How to Relieve Stress in Dogs at New Year’s Eve?

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visible stress in dogs on New Year's Eve

The last day of any year is generally nothing more than preparation for the evening festive in most countries. However, not everyone is eagerly waiting for the approaching midnight. The emerging stress in dogs makes their owners think about the midnight-gong with anxiety. In this case, we should relieve the phenomenon on the New Year’s Eve.

I mean especially the sound of firecracker and explosions of fireworks because all the canines are scared and want to get rid of the cacophony. Namely, the number of dogs running away to the world increases by thousands each year.

Partly, they become a stray animal; others find their death on the highways. There are also fortunate species whose living continues at a shelter where their owner could find them. Here are several tips that help you to avoid the New Year’s Eve stress for dogs.

Making Our Dogs Be Tired

The main rule is not to take your dog into the celebrating crowd. You do the best possible if you make your furry friend to be tired enough on the forenoon of 31st the December and the day before, as well.

The animals are especially worn by the fact that they cannot see the way of escape within the celebrating crowd. Anyway, their ears are more sensitive than humans, and the harsh sound effects increase the stress in dogs.

You can make a larger strolling, exercise and training him or her, too. For example, your Fido might be your accompany with your biking or jogging. Playing to fetch or frisbee also could be the proper solution to make him tired.

My Friend, if our dogs are weary, they will be calmer and will not to gasp its head to all the noise!

Walking on Afternoon of 31st

Be sure to have your dog on the leash during walking. However, please, don’t force the strolling if you perceive its fear. Namely, the possibility of running away and the stress are increased by the approaching darkness.

The walk at this time could be shorter like you take him or her for doing their business only. By doing this action around your residence you can prevent developing stress in dogs due to an exploding of a firecracker or fireworks near you.

Knowing Your Dog’s Fears

There is an obvious human reaction that we try to calm down our dogs if we perceive their stress. Sometimes this works, but another time may not be effective. It depends on the bond between you and Fido and the different sensitivity of every animal.

As a habit, I use to let our Zizi and Lisa hide this time if they want. They are outdoor dogs, and I let them go into the garage or the hall to calm down on their own. There is a hideout piled from blankets, so they feel themselves safe there.

Handling Stress in Dogs by Distraction

If your canine loves to learn or play, then you can distract his or her attention with those activities. The result of this can be that s/he will be accustomed to the noise more easily.

However, I’d like to recommend you to do this in that situation only if you see the willingness of s/he. Please, don’t force this because you can trigger the opposite effect from your furry friend.

At best, you might retreat to a quiet place or countryside with your dogs!

If You Still Want To Have Fun

If this is the first New Year’s Eve for your furry friend, rather stay at home with him to see what kind of reaction you might expect next year! If you choose to the house party, read the tips I wrote here related to the Christmas festive.

However, if you really want to have fun that night, and left your dogs alone, you might use a crate.

You also may cover that with a blanket (leave access to air!). Furthermore, pet owners must ensure the excluding of the possibly escape. This is another way to reduce or eliminate the stress in dogs caused by sound and light effects on New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year,

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow is a nature enthusiastic for more than seven decades. He was writing nearly 400 articles, reports so far about how to live with your dogs harmoniously.
Alex Sparrow