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False Service Dogs Are the Sign of Human Ingenuity?


vest for service dogsPlease, let me suppose you, as a loving dog owner already encountered service dogs. They are present in many fields of our everyday life to assist humans require help. They are proven assistance to humans suffering physical or mental-health problems. The simplest example you may meet on the street is the guide dogs, the essential aid for blinds.

 Real Service Dogs

These canines are wearing a conspicuous vest or waistcoat as an official sign of their high degree skill. It’s totally understandable that these dogs deserve respect of the other society members.

That included their free travel on the plane, among others. Obviously, the discount applies only to dogs have valid certificate and vet’s letter.

These papers are proven that the dog in question is eligible for the discount. Without suchlike official papers, the dog owner who takes his canine along onto the board has to pay a fee between $90-$150 (one-way).

System Gaming

However, a new kind of “game” developed and more and more people are enjoying it. Namely, there are “clever” people who think their dogs also deserve this discount, even though they are not official service dogs.

Qualified handlers perceived the phenomenon that the number of people increasing who deceive the system and claim falsely their animal is a service canine.

How This Happen

Erin, who would rather not to reveal her full identity is a resident in Los Angeles. She shares her home with her boyfriend as well as their canine, Bo. She purchased a service vest online for her animal.

Namely, she desired to avoid the airlines’ charge for pet dogs. Moreover, she had the aversion because non-working dogs should be kept in a container in the flight duration.

Bo, equipped with false documentation of service canines, travels all over the place at no cost. Erin, who just isn’t handicapped, travels in all places along with Bo as a result of she can’t tolerate departing him dwelling alone.

Erin says she feels responsible for doing this, however, tells that her quite a few buddies behave the identical manner.

According to Erin, she is concerned when more dogs are on a flight. She knows her animal isn’t fully certified. “I know he’s fine, but I don’t know if some other dog is going to freak out.”

What CCI says

Jeanine Konopelski is the spokeswomen of Canine Companions for Independence (CCI, nonprofit organization centered in California). They supply highly degree trained service canines for people suffering by disabilities.

Qualified handlers meet evidently pet canines holding ‘service canine’ waistcoat in public places. And after a short observation of their behavior, it turns out that these dogs are untrained in all certainty.

Quite often the pretend service dogs are noticed behaving poorly. Furthermore, individuals reported cases when these untrained dogs have bitten them.

Konopelski also tells that likely it has brought about some restaurant and shop owners accepting very suspicious viewpoint in direction of anybody claiming their companion is a service canine.

An Initiative

The CCI found these things are endangering the possibility of real owners to utilize their rights underneath of the Act of Americans with Disabilities.

They assembled a formal written request with ca. 30,000 signatures at present. They impel the Department of Justice to stop the sale of false ‘service dogs’ products – in their petition.

Namely, the Internet provides the opportunity of purchasing a service dog vest effortlessly. You may find quite a few web sites to supply similar products plus official tags and harnesses.

Often these products can be bought with notice stating that to make sure a dog is correctly trained is the responsibility to the owner.

However, there is no such thing as an enforcement system behind, so the abuse within the system established for helping service dogs can do easily.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Are Killer Bees a Hazard for Our Dogs?

Hello Dog Lovers!

swarming killer beesThe story of the Killer Bees is not a new phenomenon. Probably you heard that large bodied African bees managed to be free from a Brazilian scientific laboratory in the fifties. These bees are much more aggressive than their European counterparts. If they disturbed, they did not spare neither soldier troops nor funeral procession or busy highways. You may find many movies and fantastic novel made from their story. And dealing with them hasn’t lost actuality even to the present day.

You may read in the CNN news recently as Kelli Moreno, a Port St. Lucie (Florida) woman complained about loss of her two dogs and paralyzed one by attacked thousands Killer Bees (in other words: Africanized Honey Bee (AHB), Africanized Bees, Brazilian Bees).

Another fresh case was when three dogs – included Jeff Reel’s 60-pound boxer – died by attack of bees swarmed as a “black cloud” on the South Elizabeth Street in Florence, Arizona. Reel said a neighbor risked his life attempting to save Reel’s dog.

And not just our household dogs are in hazard. You may have heard about the death of a farmer, Larry Goodwin in Moody, Texas. He accidentally disturbed the hive contained around 40.000 killer bees.

Onlookers who made an attempt to help Goodwin have been attacked as well. Moreover, the members of the Moody Volunteer Fire Dept that reacted to the 911 call also were attacked.

That’s right these are just some examples, but not isolated cases, unfortunately. By now, more than 40 fatal bee attack recorded each year. So, it wouldn’t hurt if we know more about this type of bees to avoid and prevent similar attacks, which may result in the above mentioned bad outcomes.

How the Killer Bees Appear

The beekeeping developed ever since people discovered its medically beneficial properties already in ancient times. Beekeepers make every effort to help the instinctive activity of the bees to collect the nectar.

This nectar is a seductive material and the food source for bees and other insects due to its carbohydrate content. This is the base material of the honey – besides other sugary saps. And the honey producing is a preferred activity in every economy.

In practice, however, this is not easy, because many factors affect the result. One of them is the massive bee mortality that appeared due to the extreme weather conditions. In suchlike circumstances, beekeepers are in difficulty to satisfy the demand of quality honey.

This difficulty appeared in Latin America already in the 1950s. They saw a solution in importing African Honey Bees in the hope these will bear the higher temperature and be more productive compared to the European bees.

