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Can You Give Raw Eggs For Your Dogs?

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I got these questions recently:

“Hi Alex, I have been wondering if it were healthy to give my dog raw eggs mixed in his food. Somewhere I read that this was a great way to supplement his diet with extra protein, but recently, I have read more reports online that dogs cannot actually digest the white part of a raw egg.

My question is, what if you give a dog a partially cooked egg? Since you have actually started the digestion process by cooking, can they complete this process? I own two dogs, an Irish Setter and a Brittany Spaniel. They both love fried eggs with a slice of crisp bacon. Will this harm them in any way?
Ben, these are good questions, congratulations!

raw eggsFirst of all, I’m convinced you want to supply the high level care and attention to your dogs. Secondly, the topic of giving fresh eggs for dogs holds several misapprehensions and myths.

One camp of dog owners believes that it is still not advisable to give your dogs partially cooked eggs. They hold that raw eggs, whether partly cooked or not, may cause problems with diarrhea and possibly give your dog salmonella.

It appears frequently that the poor egg usually lands in the waste as a hazardous meal for canines. That’s right that there are a lot of foods, which can be unsafe for your household dogs. However, the healthy egg is not one of them.

Those who have opponent standpoint say that eggs contain much cholesterol. Furthermore, they hold the danger of salmonella plus can cause the shortage of biotin. But, these make no sense if we take the egg’s elements.

What the Raw Eggs Contain?

A raw egg is perfect for dogs; it’s a complete protein source (only the breast milk is more perfect than it). All essential amino acid found in it, and their digestibility are 100%.

An average egg contains 6.3 g piece of protein – is equivalent with 300 g beef / chicken meat protein content. It also comprises 6.1 g of fat, 915.6 grams of Omega-6 and 17.1 g Omega-3 fatty acids. The carbohydrate content is negligible.

In fact, the egg provides the benchmark of judging protein. Comparison: the egg protein content is 100, while the fish 92, the beef 78, soybean protein content 67, the meat and bone – with the wheat – 50, and finally the protein content of corn is 45.

As you can see, eggs aren’t simply an inexpensive and secure supply of raw foods to your canines. Moreover, they’re probably the most entire and nutritious food you may select!

The Salmonella Problem

It adheres to the view that raw egg = Salmonella infection, especially in the hot sun. And you can read such an information online that the potential risk of contamination of fresh egg presents itself in dog feeding.

Let’s look at the issue objectively.

Some of the vets don’t recommend feeding raw eggs because of the risk of infection. At the same time, the BARF-believers say that healthy dog’s immune system is much more effective at fighting the salmonella bacteria than human, so they do not get sick.

Common sense: you obtain a fresh hen’s eggs from reliable sources and store under appropriate conditions. So any pathogen can be found only on the outer shell, not inside the egg.

About Biotin Deficiency

Biotin is a type of B vitamin and is essential for cellular development of the musculature. Plus it helps the metabolism of fatty acids as well as important in the respect of healthy skin and coat.

The lack of Biotin is fairly uncommon. Plus, it would necessary a great deal of eggs to generate a deficiency. Furthermore, egg yolks contain huge amount of biotin. Consequently, as long as you provide the complete egg, the worry is unnecessary.

My Egg Feeding Method

* Our dogs use to get two fresh eggs as a dessert once weekly.

* After bringing home the eggs, I wash and rinse them thoroughly.

* Next I dried the eggs and put them into the fridge.

* When the administer-time arrived, they get it completely and uncooked.


I didn’t have any salmonella-sick dog in my life. Furthermore, I often go to dog shows, and many owners tell me about their animal’s supplemented diet with raw eggs. If you look at a dog’s fur that receives eggs from time to time, the brilliance speaks for itself.

All the best,

Alex Sparrow

Dog Biscuit – Healthy and Tasty Dietary Supplement

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dog biscuitYears over years of research have been dedicated to the advancement within the pet food industry. This only goes to show that earning a net profit of $25 billion a year is indeed worth it. In fact, most veterinarians agree that the longevity and the overall well-being of pets have been increased subsequently after the introduction of high-quality dog foods and dog biscuit.

Dog Food Types

As you may know, there are two main types of dog food products – the dry dog foods and the wet dog foods. The most widespread example of dried dog food products is the canine biscuit. I also use them as complementary and motivational supplement within the meals.

Wet dog foods are commonly found in cans on the market. As their title suggests they contain a certain percentage of liquid component besides meat products. One more difference between the two is the price; you should pay more for it than for dry foods.

Both variants of dog food products have to their own market and specifically cater to the particular needs of your doggie. As far as veterinarians and pet owners are concerned, each dog has different nutritional needs, and every dog has distinct taste preferences.

Both dry and wet pet food products may serve as regular heavy meals for dog. Dogs, unlike human beings, only eat once or twice a day. Most dogs even prefer to eat one meal a day. For this reason, pet owners are prompted to give doggy treats and snack to nibble on.

Dog Biscuit Is In Demand

Among all the dog treats available in the local pet store, dog biscuit is the bestseller. Not exclusively, as it is shaped into a neat small dog bone figure. The reason is more prosaic; this product is a healthy snack considered by people than the very commercialized treats one supplies his canine.

Furthermore, for your furry friend, caring might imply giving them the optimal dietary food regimen you’re able. Of course, you might offer him probably the most juicy meal daily. But it may happen you aren’t sure that is a balanced, nutritious food? In the off chance, you continue to be doubtful.

