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How To Care Our Dogs Special Way At Christmas?

Mornin’ Dog Folks!

One of our dogs - Doris as SantaIn the direction of finish the year – which is also the holiday season – we are putting brakes on the everyday rush. At this period, everybody turns into obsessive about the festive ambiance, the coziness. It follows from this that we wouldn’t like to divest our dogs from the family programs in addition to giving gifts on this occasion. So far, so good. But, what would the dogs say in case of asking them about their experiences regarding holidays like Christmas?

Holiday Trends

My Friends, the above question isn’t random, simply think about the latest years. You may encounter the phenomenon as people – in increased number – could be so intimately linked to their furry mates.

Dog owners arrange a particular birthday celebration for their canines like giving presents, cooking cake and so on. I feel more individuals are inclined to consider the dog as a human being with that in mind as well.

You may have noticed this tendency in America and Japan, for instance. There, many people power their dog directly with a human role. And, looking around within my environment, what can I perceive?

I do experience this increasingly with novice dog owners. They are inclined to pamper their furry friend after a long wait for their first, coveted dog. I confess, I had such a period when my son was a child.

My Experience With Our Dogs

But, I only think back to those memories funnily today. I remember our Boxer called Doris with a Santa cap over her head, plus a table labeled “Merry Christmas” in her mouth for the photographing. I sent this picture as Christmas greetings to relatives thirty-five years ago.

And you know what? It wasn’t a big task for Doris, but I’ve to say she didn’t enjoy that particularly. Just think about that as you command your dog like “Grab,” “Stay,” “not good, I said you Grab and Stay!”

And she snapped the squeaky toy gift in two minutes. The funniest thing is that we can buy our dogs any gift. But, s/he isn’t going to be happy with that in an extent like the remaining gala dinner and a little attention.

Dogs are simple creatures; it is easy to make them pleased because they want uncomplicated things.


For instance, they play a piece of wood merrily, and there is no greater joy for them than you (the owner) spend time together with. For them, Christmas is nothing other than the fact that you’re in such a little different mood.

They experience more coming and going as well as the additional food. Please, I don’t recommend you to force them in our holiday habits; it will not be such a pleasure for them as we think!

We can buy a gift for our dogs, but be aware that we do that so much more for our soul, not because of their own. A new game will please them, but then don’t take it a minute later, saying that it was beeping too loud, or s/he will tear up that.

Caring Example

After all, it was a gift so the best you can do is letting play with that as s/he wants. To mention my own practice in feeding, instead of the usual nutrition I use to cook a stew for them, the recipe is here.

As a supplement, I give Zizi and Lisa a large marrow-bone. This way, both I make them happy and my peace of mind is fine. However, I’d warn you not to give your dog anything that make her stomach be diseased.

I love to walk our dogs on the 24th because as if the world would be different that day. Of course, others also have walked with their favorites. We see the familiar faces, but somehow smile more kindly at each other.

The morning walk can be longer to take the dogs get well tired. This way they will not be in your way in cleaning, cooking and last-minute gift-wrapping. Then in the afternoon, I used to go out with them a bit more before the gifting.

Intimate Atmosphere

For me, this is the most intimate atmosphere, almost only we are on the street. It’s already dark, through the windows you can see the light and families celebrating Christmas.

And even it’s snowing, if you’re lucky. (Unfortunately, we have no snow this holiday.)
Those who have chance, organize the whole family with a dog walking, tobogganing or where the dog can run around with you.

The family will benefit from the relaxation of the festive preparations and rush. There is no greater gift for your canine when s/he is the reason the family walks with him or her.

This way, you will not have to tell yourself during the dinner that the poor dog left out of everything.

Meet the Rules

Some rules I have to mention that they have often forgotten in the celebrations. We use to say that our dogs can be unleashed anywhere if they are socialized well.

Namely, the proper relationship already established with you can tell him or her what you like. In this case, you can be more lenient with him or her. For example, you can let your favorite to come in where other times not allowed.

Of course, there are owners who don’t know the dog body language in full and their dog isn’t so obedient. The best such an owner can do is to ensure compliance with the rules of the dog in this case, too.

What I mean? For instance, you should be prepared that the arrival of guests will stir the canine. Thus, it is important that your dog is sufficiently tired, in advance.

Behavior With Guests

Namely, there could be someone among the guests, who is afraid of dogs or one who fears for his clothes. And there are people also who worship the dog and confirm the bad things such as the hopping, with the best intention.

Pretty irksome when we have to reprimand our dogs what not to do – in the front of the guests. And even more unpleasant if your guests should be advised to avoid feeding your dog.

Conversely, do not caress it when jumped up with muddy feet, or came into the forbidden zone.

It is worth preparing your dog in advance for such situations by exercising the “No” and “Stay” commands, which might come in handy at any time. For larger problems, your dog also can be kenneled during this time.

Another solution may be to inform the guest family in advance how to respond to certain things the dog does. Anyway, by now they already know that we are the “mad dog owners” in the family, this point will not surprise them.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for every animal loving people around the world! Arrange joyful walk or journeys with your fur babies among these holidays!

Our dogs also deserved to show them our affection, together with those spending their days in shelters through no fault of their own. They are entitled to receive some attention at Christmas together with people taking care of them.

Happy Holidays,

Alex Sparrow

Apartment Dogs – You Required to Live In Smells?