The biologists crossed African Honey Bee queens with local Brazilian Bees (originated from Europe) and grounded experimental hybrid colonies. However, as typically occurs with experiments alike, a few of the crossbred bees managed to be free, and they established wild colonies.

Spreading to North

The African honey bees are well matched to tropical and subtropical ecosystems. Consequently, the story continued so that their particular “tribe” began to migrate northward at a rate of 100 – 200 miles yearly.

They’ve progressively spread through Central America and reached Eastern Mexico. And since the country’s borders didn’t hinder them, the Killer Bees appeared in southern Texas by 1990. They emerged in Arizona in 1993, and in California two years later.

Why Are They Hazardous

According to May Berenbaum (entomologist of the University of Illinois), their sting is not fatal contrary to their name. Berenbaum explained that the effect of their sting also depends on human’s body weight.

An average person can endure ten bee stings per pounds. In fact, their toxin is not more dangerous compared to European bees but their attack by group and repetitive stinging can cause fatality.

You should know about them that these bees are able to swarm and migrate more, plus attack really fast than their European counterparts. As soon as get disturbed the bees turn into alert for subsequent twenty-four hours.

And they assault any animals and people nearby. Just imagine, a mass of Africanized bees could encompass tens of thousands members. 80.000 – 100.000 species in one group are not rare at all.

These bees typically target the face as well as the eyes of humans. Moreover, they also follow their “prey” escaping into water and circling over the water to waiting for the chance of doing a new attack.

Escape Tips From Their Attack

Needless to say, it’s advisable to keep away your animals as well as yourself from contact with Killer Bees. However, when an encounter turns into unpreventable, to know what to do can be handy.

As I mentioned above, bees prefer to attack the head and face. Practically, all victims are suffering critical stinging assaults with Africanized bees on those body spots.

The advisable way of escaping is to cover up your head, simultaneously run for shelter a straight line, because the average person can run faster than the way they fly.

Any overlaying for your face and head will enable you to escape. A handkerchief or mosquito-net that matches over your head carried within your pocket could be a life saver.

If you find yourself without these, grab a towel coat or blanket, anything at all that will provide you with momentary help until you consider an opportunity for escape.

In case you don’t have any other thing, pull your shirt up on top of your face. The stings you’ll probably receive in your chest, and stomach are a lot less severe comparing to those on your facial area.

The introduction of Africanized bees brought the desired effect in the economy, because they produce more honey to European counterparts. And people have to learn to live with these bees too, as they live together with European bees since the 17th century.

However, in my opinion, the case of the Killer Bees is another example of that human interaction into nature requires more attention otherwise yet can confront not seen problems in the population.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Are You Familiar With Dog Weight Pulling?


Dog weight pulling - carting-on-beachMy Friends, during my long dog keeping experience, I haven’t met a dog which doesn’t require some exercise. Of course, this requirement depends on several factors such as the breed, size, condition and so on. Some pleased by walking, other dogs require a job; another satisfied by taking part in sports. The dog weight pulling also is a sport like agility, tracking, herding, obedience competition events, among others.

The weight pulling is an enjoyable sport for dogs arranged by numerous canine organizations. The game principally entails dogs pulling a sled or cart loaded with weight minimally 10 feet wide and 20 feet long throughout a certain floor like carpet, dirt/gravel, grass as well as snow.

The Origin of Dog Weight Pulling

When it comes to the origin of this sport, everyone knows that breed traits were chosen regarding the breeds meant. Moreover, the mixed breeds possess the genetic characteristics of every one of the contributed breeds, to a lesser or greater level.

Consequently, canines were once used thoroughly in several fields of economy and warfare to carry freight and cargo. And this sport is nothing more or less than the contemporary application of those capabilities.

In the beginning, the dog weight pulling was an addition to the events of International Sled Dog Racing
Association. Consequently, they held it following the finished sled races. Since the wheeled wasn’t authorized version dogs done all weight pulls on sleds.       

Then, several Alaskan Malamute owners established the International Weight Pulling Association in 1984. Their main motivation was to promoting the legacy of working dogs by helding weight pulling races.

At the same time, they separated the wheeled and sled versions and set up the rules for both variations.

These Sports Today

Since the start, the weight pulling for dogs became available for numerous breeds in many country. The animals are typically classified into different weight pull categories reckoning on the weight of their body.

Sled dog types and bully breed canines usually excel in this game simply because they were applied to drag cargo and sleds traditionally. For example, the United Kennel Club arranges numerous well-known weight pull competition in USA.

Furthermore, people shaped the Global Pulling Alliance to concentrate on instructing the public in regard to the weight pull sport as a positive option for energetic dogs around the world.

GPA arranges races in Ireland, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom plus the United States, and counting because popularity of this sport increases. Different associations are arising in Europe and Asia because the game turns into progressively more enjoyed by many people.

Sled-dogs-in-trainingFamous Sled Races

The most well-known dog weight pulling race is the “Iditarod Trail.” It’s held as a remembrance of the 1925 diphtheria serum run from Nenana to Nome in Alaska. You can read about that here:

The race called “Iditarod” started in 1973 as an experiment which is the perfect sled canine teams and mushers. Nevertheless, by today, it developed into an extremely competitive race.

The record that’s valid in a present belongs to Dallas Seaway and settled up in 2014. He performed the selected distance in eight days, thirteen hours, four minutes plus nineteen sec.

