outdoor. Afterwards strolling outdoors it’s advisable to check their coat to remove possible undesirable stuffs.

Coat Grooming


Shih Tzu Clipped Short

These little canines need to involve a good grooming with a bristle brush every day. When you kept in a lengthy coat, a topknot is frequently tied to maintain the hair away from your canine’s eyes. There are owners value more highly to get them trimmed in order to make the coat simpler and far less time-consuming to concern.

In the case, your Shih Tzu’s coat remains lengthy, the majority of the shedding hairs get stuck within the long coat. Moreover, rather than falling down in your flooring or furniture, it brought out at brushing occasions. Convenient, isn’t it?

But, when you clip your Lion Dog into a short-haired canine, now there isn’t a coat to capture the shedding hair. Consequently, it’s going to fall onto your flooring, furnishings, clothes, etc. unimpeded. This way, you can enjoy the benefit of the extended coat provides you.

Of course, there isn’t a free lunch. The greatest advantage of long coat is ensuring your Shih Tzu occurred to shed much less. On the other hand, the brief coat is advantageous in the aspect of being simpler to brush and maintaining your pet cleaner. Nifty, right?

Allergy Aspect

This doggie sheds not so much hair, therefore, is appropriate for allergy victims if its coat is maintained thoroughly groomed. Namely, as they are shed far less compared to other breeds, they provide little skin dandruff too.

You should maintain the ear pervasion and clean the area surrounding the eyes. Your Shih Tzu dog has touchy eyes, which must be saved clean. You will find particular drops available on the market to apply them in necessity. Your veterinarian will instruct you the best way to use those in your animal.

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German Shepherd Dog – Nice Look With Few Grooming

Hello GSD Fans!

This is a continuation of my series about the German Shepherd dog, dealing with their nice look and grooming. The first part contains the German Shepherd’s history from the start to today’s. But, before we are going to go further I’d clarify the naming. The German Shepherd often called Alsatian Wolf Hound, or Deutscher Schäferhound, as well as GSD as abbreviation. So, please, don’t be surprised if you meet these titles in my writing.

The GSDs’ Appearance


German Shepherd dog pair

When you encounter a German Shepherd canine, what’s appearing to you? I suspect; you perceive a strong, well muscled animal which shows their agile, alert and energetic traits. Of course, not every individual is a dog expert to observing this animal that way. But, even an untrained eye will notice a superior, proportional and dignifying canine.

And you can detect that its physical structure is powerful yet seems wispy. Regarding their physique, the height is lower than the body length. This animal has long muzzle and just a little gibbous forehead. The ears of the GSD are erected and pricked.

The nose is often times black, but blue or liver color still do occasionally visible. But, those are believed as failure so can’t be shown. He has an excellent sense of smell. The teeth of this dog breed meet in a powerful scissors bite.

The German Shepherd’s neck is continuing to its hefty shoulders. Looking their forelegs, those are parallel if you see them front direction, and brawny in profile. The gait of a GSD is uniquely outreaching and resilient, overlaying the ground with nice steps. The dewclaws must be remained on the front, however, flick off from the rear legs.

Their almond formed eyes are mostly dark, radiate intelligence and provide them a beautiful look. GSDs have a bushy, saber tail, and it holds down to their hock. He retains its tail usually hanging, but when he gets excited, he lifts that in horizontal position.

The Coat of the German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherds possess a double coat that built over time to defend these herding canines from burrs, rain and snow. There are variations with lengthy hair, while nearly all possess medium-length sized coats. Their coat could be both straightforward hair that lies flat on their body, or otherwise wavy or wiry.

You can encounter an array of colors and coloration patterns together with black, black and red, black and cream, black and tan, black and silver, blue, liver, sable, and possibly white. But, the white canines can’t be present in AKC competitions; yet other organizations permit white dogs.

Despite, you’ll find no coloration patterns that disqualify a German Shepherd dog being a devoted family pet.

About the White German Shepherd

The white German Shepherd occurred within the United States through the entire history of the breed. Ann Tracy was the person who owned the first two GSD champions on file in America. She imported a few of the best German show animals to the USA. After that, white puppies appeared in her litters instantly.