Hello Dog Peeps!

apartment-dogsI don’t know about you, but I often hear that the apartment dogs make their home stinky. I have experienced this also when visited some dog owners’ home. However, it shouldn’t be that way, because it’s only up to us to live in such a frequent dog-smelling home. Namely, we are able to maintain our apartment hygienically by complying with a few simple rules.

Dogs (Do Not) Stinks

You may remember my former article dealing with get rid dog smells. The essence of the article is that the unpleasant odor is unknown with dogs kept healthy and hygienically.

A healthy canine doesn’t let go unpleasant smells in the air of your home – either from the front or from behind. What is more, if their fur is maintained properly, then the dogs’ center also will not stink.

Achieving a non-smelling status isn’t so difficult as you may think. Let’s see some examples…

Treating Home Accidents and Their Consequences

In addition to the prompt action, I use to do the followings. If we are at home when our dog peed, pooped or vomited, then we clean up promptly. This is because each wasted minute increases the amount of hard avoidable smells.

We pick up the “rough” pieces with a paper towel and quickly bagging it before it is discarded. Then we have blown a stronger cleaner with lightning speed onto the tiled floor or plastic surfaces.

This could be a commercially available enzyme spray that specifically produced for clean up and odor neutralization. But, if this isn’t available, the window cleaning and other general cleaning can be handy, too.

Act Quickly

The point is, if possible, we should spray the surface before the stain is dried. After that we have time to clear away the ‘accident’ thoroughly.

Always worth to clean at least two rounds; in the first session, we remove all visible dirt. Next, we clean up with clear devices in the second section. Afterwards, we chase away the last odor molecule by applying a further dose of detergent.

You will achieve not only an instantaneous hygiene this way. But you minimize the further risk of pee / poop in the case of having a puppy. Namely, there is no odor trace left as a trigger stimulus in the home.

In case of upholsterers, the principle is the same. Consequently, having apartment dogs, it is definitely advisable to refuel reliable carpet cleaning.

Lying, Weltering, Caviling

You save yourselves some time and energy by supervising your dog’s movement in your flat. If you are setting certain limits, he or she will know what s/he can do or can’t. This way, you don’t let him / her to go rampage on all your furniture.

Otherwise, your favorite will expropriate the whole apartment, including all your furniture / furnishing.
Never mind if it is a blanket or towel. It’s not difficult to make understand all dogs were and when is free to lie.

Please, keep in mind that the more washable fabric covers you’re using, is the better. Unless you are a firmly convinced dog owner who prohibits lying on the furniture.

The Place of Apartment Dogs

I know from experience that majority of dogs stick to their usual place. Of course, they carry a lot of dirt to there. It’s up to you that you buy a bed that’s easy to clean or make one by yourself.

Millions of alternatives exist to choose from. But, it may happen that your dog does not like neither the basket nor the pillows. However, this case also is not hopeless.

You can buy him / her a penny rug – those are easy to clean and not very valuable. In other words, you may discard them easily if they have been difficult to keep clean.


The situation is that the dog smell can be felt in any home, if the owners do not clean the flat regularly and thoroughly. To make so, pull away the furniture from the wall and vacuum hidden corners.

Namely, the dust and dog hairballs settle down there. And these “hidden agents” are responsible for dust and dog smell in your apartment in the first place.

Of course, there can be fewer sensitive surfaces in your flat. To clean them, you may use the good old chlorine scrubbing agent. Applying that you gain a further advantage; you prevent the bacteria progeny.

Clean-up Thoroughly

Living together with apartment dogs it is advisable to commission an expert to clean the carpets and upholstery once / twice yearly. Naturally, you also can do that if you have the proper machine. Nothing can replace a deep washing and chemical carpet cleaning. Sometimes it’s worth a little extra money to spend, then it’s much easier to keep the level.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Facing Dogs and Cyclists Should Lead to Attack?

Hello again!

when dogs and cyclists encounterA healthy lifestyle includes movements and exercise in the open air. Some are walking with their dogs; others are jogging or running and there are those who biking. It’s inevitable sometimes that dogs and cyclists are encountering during their activity. And, familiarizing you with new area by biking might be risky once you cross into a canine territory. So, it is not useless to be prepare for such encounters to prevent any problems.

When Dogs and Cyclists Encounter

Similarly to other living beings, dogs indicate their very own area. And they don’t greet prettily cyclists, joggers, motorists or any additional trespassers. Remember that 98-99 percent of the registered dog bites occur inside the dog’s territories.

When you step into a canine’s private zone, be conditioned for the animal to get into the assault manner. A considerate human may perceive warning signs like livid barking and may prevent problems by leaving the scene instantly.

If you don’t, then you expose yourself to a potential dog attack. This entails biting in your heels and an effort to take you down. Rest assured, a dog assault can throw you off stability, and can result in severe wounds.

Therefore, understanding how to handle dog attacks is a crucial measure to ensure peace in your cycling. I don’t recommend kids – or cyclists having little knowledge with canines – trip the place dog attacks may happen.

Attack Signals

Dogs are often inclined to assault cyclists from the rear direction. But, don’t assume all canines aspire their preys savagely. You can ascertain if the animal has critical will to bite you by observing the dog’s gait.

In addition to the previous barking, if s/he feels threatened; the canine will chase more outrace than usual. Their tail levels downward, ears are erected and mouth opened.

Ways You Can Apply

* Once you notice the dog comes near to you from any course, remember to guard your bicycle’s front wheel. If the animal abruptly makes a frontal attack, it could trigger a collision plus your fall.
The wise decision is to go to the farthest side of the road as well as to ride away without hesitation.