Dog biscuit is also one way to ensure the right distribution of its nutritive values. That’s help in case your dogs aren’t eating a balanced meal regularly. This little biscuit is packed with all the vitamins and minerals essential for your pet’s appropriate development and growth.

I know, it may not seem very obvious at first glance, but a dog biscuit is not only made to be a subtle reward for a job well done. A pat can do just about that. Instead this cracknel is an unconscious way of giving them proper nutrition.

Places You Buy

The biscuits can be found in some supermarkets. However, when it comes to breads and pastries and other treats for dogs, this kind of dog food is usually found in dog bakeries. This kind of bread shop that sells biscuits and other treats may be situated in areas where dog-lovers and dogs are concentrated.

Three Dog Bakery is considered to be the first dog bakery established in America and in the world. Various retail stores that sell biscuits, breads and other treats can be found in various states of America. Branches of this dog bakery can also be found in Canada and Japan.

These biscuits cannot only be made by those establishments. Even dog-lovers can obtain recipes for baking a dog-biscuit. You may consult a pet adviser such as a veterinarian or may search the Internet to acquire biscuit recipes.

Dog Cookie Ingredients

This type of biscuit could contain the standard components belonging to biscuit for human eating. And, the biscuit for dogs doesn’t come with uncooked supplies. Namely, that type of ingredients might be risky to dogs potentially.

This aspect should be known by dog fans who wish to make cookies for their favorites. A few substances usually applied to baked products in special bakeries might not be combined into dog biscuits.

Lots of animal-lover individuals wish to make do-it-yourself biscuits. They should pay attention to familiarity with components when baking self-made dog food.

Prevent Your Dog’s Health

I’d suggest you to confer with your veterinarian. S/he can assist you get information about some substances of baked foods. That’s necessary to avoid causing harmful effects on your dog’s health. You could look for canine biscuit recipes in several cook books, for example. And there are online portals, which offer recipes of a biscuit for dogs.

Every dog owner would want to give the best care possible. My friend, for your canine, the care could imply providing him the optimal and nutritious food regimen. Of course, you might feed him the most juicy meal daily. But chances are you aren’t certain that is a balanced food plan, rightl? If you’re in doubt yet, then you can grab a pack of dog biscuit for minor supplementation.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Three Dog Bakery – First Of Its Kind of Facility

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Three Dog Bakery - biscuitsIn the year of 1989, there were three dogs named Dottie, Gracie, and Sarah. They weren’t alone because, they shared their companion with two guys, Mark Beckloff and Dan Dye. They all joined forces to form the now renowned Three Dog Bakery. Ah, don’t forget a biscuit cutter worth 59 cents.

Popularity of Dog Treats

As I experience, most of the dog owners these days supply their canine friends with dog treats just to show how much they care for them. And because of that particular reason, dog biscuits have become one of the most popular treats for canines today.

Dog biscuits are hard biscuits similar to the biscuits are favorite for humans. Lots of pet owners these days buy commercial dog biscuits for their furry friends, including myself. However, the quality of the dog biscuits that are available in the market these days are distinct.

And that is much depending on the manufacturer of these products, in my opinion. And here came the above mentioned two people into the picture. They ‘thought otherwise’ – so to speak. They started out with a significant purpose, to save a partially blind, deaf and anorexic Great Dane bearing the name Gracie.

Tree Dog Bakery Founded

Three Dog Bakery is the first ever bakery exclusive for dogs. The duo went through several trials and errors. Finally, both Dan and Mark managed to come up with healthy dog food and treat out of everyday, not artificial ingredients.

They used components such as wheat flour, fruits, peanut butter, vegetables and honey. This two men then produced oven baked, all natural dog food and treats. Soon after, together with Gracie’s sisters, Dottie and Sarah Jean, and along with their other furry friends, were enjoying the fresh tastes of natural treats from Dan and Mark.

Those special treats were not only pleasing but also healthy for the canines. So, the responses from both people and dogs were overwhelming and created quite a wonderful stir in Kansas City. And eventually, Dan and Mark welcomed delivery orders across their hometown paving the way for the original dog bakery, Three Dog Bakery.

Mission of Tree Dog Bakery

The Three Dog Bakery carried one simple mission: to bake fresh world-class foods and treat for canines. Their wholesome and very natural ingredients are certified to be free of any harmful chemicals. Therefore, didn’t contain artificial flavors, preservatives or colorings.

Mark and Dan were oven-baked their products gradually to make delicious and naturally flavored aromas. The opening of Three Dog Bakery changed the way dogs were fed. Pet owners have lots of options now when it comes to dog foods.

And the dogs sure loved the way things were changing. It is not surprising to see pleased doggie, meal after a meal. With Three Dog Bakery, dog foods are getting more natural, wherein your pets are saved from too much commercialism and harmful toxins.


Since the year it opened, Three Dog Bakery has expanded and grown so much. It has now many franchise scattered across the globe, from the United States to the Asian and European regions.

Dog Recipe Books, along with other healthy dog products are immensely flowing to dog lover consumers. The bakery’s products have been through honing and meticulous changes all through the years, adding only the finest ingredients enough to tantalize every dog’ palate.