The American Kennel Club registered the primary white colored Germans Shepherds in 1917. Due to that success, others are also imported German-bred White German Shepherds, for example, H. N. Hanchett from Minnesota in the 1920s. Among the best early German bloodlines – like Longworth, von Oeringen, Rin-Tin-Tin and The Strongheart – they regularly supplied white offspring.


The first German Shepherd Dog and its breeder

Unfortunately, Max von Stephanitz (the modern German Shepherd’s founder) died in 1936. After that, the white dogs started to suffer by discrimination, and Hitler’s rise also contributed to that process in America.

Throughout the nineteen sixties, the White Shepherd turned even increasingly more acknowledged. But, a friction occurred involving the breeders of the white GSD plus the breeders who want to be on the side of customary colored German Shepherd.

Raised Debate Between the Breeders

The situation is exacerbated by the occurring genetic issues in the breed. So, the white GSD was blamed increasingly. Germany started a campaign to proscribe white colored species. Offspring born with bright white coat have been drowned, and they destroyed the birth’s data too.

They accused the white German Shepherds for “washing out” or “fading” the traditional color. That argument has actually been rebutted countless occasions by main breeders and geneticists.

Despite, in the late 1960s, subsequent Germany’s lead, they disqualified the white German Shepherd from the show ring in America. The Canadian Kennel Club got a petition from the German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada to exclude the white canines from the show ring.

But, the reaction of the CKC was that – despite the numerous letters – they rejected to exclude the White German Shepherd. That lead to the situation the white canines remain to be qualifies for competition there.

Anyway, aside from color, the White German Shepherd doesn’t diverge considerably from the traditional colored Shepherd. What is more, the color doesn’t influence the canine’s character, temper or acumen.

Grooming Requirements

German Shepherds do not want certain particular grooming action. That’s true they are serious shredders, leaving their hair wherever they head. And they blow their complete coat twice yearly. You need to brush your dog few times a week to aid reduces the volume of hair on your furniture and flooring.

Furthermore, brush your animal each day in the event, he is changing his coat. Solely bathe your German Shepherd dog when he by all means wants it. Pay attention to prevent the essential oils found in the coat. Regardless of their fixed shedding, the German Shepherds are clean canines.

You need to examine their ears every week for indications of irritation or wax built up. Apply the vet-approved solution to cleanse with a cotton ball. By no means make use of a cotton swab in your pet’s ear canal. You need to trim the nails as frequent as monthly, and brush the teeth of your German Shepherd dog no less than once weekly. With that you’ll prevent tartar build up and maintain his breath at bay.

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How to Groom Long Haired Chihuahua Properly?

Hello  All!

long haired chihuahuaThe attractive Chihuahua can be a fond and gentle small type of canine with a huge personality. You can find two types of them; the lengthy-haired and the short-coated variations. Long haired Chihuahuas are identified within the United States as a different class from their brief-coated cousins.

(I have to mention here that I don’t own either variety of these, although I know both. But, the reason I can discuss about their hair care is that I often visit a local groomer. Annamaria has extensive customer base, and we use to exchange experiences about different dog matters.

I have the opportunity to observe her as she deals with the diverse dog coats. Due to our relationship between us, I’m lucky enough to learn a lot about dog grooming. It occurred that she imparted her skill to me, and that resulted in developing my grooming knowledge.)

Type of Chihuahua Hairs

The lengthy-haired Chihuahuas have mushy, fine guard hairs. These are generally smoother to the touch compared to short-coated species. Even though the brief haired variations don’t need a lot of grooming, the longer hairy types must be brushed once the day.

It normally takes two years for a lengthy haired Chihuahua to produce its full coat. Throughout this time period, it’s best to make your home to pick up the hair once they do shed. Most specially, you need to keep your house clean and muddle free. 

This is even more important when you’ve got family members in your house who might be both sensitive to canine hair, or who’ve respiratory illnesses such as asthma. It’s also wise to acquire a small vacuum cleaner to apply the area around your dog hang around within the house.

