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Are You Aware Dogs Relieve Stress Efficiently?

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dogs relieve stressThere is no doubt that to relieve stress and pressure is a desired goal for many. Recently, I read the result of a stress-related survey performed by Harris Poll for the American Psychological Association in 2014. According to that, stress-associated sicknesses are present in large numbers of American population, and the trend is steady, unfortunately. Mainly, docs have recognized the fundamental reason behind this is our “seriousness.” And that led to the present situation in which meaningful stress-reduce ways working incorrectly.

Before I go any further, I state I have no medical qualification. But, I also live in the today’s stressful world. It follows from that I have topic-related experience and know several stress-reducing methods, such as an old dog enthusiast, too.

Disadvantaged quantities of stress occur typically as bad mood, baldness, fear, migraines, nervous excitement, sleeplessness, weigh gaining. And at the serious stage, the depression presents itself.

Studies show that stress impacts on fifty percent of all diseases within the U.S. and reaching 70% of doctor visits. However, right before you ask your family doctor to prescribe ‘Valium’ it’s worthwhile to take into account certain pure possibilities.

Relieve Stress Natural Ways

* To reduce stress I use to apply the Lincoln method (writing down problems on a paper). Just make two columns of that paper: /Fears I’m able to take action about, b/Fears I’m unable to handle on my own.

Studying these from my notes gives a whole new dimension, and I can commence to accept simply those I may change, and approach discovering solutions for those I’m able.

* Slowing down almost the whole lot in my life is actually another stress reducer. Holistic research educated me to end running for ringing phones. Why the heck did I usually do this?

I now focus on driving a bit slower and set the car in the garage to unwind and undergo another transition before I step into the home. Similarly, I chew my meals slowly than before. Doing so I often perceived this as a stress mitigation.

* Next, you can drive yourself to be more sociable to relieve stress. Namely, under stress, your inner voice prompts you to isolate yourself. My friend, nothing might be worse, as stress experts state.

Withdrawing permits us to focus on our issues, which reserves unfavorable pondering – rather than resolving we strengthen it. Once you really feel stressed to the roof, phone a buddy or place yourself among kids.

They have special talent of making you overlook your fears. Alternatively, take a volunteer work, that is effective in chase away the stress.

* The laughing is another medicine to counteract to stress. Once we are laughing, our blood flow to our brain is elevated and endorphin provide us feeling of nicely-being are launched and stages of stress fall significantly.

We can activate this therapy by laughing at ourselves, our excellent imperfection that will make up each of us.

* In case of sleeplessness, you should keep away from alcohol, caffeine plus tobacco. These all hold unwanted side effects on your sleep. To calming down earlier than bedtime enjoy heat-bathing, listen tender music or light a candle.

You should speak to yourself in a positive way and pat your shoulder from time to time for a task properly-done. Additionally, afford yourself some reward.

Once you do that you’ll notice an improvement within your body’s defense system which may last for a couple days. The reward may for instance a footwear or even cookies or each!

* Hesitancy can make stress stronger; therefore, you should always figure out how to be more self-centered. Some might connect assertiveness with aggression or hostility.

But, I merely imply expressing emotions you’re feeling, letting others understand your views plus performing on your behalf.

Several things you can apply are: start conversations, venture to find and establish new friendships or speaking up if you sense it is warranted. Do not be frightened to disagree. Offer and settle for a polite expression of praise or admiration.

* And now comes the most important natural way of lessening stress. And, I can confirm this based on my own experiences.

One particular doctor’s analysis of 480 individuals under tense circumstances discovered that “… the highest stress reducers are dogs”.

Individuals who have been going through unbearable conditions had the lowest blood flow and heart rates, in case they had been along with their canines.

Those are even fewer than those that have been with their spouses. Potential explanation is that dogs are recognized as utterly avoiding moral judgments. Who could ask for a better method to relieve stress?

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Can You Give Raw Eggs For Your Dogs?

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I got these questions recently:

“Hi Alex, I have been wondering if it were healthy to give my dog raw eggs mixed in his food. Somewhere I read that this was a great way to supplement his diet with extra protein, but recently, I have read more reports online that dogs cannot actually digest the white part of a raw egg.

