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What’s up to Plaque Forming on Dog Teeth?

Hi All!

There is a health issue many dog owners tend to be ignored, for some reason. Specifically, I mean by this the plaque forming on dog teeth. I’ll give you an example. I mentioned you; we rescued a German Shepherd mix puppy earlier. Lisa is a brown colored, very lively little animal, and got her first shot recently.

At the Vet Office

While we were at the vet’s waiting room, obviously, I was talking to other dog owners there. Four dogs were waiting for their turn, including ours. The physician was busy to remove the plaque and some tartar from the teeth of a Pug under anesthesia.

Among, one lady was waiting there had a little stature (approx 6 pounds) Chihuahua doggie. They followed the Pug, and the pooch went through his yearly health check and also got the annual shots. The vet said the lady that there is some plaque on the pooch’s teeth, so it likely requires a dental treatment next time.

But, the lady didn’t want to be subjected her tiny dog to that process. She applied Plaque Off earlier and forgot to buy more when it ran out, thus the plaque had time to develop. The little animal is on a xxxx small kibble nutrition, that’s the only manageable size by his small teeth.

Note: I deliberately didn’t write the name, because I don’t promote that product. But, what can be the solution in case like this? Can this be prevented at all? Well, here are some related tips you can choose from.

Healthy Chews for Dog Teeth

Healthy canine is unthinkable without fit dog teeth. In my experience, much depends on what type of dog food he or she consumes, how much and what your dog chews on. I observed that, tartar developing is come out more frequent for dogs eating canned food compared to those consume dry kibble. Another observation is that a not varied nutrition also helps the formation of plaque on teeth.

carrot-prevents-plaque-forming-on-dog-teethIn case you didn’t recognize so far, the carrot is an excellent chewing for humans and dogs equally. Eating carrots and other raw vegetables can be known as good for general health and specifically organs such as skin, eyes, gastrointestinal system and teeth.

Carrots are ideal for oral health, due to the fact they assist in removing meal particles. This way, they are reducing the risk of bacterial colonization. The carrots help to forestall tooth decay because they kill the possible dangerous bacteria around the dog teeth.

Frequent carrots consuming could improve the looks of skin, furs, nails and so on and likewise enhance dog eyes health. A significant advantage of chewing on carrots would be that they massage therapeutically your dog friend’s gums and improve blood flow within the gum tissues.

And, the carrots comprise vitamin A, which is certainly vital for sustaining wholesome tooth enamel.

Dog Dental Bones

The dog dental bones are a great option for oral well-being dietary. You may find a big variety of dental treats available on the market, so it is hard to choose just one particular model or type. Some depend on all-natural materials, and that’s an explicit plus when chemical compounds are a typical practice in canine related foods.

You can even find some that use a number of techniques for keeping teeth clean, together with an outer coating that surrounds a rawhide bone. If your furry pal has a susceptible stomach, make sure you’re knowledgeable with what their dental treats comprise. It may occur that aren’t what they look like at first sight.

Rawhide Bones

The rawhide bones known as the traditional method to assist brush the teeth of your dog. It is making the most from the dogs’ conventional chewing motions. Once you do provide your canine a goody of any type, be sure you keep constant observation. And take care not to allow them to swallow large items complete, because that could cause digestive problems.

I’d also mention chewing on cattle chew bones as a teeth cleaner I use for adult dogs. But, these tiny doggies possibly cannot do anything with it due to their little mouth.

Turning Into Raw

Another solution can be and works for many to give chicken wing. You may feed the tiny dog with cooked chicken breast at beginning. And gradually reduce the degree of cooking until you can give a raw chunk.

Perhaps, tiny canines needn’t be permitted to eat it wholly if you think the chunk is too big. But, a periodic good chewing on one piece would hopefully perform the task. It ought to be uncooked because bones within a cooked piece are far too sharp and fragile.

Tooth Brushing

Next tip is the common tooth brushing; it must be carried out no less than weekly, 3 times weekly is better anyway. Needless to say your dog’s body is not the same as humans, so it’s advisable to use dog tooth paste to keep your favorite pet healthy. Fortunately, you might discover a large number of tooth brush types available to perform the process simpler for each of you.

You may have that kind of small canine with little mouth as the lady has above. Then you’ve two choice. The first option is to use a baby’s tooth brush with logic oral pet gel. It really has a fairly little head on the brush, less than the dog tooth-brushes I’ve come across.

Anyway, to use a baby’s toothbrush has another benefit: you’re able to get around the back teeth as well. If that solution is not your cup of tee then you may use the other solution; the finger brush. Every finger brush is two sided; an extra knobbly along with a soft fine facet.

If the finger brush doesn’t work for you, then no panic. You can opt for a micro-fibre tooth cleaner. Actually, it has 12,000 times more fibres than any toothbrush. It removes the plaque and bacteria equally as the manufacturer says.