Caring for long haired Chihuahuas is pretty straightforward in comparison to other types of dogs. Their lengthy fur coats aren’t the longest in the canine world, regardless that they’re longer than the brief hairy variations.

As a result of these doggies are small – below six pounds – they are often groomed fairly simply and quickly, so that doesn’t really require a large part of your time. Your veterinarian can provide you some additional tips to groom your lengthy haired Chihuahua puppies.

Tools and Supplies You Need

It’s a wise decision to purchase a small set of scissors recommended for their not regular grooming. I mean that they can shed at completely different times. For those of you who wish to run your canines looking good, a few pairs of comparatively sharp trimming scissors are capable of doing the trick.

These lengthy types can also get plenty of lice within their coats. An excellent anti lice cleaning soap or shampoo is a must have. Eliminating lice retains your dogs pleased and healthy, and forestall them scratching everywhere in the place.

Furthermore, this ceases them from hurting their coats and scratching themselves. Plus it prevents lice from entering all over your furnishings. That will certainly be an unwanted byproduct of the lengthy haired Chihuahuas’ bright furry coat.

You don’t actually need loads of particular items to maintain long hairy Chihuahuas in well groomed status. Dog shampoo and a great comb are primary. Additionally, choose small and anti lice comb, which may help you to flake extra dry skin, which prevents lice being habitated.

Grooming Frequency

In terms of grooming, the smooth-coated type isn’t required to have been grooming much than once monthly. But, the long-haired Chihuahua is the opposite. Namely, to appear and feel its best, he requires frequent hair maintenance.

As in nearly every dog breed, the brushing is fundamental when it comes to hair care. You need to brush your long haired Chihuahua by applying a pin or slicker brush no less than once weekly. This way, you can prevent the lengthy, fine hair become tangled or knotted – except it’s brushed on a recurrent basis.

The Chihuahuas are normally clean canines and merely require baths on monthly frequency, except they get very dirty. You need to apply dog shampoo and make sure you rinse the shampoo from their coat entirely. Otherwise, that could cause a health problem by irritating the skin. Dry their fur with towels or use a blow dryer, if necessary.

Trimming of Long Haired Chihuahua

You can trim the hair of your favorite if you see the time come for it. There are owners who use scissors to trim the fur on legs’ back, belly areas and tails if their Chihuahua is prone to mat. You trim the hair as brief as you prefer to; but, using the scissors be aware not to harm your dog’s thin skin.

When it comes to the nails, you clip those minimums of once monthly. The Chihuahua nails generally tend to twist beneath their toes and grow straight into the paw pads if short keeping overlooked. A general guideline would be to trim their nails every time you hear those tapping on your flooring, which often happens about monthly.

You need to clean your animal’s ears concurrently it gets a bath. Carefully pour canine ear cleaner in the ears, then massage the base of ears to let out any debris or wax. I use to apply a cotton ball to remove any materials in my dogs’ ears.

WARNING! As the majority of small dogs include huge attitudes, I suggest you to start the grooming course when they are younger. This way, they will develop into used the process and do not remonstrate as much during they were aging.


Grooming these little doggies is essential for their general health also for the safety and comfort of your household. Additionally, it isn’t heavy. Actually, long haired Chihuahua is among the easiest canines to deal with in order to groom. You just take into account that they require brushing every day and bathed monthly. Address any lice issues promptly. For lots of owners and also their lengthy-haired doggies, the grooming occasion enables them to build long lasting, loving relationship.

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Without These 6 Steps Proper Dog Grooming Is Unthinkable

Hi Folks!

proper-dog-grooming-lhasa-apso-after-brushingThe reason of being you here and reading this entry is obvious for me. You like the animals, especially the good-looking animals, right? OK! Without going deeply into aesthetics questions I suppose that you accept the necessity of proper dog grooming. Simply put, I like to look at a well-groomed canine rather than a neglected one. I experienced during times that proper and regular dog caring is a great addition to our dog’s  health and well-being.

Your Choice

But, the appropriate dog grooming doesn’t mean that you need to find a “beauty center” especially catered for pet dogs. Partly, it may be that such a shop is far away from you. On the other hand, perhaps the cost may hold you back.