* Another possibility is when you yell load-throated to cope with the offended dog. This sound can temporarily shock the canine and makes it to vacillate. If it’s work, use the additional seconds and leave the scene as quickly as you can.

Nevertheless, at facing dogs and cyclists, if s/he remains in assault mode, lift your fist associated with an angry shout. Majority of dogs are scared of human violence will not chase after a person who poses an evident menace.

* I’d recommend you to understand that you probably can’t outrun a dog always (unless you’re Usain Bolt). For instance, cloggy roads or steep tracks could cause cyclists to make a very sluggish getaway.

No panic, my Friend, a can of dog spray is your savior. That spray will tweak the dog’s eyes and nose, so shut off the canine momentarily on a harmless way.

* If the above ways are ineffective, you should call help. If the dog in question is resolute in its assault, defend yourself and put your bicycle between you and the dog. Be careful and don’t attempt to kick the animal, as this may increasingly cause you to lose your stability.

If you’re assaulted or bitten, then look after medical help instantly. And report the case to the authorities and present a complaint contrary to the dog owner. The canine might want to be put into quarantine to confirming whether it is rabid or not.

Background of Dog Attacks

Don’t plug our heads in the sand but say: the human carelessness is behind attacks always. Main reasons are: people keep their dog improperly, or deal with it aggressively, or simply throw out the animal.

No wonder if the frightened, hungry canine simply runs wild. Due to this fact, the only way you can sustain a dog if you look after it responsible manner.

That way allows you to keep away from to turn against you or towards other individuals or animals. Furthermore, I advise you to take your canine to dog school in order to learn the correct social behavior.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, a dog attack may happen with anyone, so you should be aware of what to do in such a case. It is important to teach these for your kids or elderly, too, as they are at the greatest risk.

Pay attention to avoid mixing dogs and cyclists. Prepare yourself to get the ability to react in the event you face a territorial dog during riding.

Until next time,

Alex Sparrow

Using Jars Equals Fresh Dog Treats Always

Figuring out how to store appropriately your fresh dog treats is important. After all, you’ve spent money and time to bake fine dog treats for your furry favorite. So, there isn’t any reason to let your efforts proceed to waste. You want to achieve extending the self-life of your self-made canine biscuits, right? Maybe you’re searching for handy, long-lasting and great ways to store treats for your canine? Then using dog treat jars are the solution for you.

fresh-dog-treats-jarEvery dog loves treats, and it won’t take long for them to recognize dog treat packages. More or less, dog treats might  become stale before you give them to your pets, even those in zip top containers. Of course, no one gives a ruined treat to his or her favorite so you do not also expect dogs to consume them.

Jar Types for Storing Fresh Dog Treats

You can keep the fresh dog treats safe just as the day you got them from the groceries by storing them in dog treat jars. The jars’ advantage is they keep out the air and moisture. Aside from that, dog treat jars can also be a great decoration for display.

The dog treat jars available throughout the market in different sizes, designs, colors, embellishments, and shapes. Because of the increasing demands of this item, most dog treat jar makers personalize the designs according to the owner’s preference.

However, if you want to grab your own customized, handy and inexpensive dog treat jars, you can actually create your own. You just need to follow the simple instructions below.

DIY Treats Jar

glass-jar-for-fresh-dog-treats-before-decorationYou will need a glass jar, large and clear enough. Also grab some contact papers in colors of your selection, air-dry clay, acrylic paints in different colors, pencil, epoxy glue, and scissors.

For the jar, you can pick the pickle jars. Wash and clean them dry, together with its lid. Select a contact paper color that will complement the color of your kitchen or place where you’re likely display the dog treat jar. You can choose from the dozens of patterns and colors available.

Make use of the contact papers to design and cut dog figures. You can place them as decorations on the jar. For instance, you can create large balls for the dog’s body, smaller balls for its head, and air-dry clay for its arms and legs.

You can add texture and details to make nose, tail, cheeks or muzzle of the dog, still with the use of shaping air-dry clays. When the design is entirely dry, you can paint the figures with acrylic paint. You can also create eye highlights, stripes, and other cute expressions of the pet.

Dog Treats Jar As Gift?

Make use of your creativity and imagination to do your original dog treat jar. Additionally, the personalized dog treat jars can be a perfect gift to give to your dog lover friends. You can fill them with different homemade dog treats or store-bought dog foods.

Any dog lover and owner will certainly appreciate this gift idea. Now with dog treat jars, you are always good with feeding your dogs fresh and healthy as well as safe dog treats. It is definitely both a delight for you and your pet.

My Additions

Earlier than you’re storing the treats you made at home or purchased, you must be certain that those are totally cooled. Otherwise, you may get stuck with a moldy dog treat jar due to condensation. Consequently, the result may be something you certainly don’t want to give your pet to consume.

The experiences show that home made canine treats that remain in a dog treat jar situated on your counter stand the test of time a lot longer in a dry and cool surroundings than one, which is stay in humid and scorching environment.

Another aspect in storing is the light as your dog treats adversary. Of course, I actually mean the direct shiny daylight and warmth as your enemies. My best advice could be to store your do-it-yourself dog treats in a cool and darkish as well as a dry place.

Please, deliberate this couple of things with regards to store the home-made fresh dog treats. It’s definitely worth the effort. Your doggie will probably be having fun with your baking efforts for a lot of weeks!