Bottom Line

I recommended the lady in question to start the frequent tooth brushing. My savings tip: try a kind of old-fashioned cotton plaster. Sticking it in your finger also does the job and the breath also will be fresher than before. Additionally, your four-legged mate will adapt to you poking within their mouth.

P.S.: My Friend, would you mind telling us your proven method preventing plaque forming on dog teeth? Which is best for you? Maybe I missed something, but I’m not ashamed to learn from people smarter than myself.

Thank you,


Can Your Dog’s Cost Be Lower?2

Hello Everyone,

We have arrived to the second instalment of reducing dog’s cost. In the previous part, we discussed saving tips on: a) choosing the right dog to fit our budget and b) money-saving options on dog food. Meantime, one of my readers mentioned the grooming expenses she spends monthly. And others are interested in saving on pet sitting costs. These are very good questions, and I say thanks to Ethel, Louis and Claire suggested them. Today we will look at those elements too, but now, I continue with the dog treats and snacks options.

And now I’m unusual because I don’t speak the treats available in pet shops. Why? It seemed for me long ago that the time arrived to begin shopping for dog treats from our grocery store rather pet food retailer. I viewed the storage unit price of top quality treats within our local pet supply.

I found that meat treats could cost more per pound than crayfish. Another item (salmon jerky) is costlier compared to the smoked salmon I purchased. Going further between containers some bear-shaped cookies were more expensive than the cheese imported from Italy.

And by visited forums I read about canines turned into unwell or dying from cheap treats, I purchased for my dogs solely the best.

Low-cost Secure Grocery Retailer Treats

This is my listing among the finest dog treats you’ll discover in your grocery store or supermarket. These won’t cost an arm and leg and simultaneously; your dog will consuming them happily and will remain healthy.

carrots-as-healthy-dog-treatsApple Cubes – I use to make cubes from them and my dogs eat them gladly.

Carrots – I slice and store them in the fridge in ice water. They like them because the pieces stay crispy that way.

Cheese – I use to give them in a little amount to avoid diarrhea.

Chicken – Cooking them in a crock pot until the meat separated from the bone is easy. The resulting stock can be useful in many recipes.

Liver – I use to slice it into thin pieces and dehydrate them. It’s advantageous to buy organic liver. Doing so, the antibiotics and chemicals conventional agriculture apply to don’t enter the food.

Liverwurst – It also called as dog crack somewhere. It’s a superb high-value treat, but I use it moderately.

Sweet Potatoes – I prepare from them dehydrated thin slices (in the oven). Of course, I wash their skin or peel them before. In a plastic container, I can easily keep them for 2 – 3 weeks unspoiled.

turkey-hot-dogs-as-dog-treatsTurkey Hot Dogs – In the event, you don’t like dealing with them raw, put slices inside a dehydrator. Alternatively, put in a baking sheet within the oven of 170 degrees until they puff up, and their moisture goes out. Then I put them in a plastic container into the freezer.

Yogurt (frozen) – I use to add two tablespoons of peanut butter to a cupful of yogurt. Then I stir and freeze the mixture until shaped the tartlet pan.

There’s no valid justification your family dog’s rewards should be a commercial dog treats solely. So, I also use to prepare homemade dog biscuits, the recipe is here. And it’s not bad, I confess I use to taste them after baking.

Saving Money on Dog Grooming

I’m convinced I don’t need to emphasize the importance of systematic dog grooming for dog lover people. I also discussed about that here recently. Now you can find some additions.

I use to do grooming procedures like brushing/combing, bathing, haircut and nail clipping on my own. Getting the necessary supplies designed for dogs isn’t problematic. And I need to purchase the tools once and use them for many years.

Of course, I haven’t started doing dog grooming the day before yesterday. I was lucky enough to observe people older than me – such as shepherds, hunters and dog breeders – as they did the grooming processes.

And Dr. Francis Header, our veterinarian decades ago was my other help in this area. For example, among others, he showed me the removal method of a dewclaw nearly fifty years ago. And also he advised me which tool is suitable for performing a different task.

One of my readers, Ethel said she doesn’t like to leave her doggies at the pro groomer daylong. And the carrying back and forth also is problematic to her, not to mention the $140 expense for two Spaniel doggies monthly.

I understand her and only can recommend you to follow my example and learn to make the necessary grooming home. Invest in a good set of sharp clipping tools that serve you long. Enter the “dog grooming courses on DVD” into your browser and the Internet will give you a tremendous result to learn. Follow the same process if you prefer books to videos or DVDs.

My secret tip1: I use surgical scissors rather dog grooming scissors, they are cheaper, but do the task just as well. Secret tip2: The diluted baby shampoo is excellent to bathe my dog, has the more subtle smell, and cheaper than dog shampoo. (This tip originated from a vet working for a pharmaceutical giant.)