My Recommendation

With the continuous abundance of such a natural dog treats, it is just as imperative that pet owners watch over their dog’s weight gain and overfeeding issues. Fat content and caloric intake must be well guarded. If you notice your pet gaining some weight, it helps to check on food labels if your pet is getting what it needs.

My Friend, out of any yummy treats, dog obesity is the pitfall. Thus, watching your dog’s weight, as well as the food it ate, will surely be advantageous. Your pet may be getting healthy treats. Still, these foods add a certain degree of calories and fats. Ensure you provide the right nutritional needs to your pets, and the appropriate amount of such nutrients too.


I think; Tree Dog Bakery did a great job by changing the dog treat’s manufacturing process. We dog owners, are bearing the responsibility to choice the appropriate rewards for our furry pals. Anyway, what kind of dog treats you use?

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Choose Dog Treats Fit for Train Your Doggy


dog treatsIn my view, training your canine needs two things at all events; a good deal of patience and the yummy dog treats. You will find a big selection of nutritious and mouthwatering treats out there. It is essential to compensate your animal for a job properly done. Teaching your doggy with positive reinforcement will amplify your favorite’s training. And it gives motivation your dog to do his or her best.

Well, at this point the question appears; what kind of dog treats are fit for teaching your canine? When I questioned several dog owners about, I noticed based on responses they use different treats. Some people follow their own ideas; others ask me what I recommend? So we are here…

Whereas selecting training treats for your fur-ball, pick the ones which are relatively little and simple to eat. I’d say, you obtain those which taste intense and are also clearly-colored. Why? Since the dogs prefer these attributes in treats, as I experienced during trainings.

Everybody prefers to be recognized for the good attitude. That’s completely normal. But, why would our family dogs be excluded from this? Praising and giving treats are devices that work effectively for constructive dog training.

But, there are particular guidelines wise to remember when applying dog treats in teaching. I mean by this that you, the owner, will get the desired response from your canine this way. Otherwise, it may happen that you will be manipulated by your doggy in doling out a goody each time s/he desires to obtain a reaction.


Constructive reinforcement training by way of treats is a fact of life trainers generally utilize. Sure, the method is exactly so simple as it seems. However, there are specific pointers, which need to be adopted earlier than your cute Poodle begins ruling your family with an iron paw (figuratively).

When to Give

he treats must be given within a while of achieved response. If you do not so, then your dog won’t be able to associate it to his response that is currently being evaluated.

Give Short Commands

Canines will not comprehend lengthy sentences. Avoid saying “Fido I know you are a fantastic boy. So, I want you to lie for me here.” All that you’d draw from Fido will be an indifferent gaze. Keep your commands brief like ‘come’, ‘sit’, ‘lie’ etc.


All person in your household have to use the identical command, in any other case your four-legged friend might get confused. Rather than getting positive conduct, you would surely have your doggy behaving in a totally reverse way. Not that should be his or her fault. Or that s/he’s performing on objective, s/he’s simply not experiencing the correct cue from you.

Cease Treats Progressively

Commence with treating your dog 4 out of five times. Then cease those to three, two, and one time. So be the stuff lastly as a periodic treat. This approach of dog teaching is essential to forestall your animal from becoming accustomed to treats.

Furthermore, this decreases the probability of your dog getting pissed off soon after this product is stopped away from applied abruptly.

Desired Attributes of Dog Treats in Training

Of course, the treats are one among the rewards you can provide your canine to influence its habits. However, as regards to the training there are particular aspects also to consider while picking the treats for your furry friend. Let’s discuss over these in turn:


Questioning that coloration is related to your animal training treats? Effectively, yes. Namely, in the majority of professional canine training, the flooring of these facilities is often darkish in color. So, the treats must be bright to ensure that the dogs could easily see those when they obtained those.


My friend, put your hands to your heart would not you get bored in case you got a slice of pizza each time for a well-performed work? Undoubtedly, identical is with your fur ball friend too. Have a wide range of treats taking place, so these preserve your pet motivated for each expected behavior.


You certainly don’t desire your animal to sit down and sustain chewing the treat. In case the treat is tough and chewy, your canine’s attention could be more on ending off his treat instead consort it with his positive conduct which continues to be rewarded.


In our treats’ buying habits, we frequently are inclined to put our canine’s well-being at hazard. I mean by giving dining table leftovers may fit fantastic occasionally. Yet this periodical act could also be dangerous for small canines, since this might lead to weight problems plus other health complications in them.

Therefore, I advise you to try to provide your favorite pet treats comes from natural source. This may be produced from organic ingredients at your home as well.


Training treats ought to be little enough so they are usually consumed quickly. Simply because you wish to reward your dog with one thing additional to produce a specialized job, doesn’t imply that you get a huge treat.

This can take his or her interest faraway from linking the treats to a positive response, similar to a tiring and chewy treat does. Preferably, give him or her a few small treats for their clever job.


No doubt, diverse canines have been liking for various tastes. You should find out the taste your favorite will be probably fond of. Dogs typically like an intense tasting canine treats to consume. Pet stores offer you an abundance brand. But, I’d say, do not compromise on something wholesome whereas you finding the ones having a strong flavor.


Dog treats are one of the tools the dog training professionals use for a number of years now. The reward is particularly the thing that every canine understands. And it also can be simply applied to alter your family dog’s habits. To achieve a good result in dog training you just have to pay attention to choose and portion them wisely. 