What Can Be Dogs’ New Year’s Resolution?

Dog Lovers, Happy New Year!

The year of 2013 left us, and the usher 2014 stepped out from behind the curtain. And this is the perfect time for most individuals look back to the 12 months has gone. People also have become a habit of creating a New Year’s resolution. When we make such resolutions, we want to prove to ourselves something.

For example, we lay the cigarettes because they are unhealthy, and we will be successful in that. Or, possibly, we start dieting to fit into the old clothing again, sitting in the closet’s deep. It could happen that we want to spend more time in a sport, because we feel a lot of sitting work or drudgery increasingly destroying our bodies.

But, I played with an idea of what it would be if our dogs also make their New Year’s resolution. Please, visualize as your furry friends are reflecting on the alternatives they’ve made last year. Would they change something in 2014 or possibly not?

Dogs’ New Year’s Resolution

I’ve imagined what would be their resolution of our present dogs and who left us in the last decades. Well, let’s start with the youngest.


* Zizi is our eight-year-old rescued Labrador/German Shepherd mix, and her resolution could be something like this: “I resolve not to bark all times when thunder and lightning are happened. I know I need to be neglecting towards them, but somehow I felt indicated to bark. My loving owner and mentor tried to cease this habit. He did a consulting with his vet and achieved some results. This family loves me very much and I would like to honor their effort with some more progress.”

* Roll was the senior fellow when Zizi came to us. She also was a rescued canine. Unfortunately, she left us and vent to over the rainbow bridge.  Her mortal remains are buried in our garden. If she were alive, maybe this would be her New Year’s resolution: “I resolve not to bark on the mailman in the future. I totally understand that he has a job and has to provide his family. And if I think about this issue seriously I realize I sometimes may be reacted a too harsh way by leaping over the fence and barking loudly. I certainly did not seem a civilized dog, and that will change surely.”

* Nero also was a rescued mongrel, and his ancestors were totally unknown and Roll was brought here after his death in his twelve years. He finally rests in eternal peace in our garden. If he were alive, his resolution would be something like this: “I resolve not to dig holes under the bushes anymore. I know how upset was the wife of my master to discover the holes repeatedly. I heard many times individuals proclaiming that nobody would undertake such a trenching machine like I am, but I resolve to verify they are wrong.”

These came to my mind while I watched how Lisa and Zizi are playing joyfully in our yard. As far as my New Year’s resolution concerned I promise to be their loving and responsible owner and teacher.

My dog lover Friends, what would be your dog’s resolution to 2014?

Announcement, and Adopted Dog Returned

Dear All,

I’ll discuss today about an adopted dog someone took home and returned it back after a week. But, before that I’d like to make an announcement.

Well, we are all witnessed as 2013 says farewell to us. Can you believe it? I know you’re probably thinking ahead to what you can do in 2014 to make it your best year ever, right? I admit, that’s what I’m doing.

But, we are not beyond the Christmas and year-end festive period yet. In the coming days, I look back on time elapsed from the start of this site. And I also prepare the plan for 2014. Naturally, I spend Christmas with my family.

Thinking about my readers who subscribed so far I prepare a report, the topic is dog related of course. Hoping I’ll be able to send you that by the end of this year. The preparations are underway.

And I want to say to you “Thank You” for your support, questions, or suggestions I got this year. I hope I can count on your activity in the next year as well. I’ll do my best to achieve that.

peaceful-and-merry-christmas!I wish you a Merry Christmas with full of love and happiness, and a New Year loaded of chances and satisfactions. Please, use the coming days to spend quality time with your loved ones and think about those things for which it is worth living.

An Adopted Dog Returned

And now, let’s go to the today’s topic. I anticipate that this story was in the news recently, and I felt inclined to write about an adopted dog returned.

Imagine a singer who is pet friendly person and loves the dogs. He was falling in love with a dog from the supply of a rescue foundation, and gladly took it his home. This is nothing special so far; it could happen to any animal loving people.

He renamed the canine from B to C. It was a good dog and was guarding the house well. But, it seems that the animal didn’t want to accept anyone only the singer in question.

As he said: “We liked him very much; C is really a very nice, good dog and a fine watchdog too. C was in our household for a few days when I left my home, and my wife wanted to give him food. But, she still not reached a bowl, and a dog growled and behaved as if he wanted to attack her.”

“I also wanted to introduce my 15-month-old son to him as well to acquaint themselves. Because C was heard the voice of my son from inside only so far. But, unfortunately, C’s behavior was threatening toward my son too. So I decided not to take any risk and discard the dog for family safety.”

Apart from that, the singer didn’t stop to think that the family expanded with an adopted dog. But, he says he is trying to find carefully the matching dog next time.

“Maybe a puppy would be better from the point of view that it could grow together with the child. For this moment, we are not planning another adoption, because this parting of a dog pretty worn us. A dog is not like a pair of pants that’s replaceable by man…”– added the singer.

The said dog is waiting for his loving new owner again at the rescue foundation presently. One of the members of the foundation said that this canine is a really lovable creature. They are looking for him a definitely strong, competent hand.