My question is, what if you give a dog a partially cooked egg? Since you have actually started the digestion process by cooking, can they complete this process? I own two dogs, an Irish Setter and a Brittany Spaniel. They both love fried eggs with a slice of crisp bacon. Will this harm them in any way?
Ben, these are good questions, congratulations!

raw eggsFirst of all, I’m convinced you want to supply the high level care and attention to your dogs. Secondly, the topic of giving fresh eggs for dogs holds several misapprehensions and myths.

One camp of dog owners believes that it is still not advisable to give your dogs partially cooked eggs. They hold that raw eggs, whether partly cooked or not, may cause problems with diarrhea and possibly give your dog salmonella.

It appears frequently that the poor egg usually lands in the waste as a hazardous meal for canines. That’s right that there are a lot of foods, which can be unsafe for your household dogs. However, the healthy egg is not one of them.

Those who have opponent standpoint say that eggs contain much cholesterol. Furthermore, they hold the danger of salmonella plus can cause the shortage of biotin. But, these make no sense if we take the egg’s elements.

What the Raw Eggs Contain?

A raw egg is perfect for dogs; it’s a complete protein source (only the breast milk is more perfect than it). All essential amino acid found in it, and their digestibility are 100%.

An average egg contains 6.3 g piece of protein – is equivalent with 300 g beef / chicken meat protein content. It also comprises 6.1 g of fat, 915.6 grams of Omega-6 and 17.1 g Omega-3 fatty acids. The carbohydrate content is negligible.

In fact, the egg provides the benchmark of judging protein. Comparison: the egg protein content is 100, while the fish 92, the beef 78, soybean protein content 67, the meat and bone – with the wheat – 50, and finally the protein content of corn is 45.

As you can see, eggs aren’t simply an inexpensive and secure supply of raw foods to your canines. Moreover, they’re probably the most entire and nutritious food you may select!

The Salmonella Problem

It adheres to the view that raw egg = Salmonella infection, especially in the hot sun. And you can read such an information online that the potential risk of contamination of fresh egg presents itself in dog feeding.

Let’s look at the issue objectively.

Some of the vets don’t recommend feeding raw eggs because of the risk of infection. At the same time, the BARF-believers say that healthy dog’s immune system is much more effective at fighting the salmonella bacteria than human, so they do not get sick.

Common sense: you obtain a fresh hen’s eggs from reliable sources and store under appropriate conditions. So any pathogen can be found only on the outer shell, not inside the egg.

About Biotin Deficiency

Biotin is a type of B vitamin and is essential for cellular development of the musculature. Plus it helps the metabolism of fatty acids as well as important in the respect of healthy skin and coat.

The lack of Biotin is fairly uncommon. Plus, it would necessary a great deal of eggs to generate a deficiency. Furthermore, egg yolks contain huge amount of biotin. Consequently, as long as you provide the complete egg, the worry is unnecessary.

My Egg Feeding Method

* Our dogs use to get two fresh eggs as a dessert once weekly.

* After bringing home the eggs, I wash and rinse them thoroughly.

* Next I dried the eggs and put them into the fridge.

* When the administer-time arrived, they get it completely and uncooked.


I didn’t have any salmonella-sick dog in my life. Furthermore, I often go to dog shows, and many owners tell me about their animal’s supplemented diet with raw eggs. If you look at a dog’s fur that receives eggs from time to time, the brilliance speaks for itself.

All the best,

Alex Sparrow

How Dog Massage Influences Pet Health?

Hello Dog Fans!

dog massage

(Photo: Flickr)

You – as a loving dog keeper – certainly experienced that our pets are sentient living beings. Consequently, our dogs also have feelings and thoughts just like us, haven’t they? OK, if that’s so, wouldn’t our animals take advantage of a massage therapy? They would – similarly to us – no question about it! And besides the bond strengthening effect, the dog massage influences their health many ways. Stay with me to know about why you should think about providing your furry-friend a regenerating massage.

My Experience

It happened that I suffered several broken bones (tibia transverse fracture, hip fractures, for instance) in a car accident, many years ago. I spent a long time in a hospital, and had to learn to walk on my own feet again.