Talk soon,

Alex Sparrow

How to Weaning Puppies From Their Mother Properly

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weaning puppies from motherThose of you, who already raised a child, know how the child-rearing process works. I would say – being without profane – that the puppy raising is very similar to that. Just like in the case of human babies, іt’ѕ important tо understand thе right way tо weaning puppies. Thіѕ іѕ bесаuѕе уоu have tо begin to feeding thеm real food аnd nоt just survived on momma’s milk.

As an existing father and a former breeder, I know you need to invest some work and effort when you’re raising a puppy litter. Just think over the situation; the mother dog is exhausted after giving birth. And if you’re a liable dog owner, you’re in the fatigued condition as well.

Possible Reasons of Tiredness

Imagine, as the whelping is approaching your dog may show lethargy, and makes excessive cleansing on her. Her stomach turn into be swollen and harder instead of mild. Her nipples could become pretty large rapidly. Helping your female dog to engender offspring is a gorgeous experience anyway.

And you have to observe the signs of the birthing continuously. For instance, you have to measure the mother dog’s temperature thrice daily. Your birthing female can refuse to take meals, additionally she prepares a puppy nest. And your veterinarian is arriving at this point as consulted before.

And when the whelping happen, you should pay special attention to ensure everything is going to go smoothly. Each delivery is different and can bring some unexpected event. For example, it’s frequent that pushed headed dogs like Boxers or Boston Terriers requires cesarean sectio. (Reason is the puppy’s large head against the mother dog’s narrow pelvis.)

Postpartum Situation

And, let’s say, birthing finished problem free. But, you cannot relax completely, because raising the litter also requires your attention and effort continuously. Your goal is to raise healthy puppies, which develop into wholesome adult animals. And the feeding is an important element in that.

Weaning уоur puppies frоm thеіr mother іѕ аn important step іn puppy development аnd care. Many people often wonder how tо wean puppies, еѕресіаllу, іf thеу аrе caring fоr а litter fоr thе first time. Lеt uѕ go thrоugh thе following guide аnd understand thе right way tо wean puppies frоm thеіr mother.

Whеn tо Start the Process

In my experience, puppies tend tо start nursing immediately after birth. A few tend tо nurse after 2 tо 3 hours оf birth. Thіѕ first nursing іѕ very important fоr аll puppies аѕ thеу get thе required antibodies frоm thеіr mothers colostrum.

Thеѕе antibodies help keep thеіr bodies away frоm many dog illnesses. Yоu wіll observe thаt thе puppies tend tо feel hungry аnd want tо nurse еvеrу two hours during thеіr first week оf life. Gradually, thеу tend tо nurse еvеrу 3 hours bу thе еnd оf second week.

And thеn they nurse after еvеrу four hours bу thе third week. Thе mother wіll lick thе puppies аrоund thеіr genitals аnd anus after thеу have nursed. Thіѕ process helps stimulate urination аnd bowel movements іn puppies.


Hоwеvеr, most оf thе breeders need tо give away thе puppies fоr adoption. Thіѕ іѕ thе reason thеу аrе interested іn learning thе correct time tо wean pups. It іѕ а process whеrе thе puppies аrе gradually taught tо start eating solid food аnd stop drinking thеіr mother’s milk аѕ thеіr primary food.

Of course, many breeders argue weaning аt 4 weeks іѕ а better idea аnd ѕоmе feel weaning аt 6 weeks wіll prove tо bе а better choice health wise. I’d say if weaned tоо early tends tо have а negative impact оn thеіr health.

Thеіr digestive system іѕ nоt уеt fully developed tо handle solid food. Thіѕ іѕ whу thе right time tо wean puppies frоm thеіr mother іѕ considered tо bе three weeks. Thіѕ process аt 4 weeks оr even sooner аt 3 weeks requires а lot оf planning.

Thіѕ іѕ bесаuѕе thеу do nоt get thе required amounts оf nutrients frоm thеіr mother’s milk. Thіѕ makes thеm vulnerable tо infections like parvo virus infection. Lеt uѕ have а look аt how tо wean puppies thе right way.

Weaning Puppies Right Way

I used to follow this practice. Once уоu know thе right age, уоu need tо understand thе process. Yоu ѕhоuld begin tо keep puppies away frоm thеіr mother. Keep thеm away frоm thеіr mother аbоut 1 hour bеfоrе іt іѕ time fоr thеm tо feed.

Thіѕ wіll make thеm hungry аnd thеу wіll try tо eat thе semi solid food уоu place near thеm. Start wіth semi-solid food аѕ іt wіll bе easier tо swallow аnd thеn digest. Place very little оf thе food іn а shallow dish аnd уоu wіll find most оf thеm hungrily gobble іt uр.

If а few аrе still apprehensive оr averse tо eating, thеn try tо encourage thеm tо eat lovingly. Place а bit оf thе food near thеіr noses оr оn thе tip оf thе tongue. Soon, thеу tоо wіll catch uр wіth thеіr brothers аnd sisters.

After thе puppies have eaten, bring thеm near thеіr mother. Shе wіll clean thеm uр аnd finish thе left оvеr food. Your puppies mау make а mess аrоund thеm whіlе eating dog food. Thеrеfore, make sure уоu place оld newspapers оn thе floor.