Another serious sled dog race is held in France, called “La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc.” That is a 900 kilometres (560 miles) competition throughout the Swiss Alps and French Alps.

It was initially arranged in January of 2005. The price of this race was one hundred tausend USD in 2012. The subsequent event of the competition was performed from 10 – 21 January of 2015.

The best musher as first time partaker in La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc was Jan Slosar this year. He finished 4th overall in 24:18:59.

Dog Breeds Suitable for Weight Pulling

American Breeds: American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bull Dog, American Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino

North Type Breeds: Alaskan Malamute, Greenland dog, Samoyed and Siberian Husky

European Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Saint Bernard, Bull Terrier,  Dogue de Bordeaux, Bull Mastiff, English Mastiff, Staffordshire Terrier, Old English Sheepdog, Great Dane, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Boxer, Doberman Pinscher, Cane Corso, Neapolitan Mastiff, Perro de Presa Canario, Patterdale Terrier.

With regards to the organizer, almost any mixed or purebred dog breed can get into the weight pulling contest, and the majority of canines can prosper if they like the sport. Drawing is an all-natural insight for a lot of dogs, and the majority of them benefit from doing this.

You can know their pulling passion when you’re walking with your animal and s/he pulls you over hedge and ditch. If this is the case, your furry friend is perhaps an excellent applicant for weight pull sports.

Canines further from smallest breeds to the biggest can win at this activity and also take pleasure at the same time. So, it’s not impossible to see Whippets and even Poodles trying the dog weight pulling.

Preparation Is a Must

My Friend, please, don’t let your dog to enter any weight pulling without the right preparation. You should start with a thorough veterinary examination and rather choose another form of racing but don’t endanger the health of your dog.

If your vet recommends you to take the challenge and your dog is around 4 months of age at least, then you may start the conditioning. At beginning your canine may pull chains to be accustomed with the load.

As s/he becomes older and commences competing, you can hooke him or her to your bicycle and do a several miles running occasionally. Some dogs like it, however, others don’t, and it doesn’t make sense to push your pet against something s/he doesn’t wish to perform.  

At these sport events dogs are usually drag loaded cart or sled by a harness which specifically invented to pull the weight. This type of harness and weight dragging greatly reduces the possibility for dogs getting damaged.

From my experience and conversations with owners I know that the common activity enables to build a powerful bond betwenn animals and owners. Furthermore it provides the canines much-wanted workout, mainly working dogs like the malamutes or huskies.

Similarly to every dog sport, canines typically get pleasure from dog weight pulling when it’s a thing their hosts enjoy together with them. Consequently, if you believe that both, you and your animal wish to do weight pulling, then discover an organization in your neighborhood and check it out.

All the best,

Alex Sparrow

Want You Be Animal Protection Activist As Brigitte Bardot?

Hello All!

Brigitte Bardot as animal protection activistMy Friend, when you listen the news in media, what do you hear about dogs? With a little exaggeration, in the news, the dog is a creature that bites in front, makes a mess on rear and shedding hair between the two ends. It seems sometimes the animal protection, as such, gets less attention. Although, that isn’t incidental how we treat our animals that are our fellows in life. Luckily, there are enthusiastic people who are considered to be fond of animal rights. And, Brigitte Bardot is one of them, mainly in the last forty years.

I don’t know whether there is such a person – other than an infant born today – who didn’t hear Brigitte Bardot’s name. The ‘European Marilyn Monroe’ became a movie star and sex symbol from a ballet dancer. She was one of the students of the famous ballet dancer and choreographer, Boris Knyazev, too.

The Beginning

“I am a well brought up girl from a good family. Then one day I turned my back on it all and became a bohemian. A strict upbringing I have suffered, but now I’m grateful for it” – these were her words remembering back later.

She became a photo model already at her age of 15. And she appeared as a cover photo of the Elle in 1950, at the age of just 16. At the time, it came into fashion the smartly dressed “jeune fille” (young girl) in France, and the cover photo became the milestone of the new wave.

Roger Vadim, the film director saw and discovered her there, and they were married in December 1952. With her unsophisticated, yet irresistible appearance, she became an international icon of the sixties. I also was her fan when the Brigitte Bardot movies appeared with us.


Brigitte Bardot in 1962Nicole Farhi fashion designer recalled her this way: “She was totally free when it shouldn’t be given to women, and it was particularly odd that in addition came from an upper-middle-class family. It was amazing how she could throw away the convention.”

“She lived and dressed as she wanted, her freedom was very provocative.” The fashion designer pointed out that even though Bardot “has magnificent breasts, but were not bragging about them, she wore a T-shirt, nevertheless; the sensuality radiated from her.”


Bardot stopped the filming in 1973 because she felt she can get out with dignity. “In particular, I do not care about the movie. I hated it when I started, and even don’t enjoy it now,” – said at the peak of her career.

“I gave my beauty and youth to men, and I give my wisdom and my experience to the animals,” – said at her retirement. Since there she devoted her awareness and time to the matter of animal protection. “The animals never disappointed me. They are easy prey, as I was during the whole of my career. We lived through the same; I love them” – she continued.

She actually is widely known as an animal rights activist around the planet. And, she also has applied her fame to confront with present inaccurate information and nescience towards and about animals. Brigitte Bardot repeatedly expressed her views with dedication to protection of animals.

