Dog Agility Exercises – Benefit or Harm You?

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Dog agility exercises aren’t unfamiliar for me, since I was a partaker with a Schnauzer in the 70s. With us, they didn’t call it ‘dog agility’ but the obstacle course, at that time. Of course, I know that the official “agility” was initially launched in the UK at Crufts 1978. And the construction of the contest hasn’t modified greatly during the years. Nevertheless, it’s a relatively new type of dog race for many.

What’s It Actually?

One upon a time, a gentleman in England invented some audience entertaining thing. He thought it would be great fun to arrange something similar presentation in the breaks of equestrian show jumping competitions with dogs. That has been a great success of the shows.

And it has evolved into a stand-alone sport of agility over time. Actually, this is an event where the appointed judge is testing the canine’s fitness and obedience. Plus s/he evaluates the handler’s capability to train and control the animal over and through some obstacles.

And, the achievable goal is to fulfill the barriers in the order envisioned by a field judge, so quickly as possible, without error. It’s quick, livid and an excellent sporting event for contestants and viewers equally. And, your furry friend doesn’t need being a pedigree canine to participate.

The dog must be completed its 18 months of age generally. But, of course, this is not enough. The dog has to be adequately prepared for a race by performing much dog agility exercises earlier. And, the trainer should be able to see that and decide on.

Type of Races – Difference Between Them

An agility competition usually consists of two races, namely an agility and a jumping race. The appointed judge works with cooperation of the members of the organizer dog school or kennel club. They will set up a secret course contains 18-22 obstacle standing in the path.

dog agility course

This map must meet all the contestants, while the judge indicated the possible errors to the persons recording the protocol. The time is usually measured by a photocell system.

The zone barriers, the plank, the A-palisade and the swing are built into the agility races’ trajectories too. These are not included into the jumping course. That contains only the pop-up barriers (long jump and viaducts as well), the slalom, the tunnel and the creeping bags.

Crufts, for example, has no prize money at all. But, the winners will all be able to charge lucrative stud fees for having a podium placed dog. Within any show, there are usually a number of “classes” or categories.

Those’re including puppy, junior, limit, open, “best of breed”, “best of group”, “best of show” and alike. However, this will vary from one show to another and from state to state, so you will need to check the local rules.

Root of My Interest for Dog Agility Exercises

As a long-time dog owner and former breeder, I was always fascinated not only to see the best in breed animals. But, I watched with enthusiasm the levels of dog agility competitions that had been achieved. I knew from my own experience that it is fairly straightforward to train a dog to a certain standard.

However, this was a whole new level. Coming from the country I also used to admire at the sheepdog trials. How my grandfather could use a working Mudi dog, to group and lead sheep into a pen. All he ever seemed to use were a few words, those funny whistles or hand signals.

Only when I started to look around did I begin to realize just how many opportunities there are to enter the many competitions. And indeed sort of competitions where some type of dog agility exercises could be used. And, I had heard criticism of these events as being cruel and not normal.

Although, nothing could be further from the truth. I have spent my life with dogs, in one way or another, and dog agility training simply brings out and enhances the very natural behavior of a dog. Just have a look at some of the videos on YouTube.

You’ll see merely how much the dogs are enjoying themselves when they participate in the competitions.

Dog Agility Exercises Are Fun

The competitions for dogs and their owners are both varied and widespread throughout wherever you may live. They will include shows similar to Crufts, but at local and regional levels. Circuit routines with fence jumping, and obstacle disciplines.

Those are always fun to watch, especially when they go wrong. And the dog dancing events being in spreading are fascinating to see as well. All of them are designed for one simple thing, and that is fun – for both the dog and the trainer.

Many dog owners take this very seriously. But, that’s probably driven by the prize money which can be quite lucrative today. What is even more important is that a “top in class” owner can make a lot of money when they take their dog to stud, as they can ask for a substantial fee.

You Also Can Start

You may be wondering by now how to get started with dog agility exercises. My friend, there are many clubs scattered around who cater for this form of dog training. If there is not one local to you, then looking online is your best choice.

There is any number of instructional DVD or videos available depending on what discipline you want to go for.

And here are some basic tips to get you started if dog agility exercises are something that interests you. If you think, your dog has that degree of ability to learn and perform for the public in competitions.

* Always issue clear and precise commands – for example stay, come, sit.

* Keep them short and consistent.

* Practice is the key and you will need a lot of it but focus first on the fundamentals of your dog understanding the basic commands.

* Don’t move to the weaving, or the speed walking until your dog knows how to sit, stay and come, otherwise you will end up very frustrated.

Supplies You Need

You will not simply exercise your dog to tide over particular obstacles. You, furthermore, might want to boost their muscular and cardiovascular status. Supplies of your dog agility exercises need to consist a Frisbee, a few balls, as well as other toys can be useful to hearten lengthy-distance, over the ground games.

You’ll be surprised, but to doing dog agility drill your grooming devices will be handy. Namely, certain physical upkeep duties are beneficial for your furry friend involved in dog agility competition.

For example, your animal’s nails must be trimmed to forestall catching on the barriers plus improving its traction. If your canine may be a breed having eyed covering hairs, you ought to keep it reduce or tied back to optimize your pet’s vision.

My Recommendation

I recommend this sport for those of you who want to move their dog outdoors. Any healthy dog can be practiced this sport. It is possible that you may have felt not too young to the competitive sports. Alternatively, your health doesn’t allow that.

However, dog agility exercises can also be practiced as a hobby, moving on fresh air, spend time with good company. And para-agility exist, where wheelchair tied or visually or mentally impaired people can practice the agility sport. And even the IMCA organizes world championship to them.

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Alex Sparrow

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