Whatever the case is, it doesn’t mean that you are required to go to one. Why? Because, you have the capability to groom your dog on your own. You only need to know how to do it, better say to do it properly.

Dog experts are saying that there are elementary grooming necessities that dogs should undergo regularly. I also adopt to this, believing they are right. You, the owner, need to be aware of these, in order to ensure your dogs’ cleanliness and health.

The Yield of Proper Dog Grooming

We, the humans are feeling ourselves good if we have a chance to do regular toiletries. And our dogs are like humans in this respect. They also need proper caring and attention.

Obviously, if you fulfil their needs, they will be your loving companion during a long and healthy life. And your goal is to achieve that, or not? For knowing what is good for your dogs, you need to consider what the experts are saying.

Let’s see the fundamental dog grooming requirement’s you need to perform:

1) Hair Tendency

Brushing your dog’s hair will entail that they will be kept clean and shiny. Running a comb on their coat will remove any dirt that has gotten over them. It would also take away unnecessary things that can tangle up their long mane and coat.

The effectiveness of brushing or combing helps decide on the bathing necessity too. For example, I only bathe my dogs, if deemed needful. Too much bathing or applying improper supplies might cause skin health problems.

2) Skin Care

It’s advisable to brush the dog hair the way you penetrate it through to the skin. It directly stimulates the blood supply of the skin and separates firmly seated impurities. Moreover, long-haired dogs’ fur – in case of deficient care – will be matted quickly.

And this can result in different skin diseases. Reason is that the air cannot circulate between the skin and the matted or tangled fur. For hairless dogs, we can talk about skin care rather than hair caring.

It’s important to care their skin with adequate creams to prevent them from dehydration. Remember, having bald dogs, you cannot count on the protective role of a coat against the vicissitudes of weather. In particular, you need to pay attention to them in case of inclement weather (hot sun, frost).

3) Caring of Nails

Once I realize that our dogs’ nails are longer, I know it’s time to trim them back. Please, bear in mind, long nails are more liable to germs and bacteria. Namely, your furry friend usually goes off and trying to find different things.

During this action, he may pick up undesirable things with their nails. Consequently, you’re coming into contact with that thing. Which may be harmful for not only him but for you as well.

4) Eye Caring

I always make sure that our dogs’ eyes are clean and bright. Naturally, build ups may occur from time to time. But this should not cause any panic for me. I just use to wipe that away with a soft textile cloth once I discover it.

However, if you happen to discover any irregular issue, talk to your vet in no time. It’s preferred to get them inspected at the primary state. Who knows what might have resulted if it left overlooked?

5) Caring of the Ears

Your dog’s ears deserve caring just like your ears. They tend to be filled with germs without being cleaned regularly. The worst that could happen is that these germs will eventually turn into dangerous bacteria.

That can cause illness not only to your pet but also to you and your family. These are the reasons why cleaning your dogs’ ears is important. You can start by cutting away hair that is covering that area.

I use a clean cloth to wipe their ears. And I make sure that they are kept dry after cleaning. You can ask your vet for formulations to remove earwax so infection will be prevented.

6) Teeth Caring

The proper dog grooming is unthinkable without frequent mouth care. The teeth of your dog should be cleaned to prevent tartar and plaques. Yes, your dog is liable to these things also. Even if you think you are giving your dog good foods, it is not an assurance that their teeth will be maintained.

Clean your dog’s teeth regularly. There are tools out there that serve this purpose. Ask your vet for suggestions on what best to use. Being aware of proper dental caring for your dog will prevent any future pain and mishaps later. 


My Friend, I suggest you to focus on the above elementary grooming tips. The proper dog grooming is unthinkable without applying these. And the experts are suggesting these steps all around the world. Take their word for it and your dog will be on the way of looking well-cared and healthy.

PS: Imagine, you’re now reading your dog instead – for the happy, longer living you together. I hope, you enjoyed today’s topic and picked up some food for thought on proper dog grooming. Share this with your friends and tell me your opinion in the comments. Thank You!

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