Animal Protection Activity

She runs the Brigitte Bardot Foundation regarding the Welfare and Protection of Animals. Her foundation operates straight on the field serve to animal rescue, refuges, sterilization campaigns for stray cats and so on. Plus it intervenes on the judicial degree, through supervisors nationwide in France.

For supporting the Brigitte Bardot Animal Protective Foundation, she auctioned off her jewels, clothes, belongings. She also donated her famous estate, the Madrague to the foundation. In everyday life, she takes the animal protection very seriously.

She has been a vegetarian, and once she neutered a neighbor’s donkey while she took care of him because he “bullied” her female donkey. Bardot organized demonstrations and conferences, donated more than $140,000 for castration of stray dogs in Bucharest, Romania.

She raised her voice against killing the seals, dolphins, horses, tigers and rhinos, too. “We cannot treat the animals henceforth than some objects; we should handle them as worth to living beings,” – she said when she visited 140 purebred puppy smuggled from Hungary, in a shelter of Nice.

Her Animal Protection Foundation offered that after the end of the quarantine, they take care of the puppies, and search new animal protector host for them. But, her foundation doesn’t restrict their activity to France only.

International Actions

It is current on every continent to aid native animal rights initiatives. This foundation is grouped with a number of coalitions to support their activity. Bardot is actually involved with Eurogroup For Animals in Brussels with the view of support EU laws related to animal protection.

Furthermore, the protection of endangered animals and plants also included the activities of the foundation. Additionally, Brigitte Bardot is co-operating with the International Whaling Commission. She is participating in the Global Anti-Whaling Campaign that combats with whaling.

She associated with the Fur Free Alliance to reveal and study the cruelty of fur industry. And, as another animal protection activity, she engaged in the Federation of Struggle regarding the Abolition of Bullfights. Furthermore, the ritual slaughter is another activity she fights against. Brigitte Bardot celebrates her 80th birth anniversary privately. Happy Birthday!

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow


Are Influencing Zodiac Signs Your Dog Training?

Hi Everyone!

zodiac-signsWhen it comes to dog owners, generally I meet such who consider their dogs as family members. A large number of these imagine zodiac signs play a major function in their furry-friend’s life. If you question them why their canine behaves in a different way, they might promptly reply, “astrology impacts their personality.” Similar to individual humans your dog also possesses zodiac sun sign. And its conduct will depend on its date of birth, according to this belief.

There are numerous dog-loving people who consider if only they were aware of the dog horoscopes. Then it may be simpler for them to educate their favorite and likewise, understand its habits. Subsequently, you will need to have knowledge of the date of birth of your canine right before you get it.

The Zodiac Signs fоr Dogs

Aquarius (20th Jan – 18th Feb) – The Aquarian canine is a really diffident and mild animal. They’ve a special capability to sense the temper of their host and behave accordingly. To training your Aquarian dog is just not a simple commitment. They get pleasure from bathing regularly. An Aquarion dog enjoys the good meals and is quite nosy in nature. They aren’t just clever but in addition sociable living being. Gemini, Leo and Libra owners are to whom the Aquarius dogs are suitable, mainly.

Pisces (19th Feb – 20th Mar) – A Piscean doggie also likes to bathe oftentimes. They’re impulsive and hyperactive regarding to their nature. They loathe competitions and fond of being left alone. A Piscean canine is appropriate for dog owners who belong to Cancer, Scorpio and Virgo sun signs.

Aries sun signAries (21st Mar – 20th April) – An Aries dog is a born leader. An Aries dog is not only stubborn but also disobedient. An owner would have a tough time training it. However, it would be grateful to its master and would defend its master with all its power An Aries dog would love to boss the other pets and dogs in their neighborhood. A dog born under this zodiac sign is both active and hypersensitive. The best owners for an Aries dog are Aquarius, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius.

Taurus (20th April – 20th May) – A dog born under this sign loves a luxurious life. It loves good food and is fond of soft and melodious music. A Taurean dog may seem to be gentle, but they could become ferocious in times of need and do not give up a fight easily. A Taurean dog believes life is for enjoyment. A Taurean dog is compatible with owners of the zodiac signs of Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces and Virgo.

Gemini (21st May – 21st June) – A dog born in this zodiac sign could be easily trained. A dog belonging to this sign is fond of human company and likes to entertain its master. A Gemini dog is charming, sensitive and is a very curious animal. A dog of this sun sign gets along well with other pets and is a quick learner. The compatible owners of a Gemini dog are Aries, Aquarius, Leo and Libra.

Cancer (22nd June – 22nd July) – A dog born under this sun sign could be very sensitive and yearns for heed. He desires to be considered as someone that belongs to the family members. Cancer canines are extremely faint-hearten, and the majority avoid getting into a battle of any kind. They like to be hugged and indulged by their hosts. A Cancer doggy is faithful to its host and becomes a respected friend for life. A Cancer canine is appropriate for an owner with zodiac signs like Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio and Taurus.

Leo sun signLeo (23rd July – 22nd Aug) – A dog that saw the sunlight in this period is a born chief (like the Aries). The Leo canines are boastful, sociable all the while kind and pleasant. The Leo dogs are loving and devoted, and so they can’t stand to be challenged. A Leo canine loves kids and is pleasant in direction of them. Aries and Sagittarius make a great host to a Leo doggy.