It was difficult because of my weakened muscles. My legs didn’t want to bear me, so I fell to the floor at my first attempt to stand on my feet. A massage therapist helped me in healing, so I could leave the sick-bed earlier.

I owe a lot to her, and since then I appreciate their work so much. And that’s why I use to massage our dogs twice weekly.

Dog Massage Relieves Muscle Tension

And it works similarly in dogs as well. First of all, identical to humans, canines – particularly the energetic types – also experience ache in muscles because of excessive weariness. The therapeutic massage mitigates slackening of tight muscle tissues.

Besides, massage allows more suitable blood circulation within that specific area. Consequently, it reliefs the pain. Additionally, it tones the muscle tissues plus will increase flexibility, significantly across the joints.

Namely, those are the places where muscle wear out happens generally. An ordinary massage can also be recognized to scale back the appearance of muscular convulsions, pain, and torpidity in lively dogs.

Affects Mobility and Stamina

Athletic breeds are particularly beneficiaries of the dog massage. Dogs involved in agility, fly-ball or Frisbee perform well-liked sports activities nowadays. That means they are seen actively experiencing springing and running.

This, after all, requires special attention upon their well being. Thus, veterinarians advised to using a dog massage to resolve issues with all athletic canines may encounter.

A customary therapeutic massage will increase flexibility in not exclusively athletic dogs but additionally those dwelling an exercise-free lifestyle.

Effect on Blood and Lymph Circulation

The circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids can be stimulated by the applied massage methods in dogs – just like in humans. One may ask why is this so important? The explanation is simple; our body needs oxygen to function.

In short: we inhale the oxygen into our lungs. This oxygen should be transported to the muscles, and the generated toxic and waste materials should be evacuated. And the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids performs this dual task.

The better blood circulation assists in a heightened stream of oxygen, together with flushing out of poisons as well as other waste. This is inevitable for handling the weight of obese canines just like humans.

Stress Reduction Effect

Despite it might appear small, probably the most tense area in our animals is around close to their neck. The reason is that their regular eye level is located lower compared to the objects they should look at frequently.

Therefore, there are particular massage methods that can help to make endorphins free. The mentioned endorphins loosen up and revitalize our favorites each physically and mentally.

Moreover, they forestall any potential attack of health issues might be prompted because of extreme stress level.

Helps In Rehabilitation

No matter whether it is facilitate them from being bored, sick, or post-operative restoration, a mitigatory massage has shown to speed up the recuperation process. Energetic dog breeds have higher chance to suffer knee joint dislocation and ligaments tears.

These, as well as the surgical procedures often require extended convalescence period. That’s why vets say that massaging provides quicker healing before and after the operation.

Majority of canines are idle following a surgical procedure. So, a massage treatment aid in stagnation about any bodily fluids, and is preventative against potential digestive problems.

Additional Advantages

* The dog massage keeps up balance and posture

* It eases a persistent of arthritis and hip dysplasia (particularly in aged canines)

* Cut back disquiet and hyperactivity

* It repairs coat and skin health

A Frequent Misunderstanding

Therapeutic massage packages solely for your dog do sound like pampering compared to some essential thing. However, veterinarians counsel treating your pet with a massage benefits it quite a few health rewards.

This type treatment serves to help on the physiological stage. Furthermore, it also assists in forestall the start of circumstances, which will affect dogs mentally. Namely, canines get pleasure from a massage process equally as much as we, humans do.

Therefore, providing your canine a therapeutic dog massage should be surely important for you. So, do not hesitate to speak to your veterinarian and arrange a session for this purpose! Or, even better if you take part in a training session to learn the massage doing on your own.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Want to Save Money on Dog Keeping Costs? Read This!

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Save money on dog keeping costsMy Friend, I wouldn’t be wrong that you give everything for your dog to live with him together healthy as long as possible, would I? Well, that’s fine, I also do the same. However, as you know, everything has some cost what everyone wants to reduce. Your best choice to save money on dog keeping is taking preceding steps. I mean by this – for example – to prevent accidents and diseases from occurring.

Of course, certain emergencies and bills will be inevitable.