Saving on Dog Sitter Expenses

working-dog-sitter Are you intended to go out of town for getting a weekend? Hiring a dog sitter doesn’t demolish your budget necessarily. Fortunately, there are various ways to identify an affordable sitter – for between $15 and $35 per day. You can begin with asking your vet for suggestions.

And additionally, you may deliberate to search at Pet Sitters International or as well as National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. It’s a good move to be certain your dog sitter is committed, insured and licensed by a pro organization.

There is another possibility, you just visit the petsitterswap.com website. Pet Sitter Swap is helpful to individuals with dogs, cats and various other domesticated animal. As they say dogs and other pets prefer them. Because of their swap service, the animals are free from staying in cattery or kennel.

P.S.: My friends, share your related tips and help other dog lovers just like you! Next time I’ll cover the veterinary cost reduction opportunities. Thank You!

Is Context Between Dog’s Health and Water?

When it comes to the water’s role in health, we know that no live organism can exist, operate without water. That’s how it is, an instance of that is that the water is the main component of the human body. An adult human’s body contains around 60-70% water. For example, if one weights 176 pounds, his body contains about 14,3 gal water. Well, you may find similar rates in our dogs, too. So, there is a straight context between dog’s health and the water.

Water Needs

dog-drinks-waterAs researchers have shown, your family dog’s physique comprises around of 70% water. By losing all the fats and 50% of protein of its body has less impact than he cannot get water for two days or more. It can be fatal for him if the water in your canine’s body is reduced to one tenth.

With a view to survive, an adult canine requires – at a minimum – two milliliters of water projected to each pound weight daily. That’s when considering 1 ounce contains 30 milliliters of water. However, that two milliliters are only enough for your animal to produce urine within his body.

Importance of Water

Without sufficient water vital for urine providing, your family dog or whatever canine won’t be able to live. When you are providing an infinite amount of water, your canine will consume a lot more than that two millimeters required. That is particularly true if you always provide fresh water to him.

Handing your doggie merely the smallest amount of water each day could also be sufficient for him to outlive, although not for long. Shortage in water injures the system and terminates its functions progressively. He’ll ultimately become weak, come down with a disease, and decease.

Water Utilizing Ways In Dog’s Body

The advantage of providing your family dog enough water compared to the smallest amount wanted is that its system can use that multi-mode (just like in humans).

1) The water facilitates the digesting and the process of taking nutrients from the food.

2) Our dog’s system is using the water to eliminate fuel, and that is transformed into energy.

3) You can more easily sustain the standard temperature of your dog’s physique by ingesting enough water as well.

4) Consuming sufficient water replaces the fluids which might be lost in our dog’s body by excretion.

5) The water also requires to mix various kinds of chemical substances within dog’s systems. Namely, the distinct chemical reactions ensure the dissolving and remodeling those components.

6) The water also is a transport device at the same time. It takes the nutrients to the cellular structures and in addition carries poisonous waste material from the cells to the organs for correct processing. With the lack of water, these organs won’t be able to eliminate toxic things off of the dog’s body.

7) In addition, the water is required to control the acid balance within the blood flow.

8) You may know the evergreen saying goes something like “Beauty comes from inside.” This applies to our dog’s mental health as well. Namely, if he or she is happy, and balanced, the vitality is radiating from every pore. That’s can be seen through its eyes, skin, nail, and hair condition too. And the sufficient water consumption has a big role in that as well.

My Take on It

Perhaps you can perceive from the above that the water is nearly always necessary for each function occurs within your favorite’s body. And as a result of its versatility plus the degree to which it’s utilized, water is regarded to be a crucial nutrient that’s needed for all kinds of dogs.

If your animal doesn’t get to water s/he can be died within a few days because of its dehydration. However, he can withstand the starvation; he will only be caught up by the fate when he runs out half its original weight. It’s obvious, there is a significant difference between the consequences of the lack of the two.

So giving my dog anything to eat; homemade food, meat, dry food or canned meals, I make sure fresh water is in front of her always. Especially in the summer when I’m out for several hours, I put enough fresh water in a couple of shaded places to let her drink. I never let the water bowl being empty, and I recommend you to do so as well.

P.S.: By reading this article, I hope you gained some insight related the role of water in your dog’s health. The comment section is open for your remark or question, take advantage of it. Thank You!

What Your Dogs Dream About?

Anyone – who has seen a dog sleep in a long time – can recognize that dogs are also dreaming. Their twitching or whimpers so can be inherent in dreams, as in humans. You may also agree that – between the foot jerks reminder running – your dogs possibly chasing a rabbit in their dreams. Alternatively, they are doing something similar dog thing. Because these topics are close to each other, this entry about dog dreaming follows my earlier posts on dog sleeping place and dog houses.