“This dog is a five years old, very smart, amiable animal, a true watchdog. We recommend him to a family safely, but in any case, he needs a host who is experienced, knowledgeable, and the dog doesn’t think after a day that he is the pack leader. I’m puzzled that he entered being offensive, because that isn’t his attribute at all. In any event, he is also looking forward to his final master.” – says Clare.

adopted-dog-returned“B is a very kind, sociable, truly charismatic dog, is walking nicely on a leash. He is an excellent watchdog and playmate as well. He requires the love and the occupation with him. It’s spayed, vaccinated, equipped with a chip and now is waiting for the final, responsible owner. After a week-long “guest performance,” B has been returned to us again. We brought him back, although we are sure that it would have been a great fan for the family, additionally an excellent watchdog.”

So far the story. The Noteworthy Lessons:

* As I mentioned in one of my other articles, I worked in a dog shelter as a volunteer. Sadly, the majority of the canines in shelters are located there as they had been the subject of inconsiderate buying. Specifically, certain family member or adult individuals rush to adopt a dog, although they neglected to ponder what keeping a dog involves.

I use to examine the circumstances and members in our family, and myself in addition to my time accessible and select accordingly. I’d say, to find a dog is just your first task, however, a really important one. You have to be believed strongly that you, and the animal will probably be the right match to one another. You have to be certain that your household will be the suitable home for that chosen canine.

* Avoid taking home any dog immediately from a sudden “love.” Dependent on their outer traits only you may make a false decision. Namely, their entire character and temperament might stay hidden for you at that minute.

To be aware of these completely you have to be in everyday interaction with the chosen dog. In order to uncover the correct fellow in one another requires time, similar to a great marriage. I use to take to walk the chosen animal three – four times to experience their behavior.

That is indispensable for the basic cognition, then I decide to take it or leave it.

* Your task is to prepare yourself and your family members to the arriving of your chosen animal. I use to make notices when I heard the information the rescue organization staff announces. This information I give to my family, after all, we all will live together with the dog.

It’s advisable that your spouse and kids are aware who is the newcomer. Furthermore, some dog keeping experience also is useful when you intend to take an adult dog having unknown experiences. Dogs in similar age might have entrenched habits you have to be able to handle as a pack leader.

* It’s advisable not to monopolize the dog for yourself. Dogs rehomed in new circumstances require time to understand the family members. And you should accustom the dog to accept food and drink from others from your family. By hand feeding some food your dog (under supervision) will know the smell of that person, that helps in the accepting.

Furthermore, the jealousy related their food, bone or toy is a normal practice for dogs. Of course, with love, patience and persistence you can cease that conduct after a time. And teach your family member to forget anxiety when dealing with. The dog might sense your fear and can be growl or attack.

* Lastly, but not last, older animals don’t like to share their owner’s attention, and love. It occurs many times that these dogs become a so called “one owner only” dogs. Having said that, we have arrived again to the point that we should get to know all info about the dog before we’re taking him home.

Introducing Your Baby To a Dog is not as simple as showing to your cat. When you are ready to present the baby to your dog, please consider the following tips:

Ask someone to hold the dog leash while you take place in a chair with your child into your arms. Put your hand on the baby’s head. (This gesture shows the protection of your baby and at the same time prevents it from being bitten by the dog.)

Do not place the baby on the floor and never hold over the dog’s head, because doing that you compel the dog to jump.

Use a balanced, calm tone when talking to your dog, and sometimes caress him, to feel safe in itself.

If you don’t perceive any aggressive behavior such as growling or tail downward, slowly afford for him to take a closer look at the baby – but do not lick it. The licking is unhealthy might serve as a prelude of biting.

Make sure that your dog’s leash tight enough to be pulled back if necessary. If your dog shows any negative behaviors, answer to him a definite “NO” and command him to move away or drop out of the room. If he listens to your command and goes off independently, reward it.

Even if all goes “smooth,” it is recommended to keep the dog on a leash whenever it is approaching the child, at least the first three weeks still you manage to study his behavior.

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Can Dogs Get Colds in Winter Really?

Hi Everyone,

Dogs-related news always attracted my attention. So, I just stumbled upon a news covered pets can get cold appeared on the CBS Las Vegas website. The KXNT Morning News is hosted by Joe Gillespie. He had a guest vet Debbie White, who said noteworthy advices on the subject. Dr. White explained that dogs get colds in chilled weather without your noticing.

She recommended dog owners dress up their dogs with sweaters, particularly if those are short-haired. Furthermore, Dr. White said in the conversation that you should provide your dog a sufficient amount of food and water. But, that’s not enough; you must also pay attention to prevent the drinking water from freezing.

The Cold in Practice

dogs-get-colds-in-winter-easilyI’ve to say I totally agree with Dr. White, based on my experiences. Cold in canines may have occurred and could be attributable to the varied viruses and germs. In this regard, dogs show signs similar to us, humans. Of course, much depends on recognizing the symptoms in its earlier phase.

Our dogs get colds by being around nearness with another, already infected canine, too. Together with this, low immunity levels, stress, and unfriendly climatic conditions could be further contributing factors.

Even so, the majority of dog owners normally have issues distinguish a standard cold from a severe disease. Here is a listing by way of help to make things somewhat simple for you. The list covers a collection of symptom signs that your canine possesses a cold.

Common Cold Symptoms in Dogs

– Runny eyes
– White nose and discharge-flow
– Grumpiness
– Sluggishness
– Coughing
– Sneezing
– Hypothermia

Puppy and Low Temperature

The list of symptoms can be observed in puppies and adult dogs equally. In addition, the new-born dogs don’t even require serious cold to be cool down. They have inherently higher heat demand and their coat is weak. Moreover, they lack the protecting fatty layer under their skin.