However, I show you a few pointers on how to reduce your costs on everyday dog keeping. And I assure you that these are not rocket sciences rather common sense.

My Save Money Tips on Dog Keeping

* Feed your four-legged friend with dog food developed for them. As you know, adult humans who eat properly have fewer health issues. And this applies to our dogs as well.

* By no means provide your dog small-sized rawhide strips or bones could brake splintered. Even some pieces made for pets can get stuck within their teeth or throat. Consequently, their mouth and tissue could be damaged by any scratching.

* Pick up dog poop as soon as you have a possibility. Sure, some canines prefer to consume their own feces, simply out of curiosity or due to boredom. However, this may even cause avoidable abdomen issues.

* Save money by keeping your furry friend out of extremist climate as well as rain. If you happen to feel extra heat or very chilly in a place, your pets do similarly. Hypothermia and heat stroke also can affect them just like humans.

* Vaccinate and make worm-free your canines on an orderly basis. Majority of diseases could be handled, of course. However, the therapies might be far more costlier compared to the vaccines.

* Don’t forget to give your pet any medication your veterinarian prescribes plus complete the necessary dosage. Canines are capable of having relapses as well if they don’t consume their medicines completely.

* My Friend, apply Frontline for combat fleas and ticks. Just think about it; it preserves its effect longer time and less expensive compared to frequent baths plus flea powders and sprays.

* Spay or neuter your animal when you don’ want or unable to afford puppies. If you cannot pay the cost to fix your dog, you will find diapers designed particularly to prevent female dogs from become pregnant.

* When some minor wound occurs, deal with your canine as you might with your kid. Majority of mild human medications may also work on animals outstandingly well.

* You also can save money if you pay attention to your dog’s feet. Cut back their nails frequently as necessary. Furthermore, prevent them to walk on extraordinarily cold or hot surfaces. Otherwise, their paws can be cracked.

* If you believe something could also be wrong, do not hesitate to take your canine to your vet. The more time you wait, the costlier it’s going to be. Furthermore, the delay can mean the loss of a life.

* Purchase cleaning products that pet friendly. Namely, the dogs are inclined to drink mop water and consume food, which has been moist with cleaner. Each of these can cause them ailments.

* Make your cleaning with pet friendly bleach in your pet’s dwelling places. The bleach not exclusively eliminates bacteria; it also murders parvovirus.

Dogs walking on leash* Please, hold your fur baby on a leash when you are going to go to public places, in any respect times. Even when your animal behaves well, others might not be and might assault your favorite.

* My last advice on save money on dog keeping would be to love your best friend. If you do that, you’ll experience as your dog stay with you longer due to its healthy, joyful life.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Enjoy the Unique Being of the French Bulldog

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French_Bulldog_with_puppiesHumorously speaking, you may interpret the French Bulldog as a relative of English Bulldog, which struggled with the size challenge. These dogs were ruthless destroyers of different rats, polecats and similar, originally. That trait was one of the pillars of their popularity, no doubt. The other – important – component was when Comte Le Couteulx de Canteleu (1827 – 1910) handed his famous Frenchie kennel to the Paris Zoo.

These dogs spent there thirty years and entertained the audience. That period provided enough time for the general public to get to know and fall in love with this breed.

Temperament of French Bulldog

This type of Bulldog is small – however – considerable in construct with a robust muscular physique. The short straightforward-care coat is fit their balanced personality.

Is the Canine Influenza a Real Hazard?

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hound-suffers-canine-influenzaIt happened one day that we did an approx. one and a half hours walking with some playing with other dogs in the park. On the afternoon of two days later I perceived some coughing on Zizi, together with runny nose. Next morning, she won’t eat and became lethargic. These are the characteristic catarrhal symptoms, so I thought, Zizi received canine influenza. I separated her and phoned our vet; he examined Zizi and said my suspicion was correct.

So I administered the medication the vet prescribed. Of course, this doesn’t mean I became a veterinarian. No, I’m not. But I regularly pay attention on the health of our animals. And, throughout the decades I spent with them, I learned to recognize certain symptoms.

Senior Dogs – How to Care Them?