Structure of Your Dogs’ Brain

On the structural degree, the canine brains are kind of like those of humans. Additionally, the dogs’ brain wave samples are identical that of individuals, throughout the sleep. And they undergo the similar phases of electrical actions found in people. All of these is in line with the concept that canines are dreaming.

Rather, it would be much surprising if it turned out the dogs aren’t do that. Namely, the researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have shown in rats that they’re dreaming. Although, the dogs are much more advanced in intelligence aspect than the rats are.

A large part of the dreaming that we humans simply do during the night is related to the actions that we just engaged in the day. The identical appeared to be the thing in rats. Therefore, any time a rat ran a complex labyrinth daytime he could be anticipated to dream about it at night.

Tests Results in Rats and Dogs

The researchers took electric samples from rats’ brain, while those learned the labyrinth during the day. And later, when the rats were in a stage of sleep in which people tend to dream, the researchers found similar brain-wave patterns identical to daytime.

These patterns were so clearly visible that the researchers also could  tell in addition where the rat would be in the labyrinth if it were awake. The brain of your dogs is built the way like a human. The two researchers – Kenway Louie and Matthew Wilson – have observed the same brain waves and brain activity with the sleeping dogs than in humans.


what-your-dogs-dream-aboutTherefore, we can assume bravely that – during sleep – the dog’s brain is processing the day’s events in the same manner than humans. That is with the help of dreams. The researchers also demonstrated that, of course.

They deactivated that part of the brainstem in the dogs, which regulates to not to perform the series of events seen in our sleep. The dogs then began to move, when they arrived into to dream stage of the sleep. There was a dog, which immediately began to look for its toys, and another wanted to catch a bird.

Without the results of the researchers certainly you know a story that proves that your dogs have dreams. Your dog can do dreaming about something occupied him during the day. Then the rabbit or medullary bone rather he may dream about the nasty barking of the neighbor’s dog if the anxiety arising from that left a mark on his soul.

How to Perceive Your Dogs Dreaming

When your dog’s sleep turns into deeper, his respiratory will become somewhat more regular. As time passes of roughly twenty to 30 minutes for a median-sized canine, his first dream ought to begin. You’ll perceive the transition, namely; his breathing turns into irregular and shallow.

You may notice strange muscle twitches, and you may also discover as – behind its closed lids – the canine’s eyes shifting if you gaze intently enough. The dog eyes are moving since the animal is definitely taking a look at the dream pictures almost like they were actual images of the world.

These eye actions are most attribute of a sleep contains a dream.

My Experience

II often noticed this on my dogs as well. I’m convinced that our dogs can have an evil dream, especially those canines that got a soul injury. I have often seen my Husky dog sleeping with whimpering, almost crying, at beginning when he got to me.

I brought him out of the shelter as the fifth owner. If he had trouble waking up, he had the same languid eyes and was confused as anyone who is awakened from a nightmare.

You can read on almost every forum, not to wake up your sleeping dog. That’s because it can mess up their sense of reality. There really is no need to wake them up when you see that moving their feet or give a yelp.

But, sometimes I used to wake up mine when I see she has a very bad dream. I also relieved when someone wakes me up when I’m dreaming evil.

P.S.: Are you observing your dog when he is sleeping? If yes, what are your experiences? What are your thoughts related to dogs dreaming? As we’re curious, we would like to read your stories in the comments. Thank You!

Care for Dogs in Summer Heat

Writing about how to care for dogs in summer heat is very timely. If your winter dream realized in a sunny weather, you’ve choices to cool yourself. You can achieve a pleasant pastime with your family and dogs outside. People are looking a river, lake, sea or a beach for refreshment. That’s fine, if you think about the increased risks associated with the heat. But, no panic, you can forestall heat issues take place to your doggie.

Where I live, we’re having a heat wave, for a month now. The biggest problem is that rain in our region was only one and a half months ago. You can only imagine what the heat distress is both man and animal. I think; you understand that animals often suffer as equal as humans in summer heat, so care for dogs is indispensable.

This is important because considering their body size and weight, the outcome occurs sooner and can be heavier. You can compare them to that child who has the same weight. Moreover, we, humans can perspire and our natural instinct urges us to get help or consume enough water. In contrast, dogs don’t sweat, because they aren’t able to do so.


One of the sure methods to remain cool in the warmth is playing in water. And if you’re a responsible owner, your dogs do that under your supervision. The summer period can also be an excellent possibility to travel to a temperate climate with your favorite.

Preventing Sunburn and Blistering

We, humans, are able to minimize the chance of sun burning by taking place under a tree or an umbrella, possibly another shade. The right choice to guard your skin is to wear sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat and protective clothing if you’re outdoors. That may be necessary even you’re within a shade.

