How to Get Rid of Dog Smells

If your dog smells or has urinated in the house, leaving odors that isn’t funny, a problem instead. Probably, you’ve experienced already; a stinking dog can empty a room, right? To prevent this unwanted situation, you’ve to find a solution for it. Naturally, there are different ways to correct the problem.

Checking for Bad Dog Smells

Please, don’t get me wrong, but a certain quantity of scent is common. However, when your animals emanating strong, bad dog smells, you need to check them for the reason. I always examine my Labrador-German Shepherd mix completely after every walking.

Man-detects-bad-dog-smellsFor example, I look for practically any apparent stink sources like something she rolled in or poop caught within her fur. Her legs are not left out of the inspection, too. I’m making sure there’s nothing stuck among her pads or toes.

The frequent fur inspection is also useful in that respect that you can remove the fresh squalor more easily than you wait until it’s drying into the coat.

Has Your Dog Sickness?

Additionally, dog smells should always be addressed when you take your pooch to the veterinarian. Some sickness can cause this smelling issue, and he’ll tell you if the situation is so. Your wet also will say if the problem is just hygienic natured.

Anyway, this is a very common cause of developing dog odor. Many individuals don’t wash their canine properly, if at all, does it. Thus, it is possible that your veterinarian will advise you the bathing. Another option can be adhering to a special diet can take care of.

However, this is a suchlike dilemma you don’t decide upon. Consequently, your wet can accept your pet for a full investigation of dog smells. Your dog will be examined  thoroughly to make sure he doesn’t have been dental, skin or ear problems.

If one of them exists, your wet will tell you the reason and offers you a proper cure. Nevertheless, don’t panic right away, it may be that the thing is simpler. It’s possible; your dog is the type that possibly needs bathing more regularly than other breeds.

There are breeds that produce a lot of oil on their skin like water dogs or Shih Tzus. Therefore, they may need more baths to prevent odor that excess oil causes.

Solutions Against Dog Smells

Of course, there is a quick solution for cushy owners. There are plenty of products accessible on the markets which are planned to remove dog’s odor. Convenient dog owners can purchase some doggie cologne and squirting a small amount to help mask the bad odor.

This solution is especially handy to you when unexpected guests come. Furthermore, you need to be sure that the dog’s bedding and crate are clean and free from dog smells too. Laundering the bedding properly can get rid of most smells. Moreover, cleanness helps to keep away parasites, too.

Your vet or groomer does properly cleaning your dog’s anal glands. Without frequently cleaning, the smell can be originated from there. Don’t try cleaning your dog’s anal sacs yourself unless you’ve been properly instructed as it may result in an infection.

What About Nutrition?

There is certain dog food brand that causes a dog develop bad odors, too. Changing the commercial nutrition to a homemade diet – which’s  more natural and less processed – foods can go a way in preventing bad dog smells.

It’s advantageous to monitor what your dog may be eating that it shouldn’t such as grapes, nuts, raisins and avocados.

If your dog isn’t properly potty trained or gets sick on your carpet, you need to have it professionally cleaned periodically until the problem is under control. There are many products on the market that you can purchase and clean the affected area(s).

Nevertheless, it’s difficult sometimes to tell which area is affected. For example, interesting situation occurs when your pooch isn’t trained yet and leaves hidden messes everywhere. Crating him can be a solution when you leave him alone, or you sleep.

You can make a cushion available and train your dog on if it stays mainly indoors. Furthermore, investing in a steam-carpet cleaning device might also help keep the dog smells at bay.


Of course, dogs will be dogs always. If your dog smells from rolling in smelly stuff, exist certain methods of getting rid of the unwanted odors. The problem is often solved if your dog gets a thorough bathing. In other cases, you can ask your veterinarian for recommendations.

P.S.: Have you ever experienced your guests did grimace because of your dog smells? Was the reason of the odor health concerned or totally weekday’s reason? How did you solve the situation? Tell your story in the comments. Thank You!

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow is a nature enthusiastic for more than seven decades. He was writing nearly 400 articles, reports so far about how to live with your dogs harmoniously.
Alex Sparrow