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Senior dogs - German ShepherdsThe aging process is a fact of life and occurs to all of us, and our furry friends aren’t exceptions. However, most of us want to maintain the life quality of our senior dogs just as before. Knowing the usual dog life expectancy, we can declare that more canines fit to our lifetime. Unfortunately, because we see our pets every day during the passage of years, we may forget about the aging process of the animals. So you should be aware of a few things related to aging.

Visible Changes

The life expectancy varies by species. The smaller-sized dogs live longer, although in this case, the minis aren’t included. The giants have a shorter life span, while the mix types get around 13 years generally.

Exercise for Dogs Results Mental Plus Bodily Health


exercise for dogsMy Friends, I’m pleasured that we got together again! I’ve no doubt you heard how the exercise for dogs is necessary. This isn’t altered by the fact that you often have to clean your animals after walks. For example, yesterday was a rainy day here. Lisa and Zizi preferred to roam up and down and not particularly cared to avoid becoming muddy. Just imagine, the rain is coming from the top, the mud from the bottom. But, no one can describe the joy as they dive into these.

Exercising for Humans

Of course, beyond the joy caused for them, walking with dogs has other benefits. Just think about ourselves, with humans, the advantage of exercise has been confirmed from time to time. The motion performs a vital role within the balanced lifestyle.

The exercise is a great way to get rid of the stress. Thirty – forty minutes or more physical activity strengthens the heart. Furthermore, it improves the use of oxygen by our body. In short, by the help of exercising, we gain a more efficient ‘machinery’.

Most of us have heard positive effects of emotional, physical and psychological influence on our state as well. So far so good. However let’s think about our dog buddies. Is it a useless thing to discuss the advantages of exercise for dogs?

Effects on Dogs

Might it be sufficient for simply nourish them correctly and provide them a walk occasionally? Are you aware of your canine turn into inactive, boring, and obese if s/he is restricted within your home for lengthy time period?

Aside from that, he also might formulate some kind of behavioral drawback. The initial extreme barking or chewing – leaving untreated – may lead to a behavioral drawback. I am sure that you don’t want to grow an aggressive dog and bear the consequences.

Due to this fact, exercise is not solely necessary because it retains your family dog pleased. Moreover, it’s critical to your animal’s bodily well-being, plus his or her psychological health. Physical activity can also be a wonderful strategy for you to deepen the bond between booth of you.

Exercising also means enjoying quality time with your furry friend. Additionally, the common motion with him or her can be a significant advantage for you to remain active. You will be fit by that routine and make your heart working.

Suffice it to say, the exercise can be considered an activity which benefits your pet and you. Not to mention that’s part of the pleasure of becoming a loving canine owner.

Walking – Exercise for Dogs

An easy (and FREE) exercise that both, you and your animal can take advantage, is walking. Your furry pal request train day by day, and strolling is a superb activity you and your favorite could perform. The frequent, mild moving of walking aids you and your canine in all sorts of ways.

It tones your muscular tissues, supplies oxygen for your heart, plus your lungs are also benefits from that motion. I’d recommend if your canine isn’t accustomed to strolling or seems to be obese, begin with a brief 15-minute walk. Then, you gradually increase the tempo while s/he will get adjusted to it.

I hope you’re the kind of individual who likes simply to go out for getting a walk and really feel the freshly breathing. In this case, an exercise for dogs, a one or two-mile stroll daily is all required to maintain them fit. And possibly even more if you’re up for the shake of the challenge.

And your four-legged friend will definitely find it irresistible, particularly when s/he is filled with energy. Obviously, it may happen that your time is tailored tightly. Alternatively, a two-mile strolling – for some reason – is not your cup of tee. Then, your doggie will be satisfied with two/three times short walks around your block.

What’s the Right Amount

I’d add that the amount I recommended in the previous paragraph will be not enough to all dogs. But, how can we determine how much exercise is enough? Research in addition to experience have indicated that canines which get sufficient exercise are more jolly and healthy. Plus, they are more social while being in public areas.

If canines receiving frequent exercise, they tend to be calmer at dwelling as well as less stressed home alone. Even so, similar to feeding, deciding on the proper amount of training to your pet is relied upon some factors. I mean by this the age, size plus the breed type.