Otherwise, you won’t realize but the sun can burn your skin surface and likewise, your pooch in no time. There are sun-sensitive surfaces such as lips, ears and nose. Therefore, preserve your canine within the shade during the burning hours. Generally, that period starts from 10 a.m. and lasts around 3 – 4 p.m.

If you cannot remain in the shade, for some reason, you may put sunscreen on your pet’s sensitive surfaces. However, you should not cover your furry pal’s lips because that would prevent the dog panting. Namely, the dogs do not hang out their tongues because the fashion dictates that.

Far from it. As I wrote here: “… we need to bear in mind that our canines lack sweat glands (unlike the people) to minimize the risk of heat. They pant in order to help to regulate their physique temperature. So, your pooch (panting with his hanging tongue) is a warmed animal.”

So, you only need to focus your attention on your pet to make certain there isn’t a sunburn. In this respect, staying on the beach sand or a dark-colored pavement for long time requires your particular attention.

Namely, remaining on easy to become hot areas the risk of skin blistering is much bigger. I always try to go or stay on grassy places if the possibilities allow. And finally, if you perceive any bladder developing, then take your pooch to your vet without delay.

Heat Exhaustion and Stroke

If your dog’s temperature reaches or goes beyond 104 degrees, a heat stroke can happen easily. The elevated temperature triggers a metabolic confusion. That means the chemicals necessary for normal body operation released.

And that can lead to cell destruction in the physic. The brain, the liver, and bowel are more vulnerable to the consequences relating to cell destruction.

The blood of a living organism becomes thicker in case of heat stroke. That will cause stress in the center because that tries to pump the heavy blood across the system. Consequently, the blood stagnates and at some point coagulates, so the tissue death befalls. Even so, this occurrence can be prevented.

I don’t know about you, so I ask; have you ever left your dog in your closed car in a parking lot? If that’s the case, it’s time to change your habit and don’t do it anymore. Namely, the main reason dogs suffered a heat stroke is leaving them there in summer heat.

If you’re forced to leave your dog in your car for some reason, then leave the air-conditioning on. In the absence of that option, provide a fan to circulate the air. If that also isn’t available, let the windows down that extent the dog cannot come out.

There are canines that are very active due to its nature. These may also develop heat stroke in the absence of shadows on an extremely heat day. Therefore, it’s advisable to lessen their exercise also in this respect.

It happens that someone really loves her dog favorite. I also love my dogs, but I try to avoid overfeed them. Namely, if your four-legged friend has overweight, or heart possibly a lung problem, it’s increasingly at risk getting a heat stroke.

And, as dogs become older their sensitivity rises, so they are prone to heat stroke or heat exhaustion. I also know a case where the irresponsible owner not thought about it and overworked his Kuvasz dog on a heat day. The nine-year-old dog died, and I felt very sorry for that beautiful animal.

If your family dog generally lives inside, then leave him home in air-conditioned room when you do your usual jogging. Of course, there may be a situation when you forced to take him with you. In this case, while you’re arranging the tasks involved in, leave him in your air-conditioned car.

There are many canines, which live outside. If you’re one of these owners, then you should be particularly careful and supply shady places for your pet. Providing umbrella or ventilated dog house are other alternatives to save your dog’s life in summer heat.

My Labrador-German Shepherd mix, Zizi is an outdoor dog, and I reduced her daily exercise. She can hide from the heat because there are many shaded places in our yard. She has four opportunities to drink fresh water in our yard when thirsty.

You probably have a more senior dog. Then it’s best to keep him interior of your home when the heat is infernal. After all, you’d want to keep him being cool and remain healthy.

Do Not Let the Water Out

The number-one method to forestall heat illnesses is providing enough fresh drinking water to your doggie. I’m trying to put water bowls into the shade always. I change the water if the sun moves through the sky and the rays reaches them.

The two-minute work is worth it to protect my dog from the heat and dehydration. By using the above tips as well as common sense, you do a serious step toward enjoy rather than suffer summer season with your dogs.

P.S. Is such an infernal heat around your living environment? How do you care for dogs? Share with us below the impact this entry elicited from you. Thank you.

The Rottweiler Dog as Defender Champion 1

The Rottweiler dog breed belongs to the working dog category and with good reason. People originally breed them for herding their cattle in the distant past. And these dogs met the challenge very well, due to their robust body and inexhaustible energy. Although this breed could appear fierce at occasions, Rottweilers are clever, biddable animals, which can be ideal guardians. Let’s see, how?

The Origin of the Rottweiler Dog Breed

This dog breed has a historical past that’s related to the Roman Empires. The principal ancestor of the Rottweiler is probably the Molossus (in other words Italian Mastiff) which herded the cattle of Roman legions. Namely, during invaded Europe, the Romans feed their army with those beef-cattle these dogs  guarded.

