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Is Context Between Dog’s Health and Water?

When it comes to the water’s role in health, we know that no live organism can exist, operate without water. That’s how it is, an instance of that is that the water is the main component of the human body. An adult human’s body contains around 60-70% water. For example, if one weights 176 pounds, his body contains about 14,3 gal water. Well, you may find similar rates in our dogs, too. So, there is a straight context between dog’s health and the water.

Water Needs

dog-drinks-waterAs researchers have shown, your family dog’s physique comprises around of 70% water. By losing all the fats and 50% of protein of its body has less impact than he cannot get water for two days or more. It can be fatal for him if the water in your canine’s body is reduced to one tenth.

With a view to survive, an adult canine requires – at a minimum – two milliliters of water projected to each pound weight daily. That’s when considering 1 ounce contains 30 milliliters of water. However, that two milliliters are only enough for your animal to produce urine within his body.

Importance of Water

Without sufficient water vital for urine providing, your family dog or whatever canine won’t be able to live. When you are providing an infinite amount of water, your canine will consume a lot more than that two millimeters required. That is particularly true if you always provide fresh water to him.

Handing your doggie merely the smallest amount of water each day could also be sufficient for him to outlive, although not for long. Shortage in water injures the system and terminates its functions progressively. He’ll ultimately become weak, come down with a disease, and decease.

Water Utilizing Ways In Dog’s Body

The advantage of providing your family dog enough water compared to the smallest amount wanted is that its system can use that multi-mode (just like in humans).

1) The water facilitates the digesting and the process of taking nutrients from the food.

2) Our dog’s system is using the water to eliminate fuel, and that is transformed into energy.

3) You can more easily sustain the standard temperature of your dog’s physique by ingesting enough water as well.

4) Consuming sufficient water replaces the fluids which might be lost in our dog’s body by excretion.

5) The water also requires to mix various kinds of chemical substances within dog’s systems. Namely, the distinct chemical reactions ensure the dissolving and remodeling those components.

6) The water also is a transport device at the same time. It takes the nutrients to the cellular structures and in addition carries poisonous waste material from the cells to the organs for correct processing. With the lack of water, these organs won’t be able to eliminate toxic things off of the dog’s body.

7) In addition, the water is required to control the acid balance within the blood flow.

8) You may know the evergreen saying goes something like “Beauty comes from inside.” This applies to our dog’s mental health as well. Namely, if he or she is happy, and balanced, the vitality is radiating from every pore. That’s can be seen through its eyes, skin, nail, and hair condition too. And the sufficient water consumption has a big role in that as well.

My Take on It

Perhaps you can perceive from the above that the water is nearly always necessary for each function occurs within your favorite’s body. And as a result of its versatility plus the degree to which it’s utilized, water is regarded to be a crucial nutrient that’s needed for all kinds of dogs.

If your animal doesn’t get to water s/he can be died within a few days because of its dehydration. However, he can withstand the starvation; he will only be caught up by the fate when he runs out half its original weight. It’s obvious, there is a significant difference between the consequences of the lack of the two.

So giving my dog anything to eat; homemade food, meat, dry food or canned meals, I make sure fresh water is in front of her always. Especially in the summer when I’m out for several hours, I put enough fresh water in a couple of shaded places to let her drink. I never let the water bowl being empty, and I recommend you to do so as well.

P.S.: By reading this article, I hope you gained some insight related the role of water in your dog’s health. The comment section is open for your remark or question, take advantage of it. Thank You!

Have you tasted homemade dog biscuits?

Bow-Wow My Dog Friends, This week, we hadn’t a lot of sunshine, but it’s not particularly interested in me. It was much more exciting for me that I ate delicious homemade dog biscuits I got from my owner.

You know, my master use to cook different meals for fun sometimes. And I’ll be excited in advance when I notice the preparations in the kitchen. Namely, I know the result will be something delicious always.

My master got some paper from one of his friends and there was a recipe of homemade dog biscuits on that. He told me he would try it and make pumpkin biscuits for me.

I’m Lovin’ the Homemade Foods

 homemade-dog-biscuitsOh, my dog fellows, I’m not choosy when it comes eating, I’m gobbling happily I get. Ha-ha, it’s funny, a friend of my pack-leader told him that their basset hounds happily gnawing on turnips since they see their donkey how much loves it.

I like carrots and haven’t quarreled with any in-store treats. My master patiently explained me the labels of ready-made biscuits are difficult to decode in order the contained ingredients listed on them. Although at least what he use to buy contains no artificial colorings and preservatives.