The few movements of the newborns and the slower metabolism are also added to the mentioned facts. The process from this point is straightforward: a newborn puppy gives low moaning sound. Then it moves even less, and eventually finishes its life.

After two months of their age, the puppies almost become restless, also they consume more food. Therefore, more and more fat is released within their bodies. Consequently, they are threatened by risk of hypothermia on less and less level.

If You Faced Trouble

In dogs, you have to take the common cold seriously. Namely, if it remains untreated, might have serious consequences. Your dog may exhibit symptoms of the common cold like sneezing, coughing, fever. In those situations mostly health problems – which are weakening the immune system – are behind.

In these cases, the care of the dog’s host is often questionable. Indeed, a puppy who has strong immune system will not get the same disease than his underfed, low-strength mate. By the way, helminthiasis, or other microorganisms also can produce symptoms of the common cold.

Due to the limited energy and liquid reserves, the condition of your dog may be deteriorated rapidly. You, therefore, need to take him to a vet as soon as possible. The speed of the treatment started in time can save lives. Long time dog owners are understandable dread dangerous viruses like distemper and kennel cough.

Elderly Dogs Get Colds

The older dogs get colds easily, terefore, they need protection in winter season. Most of the small, rare-haired old dogs will cool off very easily, especially if they are slim. Unfortunately, the insidious hypothermia goes unnoticed so frequently. Only the increased muscle tone, rigidity will be conspicuous for an inexperienced owner.

If the dog’s body temperature is reduced significantly, malfunction of the internal organs quickly takes place. The most frequent trouble is the renal ceases its service. The liver and the heart muscle is very sensitive to the cold effect. And the rheumatic diseases tend to be worse due to the cold.

As I experienced, you cannot eliminate the damages with rapid warming of the cold animal. The acute inflammation of the kidneys often becomes chronic, and this can be fatal. Therefore, there is no shame in wearing a coat by a weaker or older dog in winter.

Walking on Winter Roads

If possible, avoid walking your dog on the salt-strewn roads. If this is not a manageable option, then smear thick Vaseline or paw protector wax to your dog’s paws before walking outside. This will prevent cracking of the pad’s skin and keep feet away from the salt.

The salt causes burning feeling on the cracked pads, and this can lead to poorly healing wounds. Furthermore, the tiny snow balls and ice pieces sticking into toes also can be a resonwhy dogs get colds in winter. These can be very uncomfortable and painful. So it’s advisable to cut off the hair between the toes in time.

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How to Stimulate Your Dog Mentally?2

Hello all,

This is the second part of the article about stimulate your dog mentally. Previously, I dealt with our dogs’ requirements, which are the base of psychological stimulation. Today I’ll discuss about the devices and methods that help you to perform this task successfully.

Toys Are Stimulate Your Dog Mentally

One of the toys lights up and is providing recordings of your voice at the moment your favorite rolls them around. Then, other toys, for example, the Buster Cube, allocate treats if your canine plays with them or rolls them up and down.

stimulate-your-dog-mentally -buster-cubeThe Buster Cube is rectangular shaped so can make it tough for dogs to rotate and flip. On a hard flooring, it needs to slip rather than flipover as well as requires a great deal of dedication and time your canines for getting all the food.

However, the Buster Cube doesn’t get equally as much attention than a few of the newer, sexier canine puzzle games, just like the Nina Ottosson toys. But, in my opinion, it is one that each dog owner must have in their toy box.

Anyway, the afore mentioned Nina Ottosson produces wood, interactive canine puzzles wherever the animals should move some puzzle items to disclose hidden treats. The puzzles might be really hard, and a few of them include completely different levels. So they are stimulate your dog mentally, too.

Then, I’d propose the Kong toys to each canine owner, as a perfect device to obtain mental stimulation. My recipe is to drop a number of little dog-treats inside and use cream cheese to seal the opening. I haven’t seen a dog who wouldn’t instantly begin pushing or chewing the Kong around to acquire the internal content.

Then, there are stuffed animals, which appear simple, but that is only false. Namely, they possess other, smaller stuffed toys hidden within that, and your family dog needs to find.

Every one of these toys and games are awesome and mentally stimulate your dog. They provide good substitutes in case your canine can’t go out for a great running.

WARNING! Please, be aware that 100% indestructible toy doesn’t exist. It would be unrealistic to anticipate that feature. Therefore, you should always supervise your animals when they’re playing with toys. It’s advisable to examine all toys if they are not damaged. Don’t enable your canines to go on to have fun with a broken toy.

Stimulate Your Dog mentally Is a Team Work

The puzzle toys mentioned have been meant for you to have fun with your dog as a team. Your pet will undoubtedly want some guidance from you. And working together you may discover your tie becomes more strength between you.

The majority of puzzles shouldn’t be performed by your dog alone. Namely, because they do have detachable pieces that your favorite pal might swallow. That can be resulted the end of the toy and maybe your dog, in the worst case.

Speaking about my dogs, they would actually resolve the puzzle by lacerating it if I allow them to. So I need to sit down next to them, guiding them, keeping the puzzle and asking to relax if they get too fierce.

You may begin with easy thing and work with indeed delicious and particular treats. So long as your pet is interested; you shouldn’t fret if he’s not fixing the puzzle at first experiment. The more time involves him to perform for it, the more drained he will certainly get.

After all, that’s specifically what you want to achieve. But, it may occur that he gives up. Then it is possible to make it simpler and assist him with. Moreover, you need to give plenty of praise when he discovers the following step.