Rottweiler-dog-is-lying-on-grassOne marching route of Roman legions was via Württemberg to a market town called Rottweil in Germany. Around that market, the newcomer canines met with molosser looking native dogs arriving from Netherlands and England. This area ultimately turned into an essential cattle market place.

And the successors of the Roman cattle canines demonstrated their value in each driving and defending the cattle from wild predators and robbers. According to the rumor, butchers also used Rottweilers to pull carts filled with meats. And these canines in addition protected their money bags tied around the necks of Rotties.

People practiced this kind of using of this dog throughout long time. But a serious change has occurred in the 1800s. Namely, the railroads turned the first technique for transferring stock to market. That was the reason the Rottweiler dog breed had declined to a significant degree. Just for an illustration, in a dog exhibition held in Heilbronn in 1882, only a very few species represented the breed.

That scenario started to change due to founding the mutual Rottweiler and Leonberger Club in 1901. And this time has brought the first written breed standard of the Rottweiler dog. And that description of the Rottweiler’s character and look has modified only a little since then.

Popularity In the Twentieth Century

Consequently, their popularity increased further in the early XX century. Several keen breeders – were centralized in the town Stuttgart – make the effort to spread the breed. Due to that, people established the German Rottweiler Club on January 13, 1907. They counted around half-thousand species at that time.

The German Rottweiler Club intended to provide working dogs and didn’t highlight the external appearance of the breed. As a result, the formation of the South German Rottweiler Club happened on April 27 in 1907. The number of possessed Rottweiler dog by club members was around 3000, then. Anyway, this Club evolved and became the International Rottweiler Club later.

At the outbreak of the First World War emerged an amazing need for police dogs, so the interest towards the Rottweiler increased. Throughout the First and Second World Wars, these dogs have been put into service in numerous fields such as ambulance, call-up, guard and messenger dogs.

As they say, a German emigrant brought the primary Rottweiler dog to the United States in the late 1920s. The earliest litter presented itself in 1930. The first doggie registered by the AKC called Stina v Felsenmeer in the year of 1931.

After the Second World War, the breed began turning into extra popular. People generally know the Rottie as a wonderful obedience dog then. The popularity of the Rottweiler Dog culminated within the mid-Nineties. The American Kennel Club registered more than 100.000 species at that time.

However, being fashionable is not essentially a very good factor if you’re a dog. It’s common for irresponsible yard breeders and puppy mills to attempt to cash in on the recognition of a breed. They begin to supply puppies without concerning temperament and health issues. That is what occurred to the Rottweiler dog breed until the demand for them reduced.


The Rottweiler dog has a relative large body with great muscularity. His head is broad shaped, and its forehead is rounded. Its muzzle is properly developed. The teeth are closed scissor-like. The broad nostril is black colored. Its eyes are almond shaped and medium-sized. An interesting thing is some species have blue eyes or the one is blue, and the other one is brown colored.

This characteristic is just not acknowledged within the dog show world. Furthermore, it doesn’t encounter the written standard of the breed. Its ears have triangular form, and they carried forward. The tail is usually docked. Be aware: docking tails is illegitimate in most parts of Europe. The rear dewclaws are dislodged sometimes.

The Rottie’s chest is deep and broad. Their coat is short, thick and hard. It’s black and has rusted to mahogany spots on the cheeks, legs, muzzle and paws. Furthermore, it exists a red coloration with brown spots. There’s a shortage within the hair gene. Therefore, the coloring can make a transition to lighter red.

End of part 1. Next part

A Kelpie Dog and Loyalty

The Kelpie dog is an extremely active, lively and intelligent breed. It’s obedient and gentle, and appears to us an inexhaustible source of energy. And these characteristics are coupled with remarkable fidelity and devotion. Here is an example to illustrate the loyalty of it.


I’ve recently read a story about a Kelpie dog on the online version of The Sydney Morning Herald. The title was “Kelpie kept trapped owner warm” and the author was Dan Proudman. Here is a short quote from the original article:

[QUOTE]Trapped and hurting from numerous fractures through his ageing body, a defiant Herbert Schutz survived four days in the elements by bunking down with his loyal kelpie, Boydy, to fight off the cold.

And even when help arrived, three freezing nights after Mr Schutz was first pinned by his own car on his remote property near Rylstone, in the central tablelands, Boydy would not leave his master’s side until he was free.

Mr Schutz, 76, remained in a serious condition in John Hunter Hospital on Tuesday night after two neighbours found him under his crashed four-wheel-drive on Monday night.[/QUOTE]

You can read the full article here: http://www.smh.com.au/environment/animals/kelpie-kept-trapped-owner-warm-20130416-2hygy.html

This Kelpie Dog Story Touched Me

The story of this Kelpie dog caught my attention because I have lived with dogs for more than sixty years now. My parents taught me how to live together with dogs the harmonious way. After reading the article I pondered on that we – humans – are imperfect, and not a small degree.