For proper muscle development, the puppies request every day exercise. Their vivacity and overall energy levels should be released in certain type of useful motion. Furthermore, providing them exercises each day is the great steps to take it.

Being unable to burn their power can lead to harmful conduct. As for the aging animals, their energy level is lower, so as their requirement for exercise.

Big canines don’t require an extra exercise inevitably than small doggies. Lots of big breeds – such as the Great Dane – relax on the porch all day long, then go outdoor and get a two mile run.

Even so, additionally they want their every day exercise, maybe a couple of hours strolling. Alternatively, for example, the Chihuahua carries on going even with a 3-mile walk similarly to various small breeds.

Your family dog’s breed can also be key issue of the volume of exercise necessity. As an illustration, canines which were initially bred to herd like the Border Collie must exercise every day. And this applies to the hunting and sleds pulling dog breeds as well. And hence, exercise for dogs like these every day is inevitable.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Dog House Heater Is Not a Spoiling

Hi Everyone!

dog house heater pad

I don’t know about your weather circumstances, but we’re enjoying the Indian summer here. However, it will not last forever. It follows from that, it’s time to make preparation for a usually very cold winter season. It is known that the temperature could get very low. It my happen that the dogs’ inside body heat and outer coat are insufficient to feel warm in the dog house. Thus, the dog house heater can be a considerable invest for many.

Of course, the cold winter is an unknown concept in the countries around the equator. But, the situation is different in the countries located in the temperate zone. The hard minus temperatures and snowing aren’t rare there, just think about the East Coast last winter.

By keeping our canine friends in an open air, our responsibility is to protect dogs’ health every way we can. That’s especially important when we have dogs with mono layered, short hair. I mean by this, for example, Doberman, Greyhound, Dachshund and alike breeds.

Short-haired dogs have difficulties often to keep warm the dog house. Thus, an external heating is handy for them to remain healthy. What you can do in this situation? The possibilities are endless, even complete air-conditioning systems are available out there for this purpose.

Apply a Dog House Heater

The outdoor heaters were planned with the weather-resistant considerations in mind. These devices should maintain extreme cold-weather conditions and provide warm in the dog house. Heater variations give you a possibility to mount them into the house wall or attached to the side.

Of course, the designers formed them in order not to burn the hair of the dog. There also exists a variation applicable to the inner ceiling, radiates the heat down to the ground where the dog is lying.

Generally, the dog house heater isn’t heavy, simple to use and doesn’t cost an arm and leg. And you can mount the controlling thermostat easily in the house. Typically, the heater regulates the heating automatically to provide optimum temperature inside.

Alternatively, the possibility of set the temperature you assume will suit your dog is given. You just adjust the heater to that specific intensity of heat. You also can find varieties on the market equipped with timer you can set to a certain period daily.

Furthermore, the quality heater operates silently, and any noise will not disturb your animal. What is more, if you are concerned on operating costs and ecology, a solar heater can be your solution.

And, we should not leave out one more possibility. If you are a do-it-yourself person, you also can put together a self-made heater. That way, you could really minimize your expenses. However, I’d warn you to comply with the related safety rules.

Self Made Dog House Heating

Let us identify the required stuffs in cases like this? You’ll need an insulated doghouse with at least 24 x 36 inches inside dimension. Plus you’ll have an outdoor power outlet and outside-useable extension cord.

Your first step is to examine the power outlet is in a proper distance (within 6 feet from your dog house). Moreover, you’ll check whether the extension cord is free from wet. Then you’ll purchase an electric kennel mat and place it in your dog house.

It may happen the mat doesn’t cover the entire floor. Then you settle it as far from the inlet as possible to keep the heat inside. Another option can be if you place the heater onto the dog house wall. This way, your canine can lean against that if s/he wants.

And I need to mention that possibility when you install the mat under the floor. By doing that you avoid your pet contacted to it a direct way. Just connect the mat and make your doggie benefit from its heated resting spot while withdraw from the harsh winter.

