Cease Annoying Dog Habits – Jumping Upon You


As my readers can see, I started a post series about ceasing pesky animal conducts. Last time I dealt with the barking as one of the annoying dog habits. Now, I will discuss about jumping up on people. This is interesting for many, because – sometime – each puppy will be a grownup dog. This will be the point when we don't accept such 'enthusiastic' conducts. This time I gathered together the most effective drugs against jumping up on you.

The Thing Behind of Jumping Up On People

Imagine the following: "Bow-Wow! Hello my dear master! I'm very happy for you!" These thoughts may rotate in your dog's mind when he jumps up on you enthusiastically.

Since most people react to it with a smile, your doggie can leave himself in the belief that people are happy when he expresses greetings this way.

Jumping Up Is One of the Annoying Dog Habits

Yeah! When your dog is little, you're inclined to overlook the jumping up, usually. In other words; you don't prohibit these pesky dog habits, when your small fur ball's do that. Yes indeed!


But, once this doggie is growing and becomes a nice big, strong dog! Then it won't be a joyous thing to jump up on you, right? Imagine as he marks your favorite prom dress… I can almost hear, as  you say 'stupid dog' or something like…

When your four-legged favorite jumps upon individuals, it certainly is an issue. Majority of people don’t love a dog leaping up on them. And, for example, a large animal can knock even an adult not prepared, not just a toddler down. You wish to begin educating your puppy (or adult dog) that this type of habits just isn't acceptable.

Ceasing Method of Dog Jumping

No, I cannot let it go. So, once my canine tries to leap up on me, I refuse to have a look at him at all. The second I'd commit eye contact, he would perceive he gets my heed. Consequently, he is aware of that when he desires my attention, all he needs to do is hop on me.

In addition to not looking at him, I use to don’t provide him any viva voce communication. I don’t snicker and don’t lift up my voice tone. I'm ceasing any verbal contacts with him. I look through him until he calmed down.

I use to avoid having interaction with doggie by touching him, either. And you know what? By pushing him off of you – and also if he leaps upon others – don’t scud to pull him off. He is aware of then that these sort of annoying dog habits will earn you to come and give him connect.

Mistake Dog Owners Make

My friend, I'm not perfect. I also felt into the mistake decades ago. So, when my dog jumped up, I petted him or her. It required some time until I was able to cease this type of behavior. Lesson learned!

So, please, preserve each verbal and bodily contact non-existent. Different individuals will elevate their knee every time their dog jumps. They are assuming that this teaches their animal not to leap up. However, experiences show, it won’t.

Suchlike action results in that if your dog desires your attention, all he requires to do is hop on you. He truly sees your knee just like a connect and godspeed since you’re giving him your heed.

Reward Good Conduct

This behavior turns into a problem, especially if you provide your canine attention. He rapidly learns to cover again his actions. It's a must to stand turning away from him totally. Furthermore, provide him heed solely when he’s standing or sitting in front of you.

In the second, your canine is only sitting or standing in front of you, give him a treat quickly. He’ll figure out how to associate sitting and standing still with acquiring his treat. You need to be enthusiastic in the reward as soon as your dog obeys.

Bottom Line

Jumping up on you can be one of the most annoying dog habits. We, dog owners are responsible not to encourage our dog to behave like that. Ceasing this conduct requires you to harden your heart and ignore your animal. Ignore him totally. It's hard, I know, but try and do it consequently. If he calmed down, then turn to him and praise.

Many successes,


Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow is a nature enthusiastic for more than seven decades. He was writing nearly 400 articles, reports so far about how to live with your dogs harmoniously.
Alex Sparrow