The Plus

It’s also possible to give time playing with your four-legged friend. I have long observed that I needn’t to play with whatever complicated toy with my dogs. We can engage in a ball or bough fetching, tug of war, seek and hide. Alternatively; I just give my dogs stomach rubs while I talk to them on loving voice.

Spending quality time collectively might be just as well in mental stimulation terms as gaining outdoor exercise. Those dogs which get an adequate amount of petting and play hardly ever present conduct issues. In fact, the exercising is perfect for dogs.

But, when I’m unable to take my dogs to work out, numerous alternatives are available. Regardless if my dogs are starting to get loads of exercise, I need to ensure my canines have different toys. And I try to invest heaps of quality time with them. Both of us deserve it!

P.S. Your turn: Share your experiences about how do you stimulate your dog mentally. If you have any questions or reflection as well as an adequate proposal, please don’t deprive the audience from your wisdom. Thank You!

How to Stimulate Your Dog Mentally?1

Hi Everyone,

As a preliminary point, I inform you that Lisa, our new German Shepherd mix puppy got her second de-worming. Our rescued favorite was 14 weeks old and weighed 17 pounds yesterday. Spending many times together with pets you can stimulate your dog mentally. The two dogs get along very well with each other, the older one (Zizi) almost completely reborn due to the puppy. And today’s topic is the ways to stimulate your dog psychologically to achieve a desired  behavior.

stimulate-your-dog-mentally -jack-russelDoes your dog always bark, chew or weeding the flower in your garden? If whatever your answer is yes, then it’s advisable to reorganize your everyday life with your dog. Namely, behind of numerous behavioral problems – such as barking, chewing, digging, etc. – is the isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise and mental stimulation. Unfortunately, as we’re all getting busier, sometimes less and less time, and energy remains for our favorite.

Despite this, humans expect certain behavior from their dogs in the everyday life, common work, sport and training. You can achieve the realization of this behavior if you provide the physical, mental and emotional conditions equally. Namely, this species (Canis familiaris) is required to fulfill these to be a mentally balanced dog in the modern civilized environment as well.

Our Dog’s Requirements

1) Proper food. The food eaten affects the general health, mood, resistance, physical and mental endurance and the available age. Food has to be tasty, and must comply with the medical and biological requirements are important in the animal development.

2) Socialization. The next requirement for dogs is getting in different social connections of the real world. That means to be familiarized with outer stimuli in their 4 – 16 weeks of age. Namely, those will increase their resistance to stress and determine their lives in the future.

3) Learning. I get questions daily: “Can you teach my dog to …” And sometimes they ask so absurdities, which shouldn’t teach a dog if s/he doesn’t get housing conditions adequate to its race, and wasn’t  socialized from its puppy age. Because to raise a dog should know the best by his owner (pack leader).

4) Movement. For example, a terrier tends to look forever, rushing move from one scent to another. For the greyhound only the real galloping is the satisfactory movement. You cannot expect from northern dog breeds to walk slowly on a loose leash against their instinct. The list could go on.

5) Task. Experience has shown that the reason of significant part of behavioral problems is that your dog is bored. If your dog gets a job, you expect liability from him. If you give him work, then you can increase the animal’s self-confidence, and it can be motivated emotionally, too.

6) Playing. Fun and humor are the two most important components of a dog’s play. With 10 -15 minutes daily common playing, you can enhance your dog’s concentration ability, and intellectual development. As a result of regular, shared player activity your pet well be physically and mentally balanced.

7) Grooming. All dogs require from the owner certain grooming care and assistance throughout his or her life. During the daily exercise or strolling their coats, paws can pick up some grime, dirt, debris. Their eyes, ears, teeth also may require care to prevent illnesses. A well-groomed animal can be healthier, and you can stimulate him mentally easier.

8) Healthcare. Your dog’s health care requirements are constantly changing during his life. The needs differ for a 2-3 month-old pup, an adolescent canine, and your aging four-legged companion, too. Consequently, all dog owners should provide the adequate animal health-care for his canine.

Ways of Stimulate Your Dog Mentally

You may be wondering, why I listed the above elements here. Every above components help you to motivate your dog mentally. They form the foundation of that. I do understand, there are many explanations why you can’t go out with your canine to get some exercise, for instance. Apart from that, you can do many things to keep your dog from going unmanageable nowadays.

A sure way to stimulate your dog mentally is providing him diverse toys. Encouraging your animal to play occupies his attention and this can keep him away from mischief. Be sure to supply numerous various kinds of toys: ropes, toys, stuffed animals and “wear-proof chews,” and alike.

The toys called “interactive” are available in different shapes nowadays. “Interactive” signifies that your furry-friend needs to take some action – get pertaining to that toy – to allow it to be work. For example, there is a toy makes fragrant bubbles in your animal’s preferred scents once your pet presses on various areas of that device.

That’s all today. In the second part, we’ll discuss methods and devices to stimulate your dog mentally according to your goals.

How Can You Cease Bad Dog Breath?

Hi Everyone,

“How can you cease bad dog breath? My dog’s breath makes me swoon!” – said Clara, a business woman, when I met her while both of us walking our dog. She continued: “I almost have the shivers when I get a kiss from Roger. I am afraid our kids may catch some disease from him! I think we must visit our vet.” Oh yes, it wasn’t the first time I hear something like that. And if this is the case also with your dog, then it’s time to take action against the bad dog breath. Fortunately, you have some options.