Thіѕ іѕ bесаuѕе thеу wіll try tо suckle thе food like thеу dіd whеn drinking milk. Thеу still dоn’t know thе concept оf eating аnd wіll take time tо understand thе right way оf eating solid food. You begin tо decrease thе amount оf water іn thе food gradually.


Sо, bу thе еnd оf 6 weeks, уоur puppies wіll happily bе munching uроn solid kibbles. I use to ‘mantra’ that you should go slow here. Do nоt try tо hasten thе process, оr уоu wіll еnd uр wіth а few puppies wіth upset tummies. Thе right way tо weaning puppies іѕ tо gradually decrease thе amount оf food given tо thе mother аnd increase thе amount оf food given tо thе puppies.

Thіѕ wіll make thе mother produce less milk аnd make thе puppies eat more solid food thаn milk. Make sure уоu ask thе breeder аbоut how tо weaning puppies аnd help уоur pups dig thеіr teeth into solid food.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

News: Voluntary Dog Food Recall Due to Foreign Material

dog-food-recallThe Mars Petcare US announced the extension associated with an earlier voluntary dog food recall of PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition dry pet food products, at Aug.31 2014. Reason is the possibility of a foreign material presence in these productions. The Mars Petcare US volunteer recalling action impacts 22 bags were transported to Dollar General throughout 12 shops in four U.S. states.

But, now the recall has been extended to the 55-pound sacks of PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food merchandise bought in Sam’s Club in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

This recall is currently being extended to Sam’s Club within the U.S. as a result of a few of the impacted production lot was initially intended to be kept in stocktaking. However, was as an alternative launched to customers. That has made necessary for the extension of the recall.

The company is confident there are no other packages or retailers are addressed by this dog food recall.

The sacks might comprise small metallic fragments, that could have come into the packages through the manufacturing process. The foreign material is just not embedded in the food items itself, but might involve a hazard of harm if consumed.

The company encourages the customers who’ve bought the affected product to get rid of the food or send it back to the retailer for getting a complete repayment or exchange. The Mars Petcare US hasn’t gotten any reports of harm or sickness related to the impacted product.

The lot codes specified beneath shouldn’t be sold or consumed.

Mars Petcare US is collaborating with both Sam’s Club and Dollar General to make sure that the recalled merchandises are no longer offered and therefore, are removed from inventory. The facility producing line where this product was manufactured for each retailer continues to be close down until this matter is cleared up.

Items Affected by the Dog Food Recall

This voluntary dog food recall has the impact on two packages purchased in the United States only. There is no other PEDIGREE® merchandise is affected, included every other sort of dry pet food, moist dog food or canine treats. The affected packages are:

* 55-pound sacks of PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food offered at Sam’s Club in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio with the manufacturing code visible beneath only. The fifty five-pound bags should have a lot code branded on the back of the sack close to the UPC code that reads 432E1KKM03 plus the Best Before date of 8/7/15.

* 15-pound sacks of PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food offered at Dollar General in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee with the manufacturing code visible beneath only. The 15-pound bags should have a lot code branded on the back of the sack close to the UPC code that reads 432C1KKM03 along with the Best Before the date of 8/5/15.

UPC                DESCRIPTION

23100 10944 PEDIGREE® Brand Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food in 15 pound bags

23100 10731 PEDIGREE® Brand Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food in 55 pound bags

“At Mars Petcare US, we take our responsibility to pets and their owners seriously. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this recall. Pet owners who have questions about the recall should call 1-800-305-5206 or visit

*Affected product would have been sold in Sam’s Club stores in these U.S. cities:

Comstock Park

and Dollar General Stores in these U.S. cities:

Baton Rouge

SOURCE Mars Petcare US


Dog Biscuit Recipes – All Ingredients Are Healthy?

Hi Everyone,

When it comes to dog feeding, the dry dog food and wet dog food are familiar for every dog owner. Both variants of dog food products cater to their own market and specifically cater to the particular needs of your dog. One of the most delicious examples of dry dog food products made a la different dog biscuit recipes.

As all of us know, to sustain a living organism is necessary to consuming some meal. This applies not only to humans but also to animals. Both dry and wet dog food products may serve as regular main meals for canines. As far as veterinarians and responsible pet owners are concerned, each dog has different nutritional needs.

What Is Dog Biscuit Actually?

crackers-made-a-la-dog-biscuit-recipesAnd every doggie has distinct taste preferences, as I experienced since spend my time with them. Canines, unlike human beings, only eat once or twice a day. Most pooches even prefer to eat one meal a day. For this reason, pet owners are prompted to give their animals doggy treats to nibble and snack on.

Among all the canine treats available in the local pet store, dog cookies are the bestseller. Not only, because it is molded into cute, little doggy-bone form. It’s a more profound reason considered to be a very healthy snack compared to the too commercialized treats that you readily give them.

One of the ways for caring your furry-friends is to provide them with nutritional pet foods. Dog biscuit is one of the foods that can be given to your four-legged pals, and they eat with relish. Canine biscuits that contain healthy and allergen-free ingredients can provide them with the needed nutrients for their energy.

Canines Love to Eat Dog Biscuit

This kind of bread products can be acquired at dog bakeries. Some establishments from various locations may also include suchlike biscuits in their offers. It can contain ingredients that are similarly found in the recipes used in typical bread and pastries in humans.