Virgo (23rd Aug – 22nd Sep) – A Virgo dog prefers to live in a spick-and-span environment. Virgo dogs are sticklers of cleanliness and hygiene. A Virgo dog is prone to allergies and stomach upset. A Virgo dog hates working and prefers to play or idle most of the time. Virgo dogs are not very fond of seeking attention. The Virgo dogs are best compatible with Capricorn, Pisces and Taurus owners.

Libra (rd Sep – 22nd Oct) – A Libra dog would do anything to get attention of its owner. At times, a Libra dog would try the patience of its owner because of its finicky manners. A Libra dog is known to be a flirt, and it is very difficult to train it. However, they are not only affectionate but also loyal to their masters. The people born under the zodiac signs like Aquarius, Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius are best owners for a Libran dog.

Scorpio (23rd – 21st Nov) – A Scorpion canine could be very possessive and persistent to its handler. They aren’t hard to be trainable and prefer to run their owners on a good state of mind. A Scorpio dog doesn’t hate to be left alone. They want to reside in their very own world. It’s considered a Scorpio doggy born with an ability to read its host’s mind. Cancerians, Pisceans and Taureans make a beautiful owner for a dog born under Scorpio.

sagittarius-sun-signSagittarius (22nd Nov – 21st Dec) – A Sagittarian canine loves escapade; however, he is a craven definitely. They loathe to be partaker in critical fights and will run further from the spot. The canines born under this interval of sun signs like to be cherished and would return the identical to its hosts. They represent a fun-loving animal and also have an infinite energy. Probably the most appropriate owners for a Sagittarian doggy are Aries, Gemini and Leo.

Capricorn (22nd Dec – 19th Jan) – A Capricorn dog is a properly behaving canine, and they are trainable easily. A Capricorn pet dog is regarded to be a clever canine. Occasionally a Capricorn doggy shows obstinacy and dislikes to being disturbed on its place. They love the companion of kids. A Capricorn canine is suitable for their host with Aries, Leo and Gemini zodiac signs.

Until next occasion,

Alex Sparrow

News: Voluntary Dog Food Recall Due to Foreign Material

dog-food-recallThe Mars Petcare US announced the extension associated with an earlier voluntary dog food recall of PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition dry pet food products, at Aug.31 2014. Reason is the possibility of a foreign material presence in these productions. The Mars Petcare US volunteer recalling action impacts 22 bags were transported to Dollar General throughout 12 shops in four U.S. states.

But, now the recall has been extended to the 55-pound sacks of PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food merchandise bought in Sam’s Club in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

This recall is currently being extended to Sam’s Club within the U.S. as a result of a few of the impacted production lot was initially intended to be kept in stocktaking. However, was as an alternative launched to customers. That has made necessary for the extension of the recall.

The company is confident there are no other packages or retailers are addressed by this dog food recall.

The sacks might comprise small metallic fragments, that could have come into the packages through the manufacturing process. The foreign material is just not embedded in the food items itself, but might involve a hazard of harm if consumed.

The company encourages the customers who’ve bought the affected product to get rid of the food or send it back to the retailer for getting a complete repayment or exchange. The Mars Petcare US hasn’t gotten any reports of harm or sickness related to the impacted product.

The lot codes specified beneath shouldn’t be sold or consumed.

Mars Petcare US is collaborating with both Sam’s Club and Dollar General to make sure that the recalled merchandises are no longer offered and therefore, are removed from inventory. The facility producing line where this product was manufactured for each retailer continues to be close down until this matter is cleared up.

Items Affected by the Dog Food Recall

This voluntary dog food recall has the impact on two packages purchased in the United States only. There is no other PEDIGREE® merchandise is affected, included every other sort of dry pet food, moist dog food or canine treats. The affected packages are:

* 55-pound sacks of PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food offered at Sam’s Club in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio with the manufacturing code visible beneath only. The fifty five-pound bags should have a lot code branded on the back of the sack close to the UPC code that reads 432E1KKM03 plus the Best Before date of 8/7/15.

* 15-pound sacks of PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food offered at Dollar General in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee with the manufacturing code visible beneath only. The 15-pound bags should have a lot code branded on the back of the sack close to the UPC code that reads 432C1KKM03 along with the Best Before the date of 8/5/15.

UPC                DESCRIPTION

23100 10944 PEDIGREE® Brand Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food in 15 pound bags

23100 10731 PEDIGREE® Brand Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food in 55 pound bags

“At Mars Petcare US, we take our responsibility to pets and their owners seriously. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this recall. Pet owners who have questions about the recall should call 1-800-305-5206 or visit

*Affected product would have been sold in Sam’s Club stores in these U.S. cities:

Comstock Park

and Dollar General Stores in these U.S. cities:

Baton Rouge

SOURCE Mars Petcare US


Dog Dancing – Contest and Entertainment Equally

Hello Dog Fanciers!

dog-dancing-appearanceI do imagine that many people become surprised by hearing the two words: dog dancing. This was also the reaction of the lady (beyond her middle-ages) I talked to recently. And really, based on the title she imagined beautifully trimmed and combed, tulle dress-wearing pooches are turning around on two legs on the stage. So, I explained her broadly how the reality is different than her vision.

What About the Dog Dancing

To correct any possible misunderstanding, the canines don’t start dance upon their own. Actually, the dogs and handlers collectively present distinctive and wisely choreographed steps under music. The handlers have the opportunity to use certain devices. I mean – for example – balls or ribbons, which colored the presented program.