You know, one of the inherent things of the technical era is the increasing longing for the nature. And that gets control over all nations, city residents sooner or later. The dog also represents a part of the nature to the man. And folks recognized that as the first pet connected to people since ancient times.

The inseparable relationship between humans and dogs is evolved for thousands of years. And no matter how weird it sounds – on both sides lay claim for specified level of support. And it doesn’t hurt if dog owners, breeders, we are doing a self-examination with sufficient sincerity.

We can state that in many cases, we expect much more from our dogs to be consistently notable for their obligations to us. However, in the same time we forget to do that towards our dog.

Besides This Kelpie Dog, Others Also Show Loyalty

The case of this Kelpie dog fits into the row of writings describing the loyalty and the immense secret relationship which can develop between human and canine. I’ve also read similar stories; one of them was about Hachi, a Japanese dog.

This canine was waiting for his owner to arrive from work at the railway station 5 PM everyday. One day, the man didn’t arrive, none of the usual times and also not later. He dead at work. And Hachi still went every day to the station and waited for his master orderly. Hachi was really loyal for his owner, although it wasn’t a Kelpie dog.

And I also have two story. One of them happened two blocks away from where I live. The owner of a dog died. She was a widow and lived alone – or saying correctly – with her dog. And, as usually happens, relatives, neighbors buried the widow.

Then, days later, it crossed someone’s mind to feed the dog. But the dog was not found. They were looking for it a day or two and then forgot about the doggie.

It was winter, and folks picked off the wreath from the tomb, later than usual, in springtime. And … under the withered wreaths – to their biggest astonishment – they found the dog’s corpse. That animal wasn’t a Kelpie dog just a mix but there is no doubt of his loyalty.

Our GSD as Loyalty Example


Fact is I didn’t have a Kelpie dog so far. But speaking about dog loyalty I bring up a personal example. I brought home a German Shepherd dog from a local shelter nine and half years ago. Roll was very attentive, loved the life, and took care to teach the house rules to our younger dog. She was a brave and strong guard, didn’t miss any of her attention.

We spent playful times together; she particularly loved the ball-game and rope. Other times we did great running threesome or foursome. When I got tired, I sat down with the twin and talked to them. And they looked at me and observed my voice tone. Life was good.

Last March I was bedridden, cannot go out to the dogs. After four days my wife told me that our Roll didn’t eat. This is not a problem for a day or two if dogs skip meals. Next-day Anna told me again that she didn’t touch the food what she liked anyway. I was in a fever but went out to them. She seemed glad to see me and sniffed my skin and hands for a long time.

I talked to her while stroked her head and gave a treat she consumed. Then I went back to the bed. Meantime I phoned my vet from my bed, asked him to visit my GSD. He could came next day only. Roll just laid there and didn’t care for anything. She got a shot, but my vet wasn’t certain regarding the outcome.

Next-day morning my wife found our Roll died. She gathered her last strength and climbed to our door. Tears came to my eyes. That came to my mind while I read about the Keltie dog which showed a great example of loyalty. RIP Roll.

Dog Eyes – Specific World Seeing Devices? 2

Previous part was dealt with the research and dog eyes’ anatomy.

Seeing by Dog Eyes in Different Altitude

Dog eyes have different properties depending upon their altitude. Generally, researchers think that the flat-faced (or short-nosed) dog breeds  have better depth-perception than the long-nosed breeds. 

And the Boston Terrier is an example to the first, and the greyhound to the second. This is due to the altitude location of their eyes. Their overlap of the field of vision is very similar to the human field of vision.

Side note: the depth perception of the Frisbee dogs and others are stronger. Still, the long-nosed dogs generally have a wider field of vision than the short-nosed ones, due to the position of their eyes.

Some breeds have short stature than others. So, big stature dogs are more suitable for hunting out in the field. Namely, they perceive the game from greater distance – especially if it also moves simultaneously.

Dog eyes are also different when it comes the visual field. There are several lengthy-muzzled canine breeds like sight hounds. They have a wide visual field as much as 270 degrees in comparison to one hundred eighty for humans. Curt-nosed breeds, however, have a central patch. By this, the density of nerve endings is three times better as the visible loach.

So, they have more detailed visual field than us humans. And, some broad-headed and short-toed canine breeds have a sight view just like that of humans.

About the Motion-Detection of Dog Eyes

Many dogs have a wider field of vision than humans. They are very good in the remote motion detection area. Veterinarians say that dogs are capable of detecting moving objects more than 800 meters (roughly 900 yards) away. I talked to a few hunters, and they confirmed this as a fact.

This detecting property makes these dogs useful for hunting and harvesting. Nevertheless, this distance may cut in much degree – by up to 500 meters – when the game or person isn’t moving.