Thus, most dog biscuits, if not all, may also be consumed by humans. Now I expose myself and confess I used to taste them before giving to my dogs. My dogs love their treats, especially if their master’s home-made biscuit is concerned like on the picture above.

It does not matter if your product is less perfect, dogs are not so picky typically. They usually do not mind when a cookie is too hard, or soft, as well as has an unsalted flavor. Besides, it is advisable administering the salt carefully.

Ingredients Must Be Healthy in Dog Biscuit Recipes

Dog crackers may have the typical ingredients of a biscuit for human consumption. However, this kind does not include raw materials that are potentially hazardous to dogs. This should be noted by pet lovers who want to bake dog biscuits for their favorites.

Some ingredients normally used in baked goodies in typical bakeries may not be suited to integrate in dog biscuits. For dog-lover people who want to create homemade dog cookies, it is important to integrate knowledge of ingredients in baking the dog food.

You may consult your veterinarian to help you gain knowledge about some foods and ingredients of baked goods that can provide harmful effects to your four-legged friend. You may seek for dog biscuit recipes in some cook books. Some online sites that provide recipes on dog cracker can also be found.

Dog Cracker Recipes

For example, I found that is one of the online sites where dog biscuit recipes can be discovered. You may find a wide range of recipes for your canines on their website. Recipes for basic dog treat, and beefy biscuits equally occurred on there.

Recipes of dog biscuit that have meat or dairy ingredients or are mostly vegetarian can be searched online. Experimenting ingredients for integration in dog foods may be good if you want to diversify the baked products for your furry mate.

Avoid Toxic Food Ingredients

It may be interesting and even helpful as long as you know that the raw materials for your baked treats are safe and nutritious for canine consumption. Healthy dog biscuit recipes should not include ingredients that are toxic foods for dogs. They may include chocolate, cocoa, coffee, onions, mushrooms, grapes or raisins.

Some of these foods can bring fatal effects to dogs if they are induced or are included in the dog biscuit recipes. It would also be important to check the ingredients found at the packaging of canine foods. It is also relevant to seek for expert advice from animal doctors with regards to dog safety in the contents of dog biscuit recipes.

Every dog owner would want to provide the best care possible. And for dogs, caring would readily mean feeding them the finest nutritional diet you can. You may give him the most luscious meal each day, but are you sure that it is a balanced diet meal? Just in case you still are in doubt, you can grab a pack of dog biscuits for minor supplementation.

But I would warn you. Please, do not overdo your pet’s indulgence with dog biscuit. If your canine became well accustomed to the dog cracker made by dog biscuit recipes, chances are he will want to eat that only instead of the ‘normal’ food. And that can easily lead to obesity. And as we know, that is not the base of the long and healthy life, right? 🙂

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Rawhide Dog Treats – Useful or Harm

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chewing rawhide dog treats

By nature, dogs are chewing animals. It’s in their instinct to chew on something, for instance, the rawhide dog treats. Chewing strengthens dogs’ gums, cleans the teeth, and regulates your dog’s digestive juices. Dogs are also carnivorous animals, which explains why in the wild, they can consume an entire hunt. The dogs in those circumstances eat everything; together the stomach content, meat, bone and skin of their prey.

On the other hand, some domesticated dogs aren’t very avid chewers. Reasons can be several puppies have underdeveloped jaw muscles and teeth, or shorter attention span. Thus, crunchy or munchy rawhide dog treats become their perfect companions.

Material of Rawhide Dog Treats Made From

Crunchy or munchy rawhide canine treats bought from reputable manufacturers will be a “natural product” that contains nothing but rawhide bits pressed into a desired shape with tapioca binder to maintain the shape.

As you may guess from the name, the rawhide treats are derived from the interior layer of hides of horse or cow. Throughout the preparation process, they cleaned the hides and cut or ground them. The rawhide is ground into fine “powdered form” and moistened using water.

Then it is colored using food-grade coloring, mixed with the tapioca as its binder, and extruded into desired shapes. It’s then baked till firm, or allowed to dry.

They are producing various sizes and shapes of rawhide dog treats. To ensure they remain more appealing for your furry friend, producers are adding some beef, liver or rooster flavorings to the rawhide treats.

The Usefulness of Rawhide

rawhide dog treats

I don’t remember such a dog that didn’t enjoy chewing on something, mainly in their puppy hood. That’s their natural instinct. A few may even spend hours chewing each day. Chewing can give your furry pal stimulation as well as assist anxiety relieving.

As I mentioned above, particularly puppies have a predilection for chewing. The rawhide bones as dog treats could be a nice replacement for your leather footwear. And don’t forget listed here the table legs in your dining room as well!

Chewing is also useful in that respect that it retains canines’ jaws sturdy, breathes fresher somewhat and teeth more clean. The dogs which chew frequently on rawhides together with other bones or toys don’t have as much tartar and plaque build-up on their teeth.

Heart and kidney disease, as well as infections can be the result of a dog’s poor dental health – providing bacteria with an environment to get into a dog’s body. Bacteria in their mouths break down the food particles, converting them to excess acid and plaque. As dog’s chew on rawhide, this is moistened and wraps around their teeth, rubbing off calculi and plaque.

Most Common Rawhide Dogs Treat Harms

Contamination. Similarly, to other pet toys, the rawhide dog chews might comprise hint volumes of poisonous chemicals. Furthermore, just like to other foods of pet or human, E. coli or Salmonella contagion may occur. Even people could be in harm when they are touching these micro organisms on rawhide treats.