The dog dancing (also known as canine freestyle) is not about the beauty of the dog. But, about the skillfulness, accordance of the dog and the handler, the teaching capabilities and creativity. Fortunately, those dogs also can practice it, which hasn’t been renowned ancestors. They don’t rule out those species too which are currently wrong color, or their teeth angled.

Moreover, the street-mixes, also known “blends” have the same chance of starting at a single event, like any purebred counterparts. There are of course more successful types of dogs in this sport. The most widespread are the various collies, for example, the fast-moving Border Collie, excellent in agility.

And, I should mention the Hungarian Mudi as another frequent partaker in these events organized in Europe. He’s a less known herding dog and devoted companion, but he’s excellent in the sports like agility or dog dancing. The Mudi is fantastic for strait and technical terrains in addition to slaloms resulting from his size and spin ability.

How the Canine Freestyle Developed

Canine freestyle – started developing relatively later, in the early nineties. Several trainers worldwide began using a music while training heel work and other obedience exercise. With music taking part in the background, it was finally natural to desire to make doggie boogie and begin choreographing their action steps to suit the music.

Originally, it was merely heel work to music. The canine moves near the handler’s side as they simply take a walk around the show ring doing fundamental obedience movements. Carolyn Scott from the States and Mary Rae from UK were the primary well-known dog trainers to begin doing their heel work to music.

After that, individuals began getting extra inventive and started borrowing concepts and elements from dressage. As started expert in, the motion grew to become more creative and free. The handlers developed new elements along with their animals in diagonal, lateral, round and backward moving.

Today’s Situation

Today, entire stories unfold in a free exercise, and all handlers are busy to invent more spectacular elements. They pursue to season their performance with more difficult to be taught, unusual movement. Consequently, a dancer dog can do often more than 50 tricks.

And it’s not a little thing that the dog produces them at the time when necessary and mostly for sound signal only. This is the slalom among legs, going backwards, different turns, leaps, rolling and, yes, lighter dogs walking on two legs as well.

The trainers grown their heel work to incorporate five positions; the left heel, right heel, front heel, and follow position. The fifth is the center heel wherein your canine is between your legs. Individuals discovered dog dancing becoming a liberating zone in which anything might go in contrast to the stringent obedience.

And, in rally and agility areas, certain movements are anticipated in specific places at particular moments. Dog dancing coaching develops a more balanced, joyful and agile dog compared to other canine sports. In reality, owning a pleased doggie which has a good relation to its handler is the necessities and judging elements no matter what the sport is.

Heel work to music, dog musical freestyle, dog freestyle, freestyle dance. These are some of the categories of dog dance that participants take part in. Some do it strictly as a hobby, some for the thrill of competition, but always for fun.

And freestyle dancing as a competitive sport is catching on worldwide. Agility elements had been launched as individuals developed many inventive leaping tricks like jumping through your arms, leaping above your back, rebounding off your waistline.

Folks additionally began having their canines weave via their legs, first ahead then backward. And during crawling they are making figure 8. The weaving turned into a basic element in canine freestyle.

Some Terms of Contest Participation

Competition is open to all healthy, 12 months old, breed and mixed-breed dog that have a valid vaccination certificate. Bitches are only allowed to end the contest. In the same class, the handler can run more dogs. But, one dog may step into the ring in one class at one race day.

In case the denominator is less than six, organizers will decide whether the competition will be held or not. You need to log in at the administrative table for a certain time before the start of the race. You must deliver the captions (full name and title of the song with) a CD or cassette.

The cartridge may contain only the music necessary for the production. And this should be added to the “A” side to use for the presentation of freestyle music. The handler can bring along a security copy about the song.

Competition Classes

– Individual (one dog handler + 1) Music Length: 1.5-3.5 min

– Tandem (2 + 1 handler dog leash used) Music Length: 1.5-2.5 minutes

– Doubles (Brace) (2 + 2 handler dog leash used) Music Length: 2-3 minutes

– Group (many handler + more dog) Music Length: 3-4.5 min

Dog Dancing Is Sport or Circus

Everyone who has seen a canine freestyle competition is impressed by the enthusiasm with which the dogs produce themselves on the field. I’ve been lucky to see more of these races. These animals pay no attention to the surrounding barking, speak, clapping, only focus on their handler.

And the relationship and consistency between the pair are enviable. The competing dogs are almost exclusively taught by positive reinforcement method (with a reward or retrieving games). And this is the sport where the clicker method use is most widespread, which is without any constraint.

At first glance, people may think that it’s just a circus and regret the participating dogs. But, once you get to know more closely the dog dancing, looking behind the scenes, in fact, are trying to assemble a freestyle, to prepare your dog… then you should come to the conclusion this is certainly the finest sport. Even a sport, which has a pleasant side effect; the perfect harmony between the dog and its host in all areas of life.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Link Between Natural Disasters and Our Dogs’ Sense

Hi Everybody!

Natural disasters - TsunamiI have heard from a number of sources before, that animals possess a capability to sense natural disasters. For example, they present uncommon movement earlier than an earthquake occur. One concept may be that animals are mindful of noise frequencies people aren’t recognized. Especially, this is what I know from experience, because I used ultrasonic dog trainer whistle in the past. Are these only tales or reality? Let’s see.

You’ve all heard these: the stories of canines barking prior to a massive earthquake hit; wildlife produces crazy behavior just before the large hurricane; earthworms pouring away from the soil simply before the huge flood strikes. Individuals frequently asked with amazement; is a dog capable of sense these disasters?