From their increased motion sensing, many people think that while watching TV dogs only see flashes of light. At the same time the human eye perceives as a moving picture. But, dogs are also able to see the LCD TV’s image as a movie-like.

Dog Eyes in Older Age

Elderly dogs usually tend to have issues with their eyes for a number of reasons. First, some problems are coming as a natural result of getting older. Retinal degeneration or cataract, are typically age-associated conditions causing issues.

Another aspect is that senior animals have had extra occasion to get harm to their eyes. And that might result in lengthy-time period problems such as the glaucoma.

Thirdly, some eye ailments are originated from systemic circumstances similar to cancers, diabetes, hypertension. And all of that are more frequent within the elderly era.

Dog eyes also can become blurred or vague as your pet aged. This is due to their macular degeneration. In the elderly, the canine retinal layers become thickened. And this induces changing in the mode of refraction of the eye.

What Can You Do To Keep Up Well-being Of Dog Eyes?

You need to think about it that eye ailments have a capability to make worse quickly in your home animals. Therefore, you should search professional attention in no time if you perceive some changing.

Indicators of an issue embody are growing skew-eyeing, possibly a brand-new onset of tearing and mucous. Furthermore, is known a contaminated-looking sediment bulging or sinking in the eye within the orbit. And we need to mention the lower vision ability as well.

You need to feed a balanced food regimen and maintain the hair trimmed short across the dog eyes sufficiently. With that you have the ability to preserve it from irritating the dog  eyes. On the other side, this way you – the dog owner – see the eyes clearly enough to perceive an issue in early phase.

The groomers usually are the primary to note the eye downside in the case of longer-haired dog breeds. I suggest you, instead guessing, it’s better if your veterinarian examines your dog. He can establish the diagnosis and specify the right treatment.


Understanding how dog eyes are functioning in seeing the world can help you in teaching your pet. It also help building better relationship between both of you. Your dog sees in the dark better than humans in his own near-earth perspective. It has a wider vision-field and a greater range of motion detecting ability. Nevertheless, it cannot see very well close range, and is able distinguish only a few colors.

Have you tasted homemade dog biscuits?

Bow-Wow My Dog Friends, This week, we hadn’t a lot of sunshine, but it’s not particularly interested in me. It was much more exciting for me that I ate delicious homemade dog biscuits I got from my owner.

You know, my master use to cook different meals for fun sometimes. And I’ll be excited in advance when I notice the preparations in the kitchen. Namely, I know the result will be something delicious always.

My master got some paper from one of his friends and there was a recipe of homemade dog biscuits on that. He told me he would try it and make pumpkin biscuits for me.

I’m Lovin’ the Homemade Foods

 homemade-dog-biscuitsOh, my dog fellows, I’m not choosy when it comes eating, I’m gobbling happily I get. Ha-ha, it’s funny, a friend of my pack-leader told him that their basset hounds happily gnawing on turnips since they see their donkey how much loves it.

I like carrots and haven’t quarreled with any in-store treats. My master patiently explained me the labels of ready-made biscuits are difficult to decode in order the contained ingredients listed on them. Although at least what he use to buy contains no artificial colorings and preservatives.

That is the reason he uses to make homemade food for me sometimes. Because this way he can see what materials are included, so it will be healthy for me – his loving dog – surely. And it is fitted to my taste, too.

My master explained me why he did these homemade dog biscuits: preparation of the pumpkin and cinnamon biscuit is not only very easy to make. But, it also is very healthy, fulfilled with fiber, so it helps my digestion. Additionally, it has a lot of vitamin A, potassium, beta-carotene and iron.

Recipe of the Homemade Dog Biscuits

Ingredients: • 1.32 lb pumpkin • 80 ounces of flour (whole wheat or plain) • 2 tablespoons olive oil or other vegetable oil • half a teaspoon of baking soda (or baking powder) • 4 tablespoons of water • 4 tablespoons of honey • half a teaspoon of cinnamon (optional) Preparation:

My master cuts the pumpkin, scrapes the core and chops it, next he covers that with aluminum foil and places the pre-heated oven 355 °F degrees. When it’s almost tender, then he fries it a bit over the top.

Once it cooled, he spoons out the pumpkin from its shell, and mixes the honey, oil and water to that. Then he adds the floor, baking powder and spices and kneads these to get a well formatted extensible dough.

Then he extracts little uniform pieces from the dough with a spoon, kneads balls and flattens them in flat of his hand. He bakes them dry at 355 °F degree oven around 25-30 minutes. The result was 60 piece morsel from this dose.

Oh my dog fellows, these homemade dog biscuits were very delicious for me. I’m awaiting impatiently when I’ll get from them again. Oh … you know …  it’s not an easy thing to being a dog.

Bow-Wow until next time, Zizi