Indigestion. There are dogs, which are basically allergic or sensitive to rawhide or any other components used of their manufacture. This could create problems like diarrhea, for example. I had seen such a thing before.

Drowning or blockage. Comestible chews like rawhide dog treats together with similar items carry the harm of drowning and blockage. Actually, this can be a more serious danger than digestive irritation or contamination. If your doggie swallows massive parts of rawhide, that may get jammed within the esophagus or another area of their digestive tract.

Considering its dimension and area where that item is found, your vet might be able to take away these pieces pretty simply throughout the throat of your pet. However, it may occur that stomach surgery is required to get rid of that from the intestines or abdomen. Whether it isn’t resolved, your doggie can be dead due to that blockage.

Protecting Your Canine

Discuss your vet about the amount and size is secure to provide your animal. The rule of thumb is the tinier your pet, the less the chews. Particularly, to begin with, offer one for a time only. Then wait 24 hours and observe the response of your dog’s intestinal system.

I use to detach my canine from other household pets to ensure relax during chewing. This manner, my dog will be not as likely to gulp massive items in whole. Implementing this could be particularly vital when you have a canine which is quite territorial relating food.

You need to provide various kinds of rawhide; however, solely if you are able to supervise the chewing process. You should figure out the way your animal is dealing with the given treat. Is it swallowing huge items? Is it beginning to choke or gag? If that’s the case, get the treat away and consult with your vet about other kinds of rawhide or chewing toys or treats.

You should take the rawhide canine treat away from your animal after it is sufficiently small to swallow in a whole. It may happen that it is difficult to achieve your dog to pass up the rawhide chew. Then you can ask him to sit down after which you supply a different sort of treat.

My Addition

I also use to supply rawhide treat to my dogs occasionally. At present, I’ve an eight years-old dog and a puppy being in her four months of age. Three days ago, I provided a rawhide treat to them while I separated the young from the older. And I observed as the 22 pounds of puppy chewed on it until I removed the residue to prevent swallowing.

I’m aware, rawhide dog treats are not actually food. They’re safe chew-able products under your supervising. It’s generally eighty to eighty-five percent protein, ten to twelve percent moisture and fiber, and one to two percent fat. Rawhide is high-protein and low fat, compared to pork skin products that you’d give your dogs.

An hour or two of “daily” chewing is adequate. Rawhide dog treats are not only beneficial to your dog’s dental and behavioral aspects. But, your canines will surely enjoy the healthier chewing treat they get.

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Make Dog Food Comparison Chart – Worth It

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Why making a Dog Food Comparison Cart is necessary and how you can use it – that’s we will discuss today. Without doubt, the dogs are one of the two most frequently kept home favorite nowadays. The proverb just reinforces this: “The dog is man’s best friend.” The canines are loving, playful, cute, and largely loyal living beings, which might be excellent for individuals who need safety along with companionship.

This explains why there are many dog enthusiasts and fans in our present time. The majority of individuals who have canines supply their dog friends with the imaginable best they could. They return this way the true connection, loyalty and concern that animal gives them. Offering to these home pets high-quality and healthy foods is only one among the several.

Importance of Making a Dog Food Comparison Cart

In case you’re one of many numerous dog fanatics like me, chances are you’ll know already that your best choice to supply meals to your four-legged friend is by providing them with food designed for them contrary to leftovers and table scraps. But, you might also are aware that there is a large amount of dog food brands and manufacturers on the market nowadays.

This has several advantages, but it has at least as many drawbacks as well. Why do I say this? Well, it may be fairly complicated choosing a specific dog food simply for your household doggie.

Imagine, if you wish to supply your canine with the best pet food, you couldn’t do that without become puzzled with pet food brands on today’s market. Therefore, to compile a dog food comparison chart is your optimal choice to achieve your goal.

The Cart Making Process

Making dog food comparison chart is a great technique of figuring out which kind or model of canine foods is perfect for your furry mate. It may even determine which manufacturer brand contains more nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial when it comes to your dogs.

You may wish to create a dog food comparability chart to find out which pet food model works for your pet effectively. What to do after the decision? Well, you just have to study rigorously and fully comprehend what was founded on the label of a certain pet food product’s package.

You need to be certain that the dog food producer’s model you’ve surveyed on is composed of top quality and healthy substances. Moreover, you put into deliberation in your pet-food comparison chart the price and packaging of that pet food brand always.

Here is a sample what your dog food comparison cart should contained. To see it you hold Ctrl button and click the blue ‘a sample’ words

Important Remark

You’ll find brands are more expensive due to the fact they include extra nourishment to your household doggie. But, just remember that being costly to don’t mean necessarily that it benefits your canine. Imagine you will pay more dollars to get a Gucci shoe than for another excellent but fewer fancy brands.

This also applies for the dog food, too. There are a number of manufacturers’ model, which could cost more than another brands with the similar health advantages. That’s due to the merchandise mark of their label – which means you’re shopping for the name not what’s inside the package.

And you know what? Your doggie doesn’t care about the name at all, he appreciates the taste and content only.