Theories with Sensing Natural Disasters

Interesting question! According to some scientists, the data about whether or not our dog can perceive a natural disaster appears being inconclusive. Several dog owners think that their canines have alarmed them instantly before an earthquake has come about.

A Japanese physician declared in 2003 that healthcare data confirmed an extreme quantity dog barking just before the Kobe earthquake in 1995. However, seismologists were in doubt about that. And a geologist – working on the U.S. Geological Survey workplace said that they could foretell earthquakes.

He said that in accordance to the volume of lacking pet advertisements in earthquake-susceptible zones. His concept is that household pets typically go away from a location earlier than an enormous earthquake occurred. But, a 3-year research discovered no proof to back up his idea.

Alternatively, many individuals observed the stunning shortage of animal carcasses after the horrible tsunami in Indonesia. Their idea was that animals knew prematurely about the tsunami and fled from the area.

Another concept may be that animals like dogs could note underground vibrations and rumblings previously an event. But, this sort of conjecture could be an extension to the animals’ regular senses. Consequently, it’s hard to believe them as some form of mystical capability to forecast natural disasters.

What Experiences Say

We aren’t in a position to ask our dog about it. And it is also difficult to foretell the place or time when a hurricane or another natural disaster will happen. It’s a hard undertaking to establish any type of scientific check to substantiate whether our dog can perceive such an event earlier than it happen.

Canines do possess certain senses that are definitely more sophisticated than our human senses (vision, hearing, sense of smell, etc.). Therefore, it can be fairly likely that they can quickly discover vibrations and sounds prior to they’re obvious to individuals.

Without question, canines are could predict other events before they happen, for example, seizures. However, the canines appear to be counting on perceiving chemical and physical indicators well before they are recognized by humans.

Our dogs are actually able to utilize their senses in other manners that usually appear almost miraculous to people. An example can be when traveling countless miles to reappear home after they’ve been misplaced (see the example of Lassie).

So it may feel entirely possible that dogs could apply a composition of intuition and also their senses to perceive the natural disasters prior they happen. And we also need to talk about that canines are applied extensively within the aftermath of disasters to search for survivors and to assist find the dead.

Lacking the help of those extremely-skilled animals and in addition, their eager senses it is really tougher to help individuals recuperate from these awful situations. All of us owe a debt of thanks to those excellent canines as well as their handlers.

My Take on It 

A true story. My grandpa told us that he was a Russian prisoner of war in WWI. He worked in a coal mine for ages. There were a lot of rats in the mine which made a great hustle and squeal earlier a crave-in occurred.

So, they could escape from cave-in because they observed the behavior of rats. However, I digress, so let’s go back to the dogs’ sense. I suppose that animals usually tend to perceive when disasters will soon happen. The animals are often smarter than folks, so let them have a credit score for.

So, are these only tales… or true? Scientists say it’s most likely something of both. Loads of research projects have shown that quite a few animals can perceive main modifications within the weather. Worms, as an illustration, can be fled rising groundwater. Or, birds are known to be susceptible to air pressure adjustments.

Therefore, they often land down earlier than a huge storm occurred. For example, in Florida, researchers finding out marked sharks to flee to deeper water simply before the giant natural disasters come. In all certainty, they could also be perceiving the air and water pressure modifications attributable to the massive storm. What’s your opinion?

All the best,

Alex Sparrow

Chihuahua in Art – Blue Dog by George Rodrigue

Hi Folks!

The Blue Dog is probably the best-known Chihuahua art in the world painted by George Rodrigue (1944 – 2013). Rodrigue was a son of a Cajun bricklayer in New Iberia. He was bedridden for four months because of polio in his childhood, so started the painting and sculpting in 1952.

Rodrigue was admitted on the Art Instruction School in 1959, also in a profound Art Correspondence Course. He started learning art on the University of Southwest Louisiana in 1962. Additionally, from 1965 to 1967, Rodrigue continued his studies with graphic arts on the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.

He started being an art director in 1968 at an advertising company in Lafayette. And later he gave up that position and dedicated his talent to painting full time.

Chihuahua Art as Blue Dog Theme

Blue Chihuahua by George RodrigueThe primary Chihuahua art of the Blue Dog theme rooted in Cajun folktale. The ‘Blue Dog figure’ itself is linked to Tiffany, a beloved pet in Rodrigue’s childhood. Rodrique’s childhood was full with these nice tales, and those gripped his imagination.

The central figure in these stories was the so called ‘werewolf’ named Loup-garou. You can imagine that figure as the ‘bogeyman’, the discipline device in hands of parents. In short: parents told their naughty kids to behave otherwise the ‘bogeymen’ would will discipline them.

As the legend says, that certain Loup-garou divagates around locations in Louisiana every night. Rodrigue remembered he was told in childhood that the loup-garou would get him in its sack if he doesn’t go to bed to sleep in time.

From the Idea to the Realization

Rodrigue’s weird painting associated with a beloved pet turned a legendary picture. The “Watchdog” portray was taking place in a total moon scenery, and that gave this dog the blue tone. That’s the explanation on the born of this famous Chihuahua art picture.

When Rodrigue primarily painted the dog, nevertheless, it was not an instantaneous success. The first Blue Dog was the results of an illustration venture for a book on ghost tales of Louisiana. That book – Bayou, by Chris Segura – contained forty tales from the depths of the Bayous in Southwestern Louisiana.

