How to Keep Your Airedale Terrier Wholesome?

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This is the third part of the Airedale Terrier review, about the upkeep requirements and health conditions. (You may read about their appearance and temperament attributes in the previous section.) Surely, you – as a good dog owner – want to keep your dog in wholesome condition lifelong. And you want to have your Airedale being happy. If you follow these guidelines, your animal can succeed to keep on the path of prosperity.

Upkeep Requirements of Your Airedale Terrier

When it comes to sustaining your dog in your household, two aspects are primary: the right dog nutrition and the sufficient exercises.

Proper Nutrition

As it’s customary in humans, the appropriate nutrition is an essential element in your dog’s health, too. It’s feeding directly affects their energy levels, hair and skin status, weight as well as stomach functions.

Any problem related to the above elements can be attributable to an improper nutrition. Thus, my basic principle is to choose a dog food from a reputable company, containing high-quality ingredients only.

No question, the homemade diet also can provide excellent nutritional value for your Airedale Terrier. My suggestion would be that after you decided on which dog food is right to your canine, nourish him or her consistently.

For example, I use to observe my dogs how they react to the food in a period of 4-8 weeks. Their coat should be shiny and knot-free, but not greasy. At the same time, it’s good if they have high energy levels.

Please, let me to draw your attention to my article about the guidelines of proper dog nutrition.

Observing Their Weight

Airedale terrier dog

Your next task is keeping your eye on your Airedale’s weight. Namely, any drastically increase or decrease in weight could raise a concern.

The dogs’ obesity is a relatively common problem. But, by applying proper diet – supplemented with a lot of movements – you can often reverse the formed state.

Vice versa, if your dog begins to lose weight, it may happen that the food doesn’t taste to him or her. If it happens, it needs to change. This, however, should be done gradually. A sudden change in the diet may to intestinal problems occurred.

Your Airedale Needs Sufficient Exercising

My Friend, your Airedale Terrier cannot do without an ample exercise. If s/he doesn’t receive that they have an inclination of becoming bored easily. Consequently, they may be fairly destructive letting them alone inside.

Excess Energy

According to my experience, people often tend to underestimate the relationship between the health and movement. They diagnose the emerging problem from this as a separation anxiety or other behavioral issue.

My friend, these conditions are real, but they are often caused by excess energy. If your dog is eating healthily, s/he should have plenty of energy. If it cannot deduce the surplus energy elsewhere, then it will do that on your carpet, furniture and such.

Lengthy walks or energetic games will provide loads of stimulation and fulfill the needs of your grownup animal. S/he requires at least 1 – 2-hour daily move. Of course, your Airedale’s age, size and health state impacts this period.

Please, take a little time to create a routine for your dog. Nowadays, more and more dogs are living in suburban or urban settings. But, they also need a diversity and the right amount of movement.

Sporting Exercises

Airedales are excellent sport dogs for agility, security-guarding, dog-dancing, fly-ball, fetch, obedience exercises. They are suitable to investigate as well as – due to their prominent emotional intelligence – therapeutic purposes.

A variety of fun sports make it up such as the dog dancing, or teaching them skills tricks. You can start this education already in the puppy-hood of your Airedale Terrier, because it will involve no physical exertion, but requires a lot of brain work.

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Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

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