Dog Food Comparison Cart Using Possibilities

So, picking up perfect pet food to your furry friend, with compiling a dog food comparison chart earlier your maneuver will be more easier. It doesn’t matter what brand you purchase, there are several methods to spend less. I prefer to take advantage on the following options with using the dog food comparison cart:

A) I buy dog food in large-box stores (they are part of a chain usually). The Consumer Reports generally discovered favorable prices at Walmart and Target than at Petco and PetSmart. Compare costs in all places right before you drive the specialty shops, prices might change frequently.

B) To join to newsletters of brands is my next advice. You also can look at your pet food model’s website. Lots of them provide e-mail newsletters that include dog food coupons.

C) Purchasing specific also belongs to my arsenal. Retailer-model pet food is commonly less costly than other brands. While hand holding the comparison chart, I examine the labels on any store brand package along with a mid-range identified brand. If I realize the similarity in their content’s substances, I’ll lower my expenses taking the generic route.

D) I also use to shop at sales occasions. I mean the large pet shops suchlike Petco and PetSmart publish circulars weekly. However you may come across dog food products on sale at grocery stores and big-box shops as well.

E) And you can stack deals when buying in bulk. Pet food is mostly inexpensive per ounce when you obtain one of the larger bags. But, to avoid wasting the most money, anticipate your model to be available on promotion. Then you get the largest bag attainable with a coupon. This way, you’ll stack the price of per-ounce together with the sale and the coupon discount, of course.

Your Turn: Has the making dog food comparison chart attracted your attention? If so, share it, one of your friends also may benefit from reading. Then add your opinion or proposal into the comments. Thank you!

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Quality Dog Food At a Discount

Hello Dog Lover Folks,

quality-dog-food-finishedA friend of mine lives two blocks away, and she bought a Great Dane dog three years ago. We took a conversation about the quality dog food and its prices after Christmas while walking our dogs. She told me they fed their favorite premium dog food so far and spent hundreds of dollars monthly sometimes. Of course, they were not sorry for the price previously because they love Harry well and gave him everything her husband, and she could.

This includes the fact that they wanted him to consume only the best dog nutrition available. You can imagine how a Great Dane can eat. It turned out from our conversation that they spent a lot of time to research and find another dog food is slightly cheaper but good enough quality.

So, in this article I try to contribute I know on the subject. Of course, you can supplement this with your own experience in the comment section.

Quality Dog Food Is a Requirement

Quality food, on top of feeding, is the most important element to maintain to have a healthy life. This works for all species, human and animals equally. As everyone can realize, pet foods, particularly those developed for dogs became more expensive recently. At least, the dog owners believe this.

The decision that came across with the idea of getting a dog must also be associated with budget since owning dogs can be quite costly. But, you can minimize expenses by going for the discounted necessities such as quality dog food and other equipment. Discount dog food can be purchased from discount shops or pet shops with discount promos on their products.

My Friend, apart from that in previous sentence, bear in mind to choose carefully the right food product. Just because it’s on sale that doesn’t mean you have to grab it immediately. I recommend you to get the discount dog food that you know is suitable for your pet dog. Why do I say this?

What You Should Listen At Dog Food Purchase

Definitely, animals do not share the same digestive tract. Therefore, feeding your dog with just whatever discount dog food can really be disastrous. So, look for proper balance of dog vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates with the other ingredients of your dog’s food in the appropriate rate on the label.

Those are the significant factors to consider in keeping your canine friend healthy all the time. When it comes to feeding your dog, most depends on the processed products compared to the leftover foods. Furthermore, dry or canned dog foods are convenient and ready to give to your hungry four-legged friend.

Dog foods seem to take the biggest share of your pet keeping expenses. That is why, there are pet owners who opted for a discount dog food. One way to save on dog food while at the same time preserving its freshness is to keep it in a proper storage, anyway.

Make sure the material you keep your opened dog food is capable of sustaining its freshness. Storage box for pet foods is an excellent choice to serve the purpose. You can avail such a box from pet stores, the same place that supplies your pet dog’s needs.

Dog Food on a Budget

I do understand, there may be owners for whom the dog food price is a bit tough nowadays. When you have time and cash to conduct the BARF food plan, it’s fine. However, not all dog lover people can afford it. Still, what can you do actually? You ought to do what works best for both, you and your canine.

The discount dog food may offer you appropriate opportunities to buy dog foods at reasonable price. These discounted dog foods also may hold high quality, but you have to check first to be sure about your purchase. You will be able to find good quality dog food for a lower price on the market by spending some time to research.

Additionally, you may try to go into the raw food or homemade dog food route, too. Of course, the latter method requires some time and knowledge to make the best result. Tips are in this video.

My Recommendations

An excellent web site to strive the research is the dog food advisor. They’ve a rating system, so it is simple to view the way in which dog food rates. But, I’d like to warn you. They’re advocates of a grain-free pet food regimen, due to that the higher the point value is, the more costlier the food can be.

Check the label and see if the essential nutrients are present. Please, look for components such as folic acid, ascorbic acid, vitamin supplements and other ingredients are included. If you see these on the label, then you have the right dog food in your hand, and you are lucky to have it at an affordable price.

Discount dog food is a practical move knowing how costly may be raising a puppy, much more than sustain one adult dog. But, expensive or not, what matters is the quality of the food that you are giving your dog. It is not the price after all that makes your dog healthy, but what is in the discount dog food that you are buying. Therefore, I do recommend you go for the discounted rate with a boosted quality.

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