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French_Bulldog_with_puppiesHumorously speaking, you may interpret the French Bulldog as a relative of English Bulldog, which struggled with the size challenge. These dogs were ruthless destroyers of different rats, polecats and similar, originally. That trait was one of the pillars of their popularity, no doubt. The other – important – component was when Comte Le Couteulx de Canteleu (1827 – 1910) handed his famous Frenchie kennel to the Paris Zoo.

These dogs spent there thirty years and entertained the audience. That period provided enough time for the general public to get to know and fall in love with this breed.

Temperament of French Bulldog

This type of Bulldog is small – however – considerable in construct with a robust muscular physique. The short straightforward-care coat is fit their balanced personality. The Frenchie enjoys playing, but s/he additionally prefers spending its days lounging on your sofa.

S/he possesses inherent qualities which are simultaneously humorous and mischievous. Thus, this doggie requires living with someone who is a consequent, resolute and tolerant person.

Namely, all these attributions are handy to treat the antics and particular behavior which make this pooch both irritating and glamorous. After all, this dog loves to be the center of the company.

Due to the richly muscled body its gracefulness could rival with a stump. Despite, we cannot say that this trait hinders the Frenchie in any physical activity. Yet, s/he is even lively, and specifically want to move.

Attitude to Strangers

There aren’t things escape their vigilance – unless, of course, if s/he is snoring on the couch. And s/he accepts the stranger with their characteristic enthusiasm, which is rather an invitation to make friends than serious intent to guard house.

The effect of this insistence – due to lack of a better term – might be calling barking. Although the generated sound effects will not be compared to usual dog barking. Yet leads to funny noises, which deserve a separate language definition.

Reason of these acoustic characteristics – obviously – is the short muzzle arrangement. But, it is noteworthy that the excessive salivation is not related to the French Bulldog. That is anyway the unpleasant corollary of the pushed nose, usually.

Connecting to Children

Their world view is mostly similar to the boxers: to play and love (as much as possible)! In this respect the Frenchie is almost second to none. It’s well affectionate to their loved ones, extremely family-centered little creature.

This breed is optimistic about the world around it, and always available for some fooling or fun. The breed specially fond of children. It’s in the fortunate position to bear the rugged creasing well.

Reason is that even the most mischievous urchin can harm earlier a skittle ball than him or her.

Behavior With Other Pets

If they are socialized to them properly throughout puppy-hood, Frenchies show fair conduct towards other canines and cats. However, the overly spoiled species could be jealous of other family dogs.

That’s particularly if the other canines become getting a heed from their very own individual. In similar case, this doggie can be overprotective of his/her people, mainly if the other canines are approaching.

Physical Activity

Of course, s/he cannot surpass the limits of their own physics. So, the French Bulldog will be not an ideal partner for people pursuing active outdoor life. But, their enthusiasm, determination and characteristic pride sometimes replace components of such failures.

This little Bulldog is your amazing buddy equipped with a kind nature. In the event you work from home, this doggie lies gladly next to yourself all day long or follow you from one room to another.

Individuals who feel excited by them portray these dogs as perky silly balls life unimaginable without. They’re a relentless presence, plus they’ll love you submitting the energy of their little bodies.

They are proving repeatedly that magnificence comes from inside. These Bulldogs are not required plenty of room and do extremely well in small dwellings or flats.

A few 15-minute strolling every day (besides proper feeding) ought to prevent them from gaining surplus weight.

Training Frenchies

You will need to crate train your French Bulldog pup whether or not you intend to give it the liberty of your home when s/he achieves grownup status. No matter breed, pups discover, enter into issues they should not.

Moreover, they chew items that can hurt them. It may be costly whether to repair or substitute ruined objects and also to pay vet payments might come up. So crate training advantages your pockets, your mood plus your pet’s health.

These doggies are smart and educating them is straightforward if you commit it to appear like some game. Thus, keep the process fun. And that fond of playing and peaceful angle presents in all their educating lessons.

This dog is not inherently the star of the dog schools as s/he values more the fooling resulting from the natural talent compared to precise implementation of the command tasks.

They’re self-thinkers, and therefore, aren’t a perfect type for agility or obedience contests though some could be meet the task. And several exceptions only prove that certain rule.

Furthermore, this self-thinker mood can even result in a cussed nature. And if they choose to dig of their heels, there isn’t anything to move them.

Health Considerations

In fact, the French Bulldog (as a breed, and not a bulldog), approaches the extremes: stocky body, short legs, depressed nasal, etc. Yet, during the breeding indicative rate is somewhere in the middle ground between the English Bulldog and Boston Terrier.

Understandably, the breed also suffers by the perpetually recurring bogeys of Bulldogs. Short-nosed breeds are “hit illness” to heat stroke disposition. All Frenchie owner should considerate this very seriously.

Consequently, every precaution must be taken in order to avoid that. In summer heat only the cooler early morning and late evening hours can be considered in order to walk or travel.

Please ensure that they always have shady nook where the dog retract and have plenty of fresh drinking water in front of him. Moreover, if you don’t have air conditioned car, you have to forget about the summer heat driving because your little friend may die.

Several illnesses which may justify the regular veterinary screening of your French Bulldog are; the Patellar Luxatio, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Shoulder dysplasia, Hip dysplasia and Elbow dysplasia.

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Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

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