The mainly ghostly stories catch and elucidate some of the regional mystery. The robust silhouette of the subject dog along with its cobalt tint in that primary painting, “Watchdog” (1984), continuously haunted the artist. And George Rodrigue continued his experimentation with the Chihuahua art.

That turned out to be recognized – each colloquially and officially – as the Blue Dog. It emerged in more his painting sequentially, and participating in an exhibition in Los Angeles in 1988. So, it morphed into a close to – constant pattern within the artist’s work.

George Rodrigue As Human

Following the September 11, 2001 assaults situated on the World Trade Center, Rodrigue worked night and day to paint “God Bless America.” In cases like this, the well-known cobalt dog was white with red eyes and positioned contrary to the American flag.

As you know, the traditional “Blue Dog” encompasses a cobalt canine with yellow eyes in a wide range of settings. The picture collected half a million bucks for the Red Cross within the weeks following the attack.

He has also been associated with the relief effort following Hurricane Katrina devastated his home metropolis, New Orleans. The sale action of stated Blue Dog prints collected $2.5 million dollars for aid efforts.

Rodrigue was just not only a painter, but additionally, a real community leading person in his native Louisiana as well as his second home of Carmel, California. He remained a supporter of the arts and arts-tuition during his life and devoted himself to motivate the following bunch of artists and teachers via his foundation, the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts.

My Impressions on the Picture

The Chihuahua art Blue Dog by no means shifts his expression. The artist never has depicted him with a smile. The canine isn’t conceited and not asleep at any time.

This dog seems almost like he continues to be searching for the answers in a sophisticated world. He reminds the viewer the matter people simply are unable to know, however, looking out.


The “Blue Dog” portrayed by George Rodrigue, having its vibrant cobalt fur, pointy ears and piercing eyes, grew to become as real Louisiana symbol as the craw-fish or the fleur de lis. And, Rodrigue has met a lot hit during his life as a painter, a large part of it as a result of portrait of the Blue Dog, true Chihuahua art.

Until next time,


Want to Enjoy These Benefits? Get a Dog!


During the times, I’ve noticed people want to get a dog for different reasons. I experienced that our dogs give me mentally and physically positive effects. A dog can bring you so much pleasure that is worth to getting up early, even for the winter strolls. Alternatively, to hear seemingly unnecessary barking (reasons are behind always – I know).

Lots of us have heard about that dog owners are likely living longer due to lesser stress. Consequently, many people want to get a canine that is fun, and a loving family member. But, what some of us overlooked, there are additional fascinating benefits when you take a canine. My friend, let me to hand these to you as follows.

get-a-dog-to-receive-a-babysitterGet a Dog To Receive a Babysitter

Dogs are built-in playmate and babysitter. Doggies are fond of children and kids like the canines. That’s a fact. And for any smaller children, throwing a ball around can be fun enough. However, possessing a furry mate jumping around to catch the ball can make more pleasure.

You also should get a dog when you need a babe magnet. Single dog bearers has chance to get attention from owning a very cute or too ugly pooch. However, put our hands on our hearts, any heed is beneficial than no getting attention at all. The dog parks or seashores are excellent areas to meet different single canine owners as well.

Don’t Forget the Household Benefits

You want to do the sweep, mop and vacuum the floor on fewer occasions? Then, simply, get a dog. Something edible or drinkable has fallen on the ground often will not remain for a while. Therefore, the cleanup action is rarely fallen upon you

Any meals don’t proceed to waste. When you produce room within your fridge or attempting to pick leftovers that you’ve got already eaten 48 hours repeatedly, canines are incredibly handy. They don’t just not mind consuming your leftovers. They are going to look at you even with “No more?” face.

Get a Canine for Entertainment

Light reflexion from watches or mirrors as well as laser lights are actually excellent for a long-time high jinks. When you get a dog, you have no idea how lofty your four-legged friend can leap, spin in circles or climb a wall. That measly little light encourages him to catch it. Even in the end, it might turn out you hide a jumping champion.

You get out with the household trash more frequently. You know why? If you neglect to do that, your helpful doggie does it. But, I think the result won’t win your approval: s/he prefers to take it outside piece by piece!

Developing Your Natural Science Knowledge

Dogs revive your interest towards science and anatomy. Earlier than you’ve noticed your pet poop out a shoestring or complete crayon, the functioning of the digestive system is escaped your attention totally. Becoming a canine proprietor supplies you with some interest in poop you didn’t get from other sources.

When you get a dog, your imagination will be developed. You won’t ever imagine what your tiny puppy is capable of doing in not so much time than it takes you to bathe or run to the grocery store for a piece of chase.

In no time, little doggies can reach superb heights. And they may eat abundant quantities of non-consumable materials, including closet doors.

You learn to distinguish canine gas from human gas. That’s right that neither smells pleasant. But, once you bring home a dog; it will be possible for you to tell immediately which family member put it in the air. As soon as your doggie gets up and leaves, you recognize it will be a nasty one.

Bottom Line

My Friend! In my opinion, the dog is a feeling of life. As they say there are two kinds of people; who has a dog and who will get in future. Or, you can live without a dog, but what’s the point? When you get a dog, you’re feeling beloved. Canines will always be pleased to see you; they might do anything to cause joy for you. What is more, they will be grateful for your slightest gesture. Just bear in mind this on the next occasion you discover your trash ripped up.

So long,

Alex Sparrow