My Friend, it doesn’t matter if you buy such device or put together one on your own. The dog house heater will be going to maintain your animal’s comfort and warm its den throughout the chilly nights. Furthermore, upkeep the device is minimal as it’s enough to clean the filter once monthly and to check the operation is correct. Anyway, investing in a dog bowl heater is also worthy in preventing your canine from consuming freezing water.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Pick Up Dog Poop to Prevent Our Environment

Hello Dog Lovers!

dog poop comesI hope you have a chance to enjoying the Indian summer. This morning is foggy here, and I’m delaying for dog strolling until its lift. I’m sure it will disappear soon, and I make some usual preparing until that happens. I put six dog poop collecting sacks into one of my pouches, and some treat with the other. And meantime I’m musing on the effect of the fog to some dog walkers’ behavior.

You may ask: What is the relationship between the fog and conduct of dog-walking people? Good question, thank you! I experienced so far that our dogs have the interest in walking, no matter is sunshine or fog. Even so, I like to go to stroll only if we have good visibility.

Fog and Dog Poop Context

This way, I’m able to observe their movements when I off leash them on the meadow. If we go for a walk into the dog park, the good visibility ensures more control over their interaction with other dogs. This way, I have the opportunity to prevent possible problems.

The dogs generally get to know each other and mostly playing if encountering. Their handlers (owners or walkers) also interact each other naturally while enjoying the nice weather and social. However, I use to notice, there are people the fog didn’t lift from their brain!

This may be harsh for someone, but I cannot interpret their deeds otherwise by seeing they don’t clean after their dog. Although, there was a dog waste container in the most dog parks I’ve been earlier. So, the opportunity to pick up dog poop their pet animal produced is available to owners.

Public Place “Culture”

And I’m sick and tired if people don’t clean after their animal in public places. Already more than once I stepped into what other dog owners “left over.” Not to mention my dogs whose legs I should wash because they stepped into during playing.

Furthermore, I must be vigilant that our dogs should not eat from these “gifts.” Besides, just imagine what happens when a child encounter such thing and taste that. Moreover, it’s really annoying that under playing with my canines, I should dodge the left packages.

But, that’s not all! It happened several occasions that these “responsible” dog owners bring their pooches to the trimmed and well-kept grass surface in front of my garden. My frequent activity is to collect those products into the designed sacks and put them into the container.

Of course, if I’m outside they don’t come because I had an affair with one of these “nice” owners. I gave her a bag to pick up the product, but she didn’t grab the opportunity. I told her; please tell me where you live, starting tomorrow I’ll take my dogs to poop there.

I carry six dog pop collecting sacks along with me during walking all the time. Reason is I walk with two dogs, and I expect they are relieving one or two times. It happened earlier that I brought fewer with me, and I should use paper tissue. Plus, it may arouse that I give one or two piece for someone who ran out of sacks.

Health Aspects

My Friend, does your four-legged favorite eat dog waste outside when strolling? Has s/he habits of consuming birds or squirrels are lifeless and rotten already? Are you aware of what kind of health risk lurks to your family?

Of course, you love your animal and are happy getting a kiss from him or her. That’s understandable. And you may be so enthusiastic for your doggie that s/he sleeps together with you in your bed. I have no objection against it either.

And your children are friends with your pet and enjoy spending times together. It isn’t a unique case that worms leave the body of the dog along with the waste. Are you able to supervise the activity of your dogs or children all the time?

Environmental Issues

I saw a report recently about how dog poop contributes to health and environment problems. You also can read that in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology. The title is: “Development of Rapid Canine Fecal Source Identification PCR-Based Assays.”

Individuals – like me – love their canines. However, some of them don’t like to grab the waste always, and that causes serious problem. Dog poop left on the surface is washing into our waterways. People could get illnesses caused by different micro organism washed into.

That’s a heavy issue because there are bacteria and parasites in that water. Humans can get infections from antibiotic-resistant germs easily. The E. coli is well known from one of them.


My Friend, just think about it how healthier would be your family and the environment you left to the posterity. By picking up the dog poop you prevent your health as well as that action is the part of the responsible pet ownership. I pick up dog waste always and don’t take it as a particular fatigue. Hang in there with me, OKAY!

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow