Ensure Your Child and New Puppy Having a Great Start

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girl with a new puppyMy Friend, imagine, as a child learns – slowly but surely – the world isn’t just about him or her. S/he experiences their parents’ love as well as the other living being around in the household. Probably, so it was even when you were little and a new puppy arrived to your home. And if we are at this point, the question comes into mind: Why is it that we think back to our childhood dogs with such a deep bond? And, whether these childhood experiences define our adult selves, too?

Forming Child – Dog Relationship

Research shows that such an intimate dog-child relationship contributes to the overall intensity of feeling and the healthy development of self-awareness. Today’s fast-paced world often means we’re living between completely artificial conditions. And, in this we are separated from our pure original selves.

The dogs and other pets may give us chance to indulge our bond with the nature. These caring, animal – human relationships are particularly important in the early and middle stages of our childhood. Several studies support the idea that majority of people are inherently tied to the dogs.

When you see your child and your new puppy is playing together gladly, you cannot compare that feeling to anything. And you couldn’t help but think back to the first dog in your life. This is natural, totally, according to research as well as my experiences.

As the psychological studies demonstrated, individuals – who were lucky to grow up together with a canine of the household – are going to have a more gladsome childhood. And these experiences have positive effects on their adult attitudes.

Children who develop within such circumstances learn to feel esteem toward different living beings. They won’t be lacked in empathy and sympathy later, besides become competent in providing care to others. Additionally they acquire self-assurance and self-esteem by figuring out they’re promoting the caring for humans and other creatures.

Your Aid Is Necessary

Moreover, through the playing with the new puppy contributes to appropriate, healthy physical development of your child. Spiritual development also benefits from it to the extent that the dog means a company of children and safety, solace in many cases.

Suchlike advantages and learning experiences happen not automatically between kids and dogs. An accountable and patient grownup is necessary to introduce correctly the kid to the new pooch. Furthermore, the adult should educate the child methods to connect to this amazing participant in the household.

Simultaneously, the little fur ball is required to learn to obey and respect the kid. That should go in a similar way as s/he respects and obeys the other family members. This manner, an affectionate relationship could be developed between every family member.

The style in which you might approach your new puppy is vital. So are the experiences you simply give him from its initial second in your home. These are forming a long-lasting influence during its remaining life.

From the primary debut, your son or daughter ought to acquire the optimal manner to coping with the puppy. Your kid should have to understand that your pet is a newborn. Consequently, it must be handled that way.

Prevent Injury Between Your Child and the New Puppy

Kids – who are living around their seven years or below – hold the predisposition of getting excited by encountering new experiences. This thrill generally is far from ideal in the aspect of the puppy or whatever older canine at the first contact.

Just think about it, this type of behavior manifests itself in what? The thrilled conduct similar to making loud clamors, chasing the pup, nagging along with another violent handling will end in your little canine becoming frightened.

Chances are big that s/he will run away and by any means s/he doesn’t let your kid to pet it. Furthermore, a very fresh pooch strives to seek out its mother dog for hiding from your kid. Moreover, the young canine could recognize your kid’s action as a threat.

So it’s no wonder that your fur ball is trying to defend itself by leaping up or biting.


The appropriate manner of introducing your new canine to your son or daughter is through guidance and limitation. Your kid should know the little doggie is a baby and knowing that your kid must be mild when coping with him. For educating your young ones the ways to become gentle you can utilize a stuffed animal and instruct him or her methods to pet it adequately.

I also used this method when my son met a dog first time and didn’t regret it. Do this with your kid as many time as necessary prior to a new puppy appears in your home. Lots of playing options, happiness can be a source of dog keeping, and has been shown in the attachment; the promotes the feeling of love in children.

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Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow is a nature enthusiastic for more than seven decades. He was writing nearly 400 articles, reports so far about how to live with your dogs harmoniously.
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