How To Care Our Dogs Special Way At Christmas?

Mornin’ Dog Folks!

One of our dogs - Doris as SantaIn the direction of finish the year – which is also the holiday season – we are putting brakes on the everyday rush. At this period, everybody turns into obsessive about the festive ambiance, the coziness. It follows from this that we wouldn’t like to divest our dogs from the family programs in addition to giving gifts on this occasion. So far, so good. But, what would the dogs say in case of asking them about their experiences regarding holidays like Christmas?

Holiday Trends

My Friends, the above question isn’t random, simply think about the latest years. You may encounter the phenomenon as people – in increased number – could be so intimately linked to their furry mates.

Dog owners arrange a particular birthday celebration for their canines like giving presents, cooking cake and so on. I feel more individuals are inclined to consider the dog as a human being with that in mind as well.

You may have noticed this tendency in America and Japan, for instance. There, many people power their dog directly with a human role. And, looking around within my environment, what can I perceive?

I do experience this increasingly with novice dog owners. They are inclined to pamper their furry friend after a long wait for their first, coveted dog. I confess, I had such a period when my son was a child.

My Experience With Our Dogs

But, I only think back to those memories funnily today. I remember our Boxer called Doris with a Santa cap over her head, plus a table labeled “Merry Christmas” in her mouth for the photographing. I sent this picture as Christmas greetings to relatives thirty-five years ago.

And you know what? It wasn’t a big task for Doris, but I’ve to say she didn’t enjoy that particularly. Just think about that as you command your dog like “Grab,” “Stay,” “not good, I said you Grab and Stay!”

And she snapped the squeaky toy gift in two minutes. The funniest thing is that we can buy our dogs any gift. But, s/he isn’t going to be happy with that in an extent like the remaining gala dinner and a little attention.

Dogs are simple creatures; it is easy to make them pleased because they want uncomplicated things.


For instance, they play a piece of wood merrily, and there is no greater joy for them than you (the owner) spend time together with. For them, Christmas is nothing other than the fact that you’re in such a little different mood.

They experience more coming and going as well as the additional food. Please, I don’t recommend you to force them in our holiday habits; it will not be such a pleasure for them as we think!

We can buy a gift for our dogs, but be aware that we do that so much more for our soul, not because of their own. A new game will please them, but then don’t take it a minute later, saying that it was beeping too loud, or s/he will tear up that.

Caring Example

After all, it was a gift so the best you can do is letting play with that as s/he wants. To mention my own practice in feeding, instead of the usual nutrition I use to cook a stew for them, the recipe is here.

As a supplement, I give Zizi and Lisa a large marrow-bone. This way, both I make them happy and my peace of mind is fine. However, I’d warn you not to give your dog anything that make her stomach be diseased.

I love to walk our dogs on the 24th because as if the world would be different that day. Of course, others also have walked with their favorites. We see the familiar faces, but somehow smile more kindly at each other.

The morning walk can be longer to take the dogs get well tired. This way they will not be in your way in cleaning, cooking and last-minute gift-wrapping. Then in the afternoon, I used to go out with them a bit more before the gifting.

Intimate Atmosphere

For me, this is the most intimate atmosphere, almost only we are on the street. It’s already dark, through the windows you can see the light and families celebrating Christmas.

And even it’s snowing, if you’re lucky. (Unfortunately, we have no snow this holiday.)
Those who have chance, organize the whole family with a dog walking, tobogganing or where the dog can run around with you.

The family will benefit from the relaxation of the festive preparations and rush. There is no greater gift for your canine when s/he is the reason the family walks with him or her.

This way, you will not have to tell yourself during the dinner that the poor dog left out of everything.

Meet the Rules

Some rules I have to mention that they have often forgotten in the celebrations. We use to say that our dogs can be unleashed anywhere if they are socialized well.

Namely, the proper relationship already established with you can tell him or her what you like. In this case, you can be more lenient with him or her. For example, you can let your favorite to come in where other times not allowed.

Of course, there are owners who don’t know the dog body language in full and their dog isn’t so obedient. The best such an owner can do is to ensure compliance with the rules of the dog in this case, too.

What I mean? For instance, you should be prepared that the arrival of guests will stir the canine. Thus, it is important that your dog is sufficiently tired, in advance.

Behavior With Guests

Namely, there could be someone among the guests, who is afraid of dogs or one who fears for his clothes. And there are people also who worship the dog and confirm the bad things such as the hopping, with the best intention.

Pretty irksome when we have to reprimand our dogs what not to do – in the front of the guests. And even more unpleasant if your guests should be advised to avoid feeding your dog.

Conversely, do not caress it when jumped up with muddy feet, or came into the forbidden zone.

It is worth preparing your dog in advance for such situations by exercising the “No” and “Stay” commands, which might come in handy at any time. For larger problems, your dog also can be kenneled during this time.

Another solution may be to inform the guest family in advance how to respond to certain things the dog does. Anyway, by now they already know that we are the “mad dog owners” in the family, this point will not surprise them.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for every animal loving people around the world! Arrange joyful walk or journeys with your fur babies among these holidays!

Our dogs also deserved to show them our affection, together with those spending their days in shelters through no fault of their own. They are entitled to receive some attention at Christmas together with people taking care of them.

Happy Holidays,

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow is a nature enthusiastic for more than seven decades. He was writing nearly 400 articles, reports so far about how to live with your dogs harmoniously.
Alex Sparrow