Reasons – Eating Some Unhealthy Thing

reasons-of-bad-dog-breath-eating-dog-poopOur canines could possibly have a stinking breath due to plenty of reasons. Probably, the most fundamental cause is that they are consuming some very fetid things. Are you aware what your family dog has actually been eating?

As an illustration, does your furry pal eat dog poop outdoors when walking? Does your favorite get in the cat’s litter box? I’m asking these questions not accidentally. Namely, these two tend to be frequent reasons for unhealthy doggy breath. And they’re each preventable with paying attention to them.

If your doggie is consuming doggy poop outdoors it’s best to do the next:

A) Be sure you sustain your yard clean from end product of dogs. Pick-up poop as quickly as your canines produced it, so they won’t have an opportunity to eat it.

B) If your four-legged friend still finds poop to consume, then add some meat tenderizer or pineapple to his nutrition. Each of these elements is going to make poop taste unappetizing to your favorite. It’s almost like it wants something to help it become the taste bad! On the other hand, you may search for products to achieve this at your animal supply retailer.

C) Make it possible for cat litter container is saved in areas where your doggie can’t get to it. I mean similar to a particular room for your cat, or in conjunction with unreachable high places.

Lastly, you need to make sure if your dog is consuming another kind of nasty-tasting stuff outside. Is s/he eating lifeless birds or squirrels? If your favorite is eating rotting flesh or corps, then it will give him unhealthy breath easily.

Reasons – Constipation or Health Issues

health-issue-can-cause-bad-dog-breathBy seeking the reasons, canines can also are afflicted by the halitosis (stinky breath) resulting from constipation or health troubles. When you gently open your animal’s mouth, you’ll smell this quickly. The signs and symptoms could be attributable to an unbalanced food regimen, gastrointestinal issues or gum / tooth infection.

Once your doggie empties its bowel, that may smell fizzy as well as its stomach is bloated. This might mean your animal possesses a blocked digestive system. This could make that your canine really feels himself wretched.

Usually, there are some alternative treatments to remedy the stinky breath, and I’ve used these as well.

Your dog can chew on leaves of peppermint or dill. It’s also possible to make parsley tea; you’re simply boiling the parsley in scorching water. Then await it to make cool, and pour it on your animal’s food.

Carrots also help to bettering breath and take off plaque from canine’s teeth. They develop saliva, which helps take away food particles settle down on teeth. Carrots are often filled with nutritional vitamins and taste candy. Therefore, by consuming, your dog ought to get pleasure from them.

Squeezing lemon in your pet’s water what he consumes helps to clean its mouth and freshen his palate. But, it’s advisable to use it moderately, to refrain from acidity build up. You will also find breath mints designed for pets. Of course, your dogs shouldn’t be provided with human breath mints.

Namely, simply because they could cause digestive issues. Lots of pet shops promote breath treats designed for dogs. A few are miniature-sized, whilst others possess a chew bone texture. Canines can take advantage gnawing on these bones along with cleaning their teeth as well as making their breath fresher.

Bad Dog Breath Reasons – Weared Tooth

Your task is to check your canine’s teeth. What are they appeared like? In case you have a younger pooch then your canine’s teeth ought to be pearly white. Even adult, older canines must have teeth, which are mainly white, although they might present some symptoms of wear.

It may happen that your animal has teeth, which are brown, green, yellow or apparent cavities or damaged teeth. Then chances are that you’ve probably discovered the origin of his or her unhealthy breath. You should take your canine to your vet.

If the vet is capable, then he might do dog-dental action himself. Otherwise, he might recommend a doggy dentist for you. Quite often your dog might merely require cleaning his teeth.

As I observed, the usual way to perform that is giving your canine anesthesia and peel each of his tooth throughout sleeping. Your veterinarian also can repair any cavities or pull a dangerous tooth while the canine is asleep. Many times dogs might have a root canal to avoid wasting his tooth.

Majority of dogs will require their teeth cleaned by the veterinarian no less than once of their lives. A proper dental care will forestall micro organism from these unhealthy teeth from entering into your canine’s bloodstream as well as going through his heart.

Care for Aged Dogs

bad-dog-breath-cured-with-tooth-careAs your animal moves forward in the age, the bad teeth can even hinder him in eating. Therefore, it’s crucial to sustain his teeth in good shape. Naturally, it may happen that your furry friend’s teeth aren’t at this awful stage.

Apart from that, you are still able to form his breath tolerable by beginning to look after his oral hygiene frequently. The purpose of the regular brushing is even that. As I wrote here brushing with toothpaste and toothbrush designed for dogs is required minimum one time a week.

That might keep away from most dental issues and makes his breath more pleasant. But, it may happen that your furry friend’s teeth aren’t at this awful stage. Apart from that, you are still able to form his breath tolerable by beginning to look after his teeth frequently.

You will also find quite a few good dental chews beneficial for pets that will help to keep their breath freshly. Look at your pet supply retailer for dental chews for your dog and other items to refurbish the breath of your animal.


Bad dog breath may be originated from many causes. You shouldn’t forget to examine your dog’s teeth as well as whatever you’re feeding your canine. The canned meals are inclined to stick between the teeth of dogs countlessly and could cause bad dog breath. Dry dog food might be better in terms of teeth cleansing and breath. To live with a healthy dog which has clean breath is easier. In addition, s/he will present us a happier and longer life together, don’t you think so?