Is the Popularity of Shetland Sheepdog Substantiated?

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Shetland Sheepdog BlueMy Friend, we got familiarized with the origin of the Shetland Sheepdog recently. Moreover, you also could read about their appearance and coat care in that article. To get them know better we discuss over their temperament now. This small dog comes from the barren, windy, harsh world of the Shetland Islands. Anno, people didn’t think that the ‘poor people’s dog’ would gain such an excellent popularity as they have today. Had it been deservedly or not, it will turn out from the followings.

But, before I go any further, I quote some questions I got since the release of my previous article. Diana asked: “I already have a small, affectionate terrier, whom I love because we live together long time. But, someone recommended me a Sheltie, and I’m inclined to get it. I’m curious, if a Sheltie hurts it if I love the other a little better? Is the Sheltie used to be aggressive? My dog is three and a half years old. I’d like to know if I am able to accustom to one another if the Sheltie comes to us as a puppy?”

I will answer these questions later because the followings will bring you a broad picture earlier plus support my answer. Anyway, I feel myself entitled to meet the fears manifested above due to my large circle of dog owner acquaintances. For example, there is a woman among who lives with nine Sheltie.

Moreover, I use to talk with vets, breeders and trainers quite often. Furthermore, visiting the different dog shows belongs to my habits. These actions increase further my dog keeping knowledge I gained during more than six decades.

The Personality of Shetland Sheepdog

As for their original occupation, this is a shepherd dog with small size typical to the Shetland Islands. Due to their beauty, ease of use, sweet nature and good temperament, more and more people love it. However, many people mistakenly consider it as a miniaturized Collie.

But, that is only right when it comes to their outer appearance. Indeed, their character is closer to the Spitz-type dogs. The Sheltie is a very agile, energetic breed, after all, their original task was the herding. By now, they are performing that only sporadically.

Now they are the uncrowned king of the mini agility, as well as kept as family pets. The Shetland Sheepdog is true-hearted, keen and wanting to please you always. It is submissive and vigilant with a nice temperament. S/he is affectionate toward its family, I’d say it can’t do without people.

However, you should socialize him or her properly from the point you got the puppy. That will not be a hard task for you because s/he learns easily both from humans and other dogs.

Special Attention Needed

They are sensible enough to the tone of vocals. Furthermore, these canines aren’t going to pay attention if they perceive you don’t mean whatever you say. Moreover, Shelties also will not listen if they experience harsh treatment.

That’s why it’s wise to raise them in an environment in which the owner is a calm, consistent leader of the pack. They are filled with energy, very clever and like to learn. This breed’s intelligence comes with the requirement of being occupied mentally, too.

The Sheltie is specifically a wise herder, has the ability of manage big cattle and keeping small sheep under control equally. Their instinct for herding remained very intense in lots of species. It linked to this that they are fond of chasing different things.

Your task will be to educate your doggie avoid chasing vehicles. You’ve to ensure your Sheltie not to run unleashed close to a traffic road. Namely, at any moment, it can choose to chase a car or another thing appears on that street. Due to such conduct, contacting with a car may be fatal easily.

Small Dog Syndrome

Due to its magnificence and loveliness, the Sheltie has grown to be a preferred pet. Despite, don’t enable this animal to imagine itself as a leader of your home. Otherwise, s/he will develop such habits s/he bears as necessary, but you wouldn’t be glad on those behavior issues.

This often results in guarding behavior, sudden snapping as well as biting. Your responsibility is to teach him or her this isn’t a desirable conduct. These unfavorable characteristics usually aren’t Sheltie traits, instead called Small Dog Syndrome.

In other words, these are human triggered behaviors in which your doggie convinced s/he’s the chief over humans. That is an outcome each time a canine feels the humans are its subjects and should preserve them under control.

These adverse traits will be ceased gradually when you begin to play the role of correct leadership. Your device can be the everyday pack strolling to alleviate psychological and bodily energy.

Needed Activity

These dogs are sufficiently small for apartment living, provided that you give them consistent exercise. Shetland Sheepdog requires walks everyday plus the chance to run as frequently as possible. They prosper by linked to the leash.

However, off leash they must be remained in your fenced in yard, always. Namely, due to the dog’s chasing instinct mentioned above you should protect him or her from itself.

If you’ve an occasion, then I recommend enrolling your Sheltie to participate in advanced obedience, agility, trick training. If a chance of organized herding activity occurred, you should grab that opportunity. These will contribute to their mental stimulation that just as important than the physical.

They value the chance to discover something new during exercising. Properly occupying and exercising your dog’s brain you aid him or her to remain calm inside. A bored Sheltie becomes a bad dog. S/he will bark compulsively, and that made your home mad, not to mention other people around you in the rent.

Sheltie and Strangers

This dog – due to its alertness – indicates with loud barking if a stranger is approaching. Despite, be the property the property guarding isn’t their strength. Namely, lots of Shetland Sheepdog might show the signs of shyness with strangers.

So, in the case you are in need of a dog which will run and greet all individuals visiting you then you should forget this type. This breed might be distrustful towards unknown individuals. Usually, a Sheltie goes out of sight each time an unknown person arriving.

It’s a common phenomenon that they not enable strangers to touch them at all. Furthermore, they produce persistent loud barking, simply because they warn the people to stay away from them. Please bear in mind this if you intend to employ strangers to look after your doggie when you are off.

Kids and Sheltie

Already more people asked me whether I recommend these to live with children. Similarly to the majority of breeds, they are often good with children. However, not every species of them behave alike.

That situation is favorable where it raised together with children (not toddlers) who already know how to deal with a dog correctly. In this case, they’re really your kid’s greatest friend. However, by Shelties, the nagging or intrusive youngsters aren’t accepted nicely, so to speak.

Furthermore, nearly all Shetland Sheepdog doesn’t evaluate positively the sudden movements or loud noise. So, your task is to teach your children to understand these in order to harmonic cooperation.

I wish to add here that Shelties do very best in households, which are peace-loving without chaos. Of course, I don’t mean under peaceable a life that is lacking exercise plus stimulation.

Sheltie and Other Dog

And this is the point where I answer Diana’s questions, too.

Like other dog breeds, it will be influenced by the individual canine, the traces they originate from, plus the manner they are raised up. Usually, Shelties are fairly friendly with other canines of every breeds. You should keep in mind their huge vitality and sturdy working instincts, as I discussed earlier.

Therefore if you are desirous to take a Sheltie, please understand they would require MORE than simple walks. Shelties develop well when they get a job, whether it be their conventional herding, or modern-day occupation such as agility, fly-ball, freestyle, obedience, rally-o, etc.

So, a Sheltie is incredibly frisky and certainly will wish to play with your little terrier. But, IMHO if you’re unable or unwilling to give routine occupation across the entire lifetime of it, then I recommend you to give up on it.

Diana, to make a Shetland Sheepdog social is highly vital. The species of this breed tend to be easily frightened, and timid. That’s why early socialization and learn about the world extensively (individuals, dogs, sounds, etc.) is essential.

Many successes,

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow is a nature enthusiastic for more than seven decades. He was writing nearly 400 articles, reports so far about how to live with your dogs harmoniously.
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