That is the reason he uses to make homemade food for me sometimes. Because this way he can see what materials are included, so it will be healthy for me – his loving dog – surely. And it is fitted to my taste, too.

My master explained me why he did these homemade dog biscuits: preparation of the pumpkin and cinnamon biscuit is not only very easy to make. But, it also is very healthy, fulfilled with fiber, so it helps my digestion. Additionally, it has a lot of vitamin A, potassium, beta-carotene and iron.

Recipe of the Homemade Dog Biscuits

Ingredients: • 1.32 lb pumpkin • 80 ounces of flour (whole wheat or plain) • 2 tablespoons olive oil or other vegetable oil • half a teaspoon of baking soda (or baking powder) • 4 tablespoons of water • 4 tablespoons of honey • half a teaspoon of cinnamon (optional) Preparation:

My master cuts the pumpkin, scrapes the core and chops it, next he covers that with aluminum foil and places the pre-heated oven 355 °F degrees. When it’s almost tender, then he fries it a bit over the top.

Once it cooled, he spoons out the pumpkin from its shell, and mixes the honey, oil and water to that. Then he adds the floor, baking powder and spices and kneads these to get a well formatted extensible dough.

Then he extracts little uniform pieces from the dough with a spoon, kneads balls and flattens them in flat of his hand. He bakes them dry at 355 °F degree oven around 25-30 minutes. The result was 60 piece morsel from this dose.

Oh my dog fellows, these homemade dog biscuits were very delicious for me. I’m awaiting impatiently when I’ll get from them again. Oh … you know …  it’s not an easy thing to being a dog.

Bow-Wow until next time, Zizi

Commercial Dog Food or Homemade Meals?


puppy eats homemade meals

As I remember, there were different animals – dogs among others – in our household when I was a  child. And my parents used to feed our canines homemade meals, which was available on our table at that time. Think about it, the commercial dog food industry didn’t exist more than six decades ago.

And yet what is interesting? Our family ate all varieties of meals and so did our dogs in those times. Apart from that, nearly all of our dogs lived for long ages. Even one of them – the Swan which was a Kuvasz – was with us nearly his twentieth age.

Now our experience with these animals doesn’t deny any sort of dietary worth that the commercial dog food might give today. That’s related particularly contemplating the leap in data and feeding analysis that available at this time.

However, it’s a bit ironical that customary human meals did so nicely just some years back.

The Commercial Dog Food Promotions Has Brainwashed Us or What?

That type of dog food has modified quite a bit over the previous two or three decades. Many pet owners really feel that feeding their animal commercial dog food makes probably much sense. These people imagine that top quality pet food offered in stores is just solely the most handy approach to feed their canines.

They also assume to offer their animals and puppies the perfect dietary value supplied, even better than human food. They live in the believe that this choice is the proper thing to do. And you cannot blame someone due to their opinion if s / he is death sure.

An Example

You hear this kind of opinion again and again at any time when a dialogue takes place about pet food. Simply, the other day I talked over some canine tips with one of my friends, and the topic turned to what we fed our pooches.

“I feed my German Shepherd ‘X commercial dog food’ only as a result of it is for dogs” was her remark. And she continued: “Why should I feed him human meals?”

Side note: My friend’s GSD is approaching its eight-year age now, but it’s in a not-so-good shape. She takes it to the vet continuously with stomach issues, allergies, oral problems and such. So, I’m sorry for her animal and uncertain her dog will reach its ninth year of age. I would be glad if it were not so!

This nearly forty-year-old woman goes on to show his sense of information about a solely commercial dog food regimen for canines. She persevered in that my approach of feeding my dog homemade meals is dishonest for Zizi. She thinks the correct meals my dog wants for vitality and development is the dry kibble.

And you know what? Apart from her present opinion, I remember when she complained that her dog hesitated to eat the commercial dog food – around two years ago. I suggested her to merge the dog food with homemade food. She listened to me and then took another sort of processed dog meals.

What’s My Dog Feeding Method?

I also fed to my dog certain canned and dry meals, but I don’t regret the trouble to look after what the different manufacturer produces. And, you owe to your animal to study to spot willingly these “money-first” pet food corporations. And keep away from shopping for their not first-class products.

You need to search for commercial dog food made by ethical manufacturers having good reputation. They are producing prime-quality items planned to improve and lengthen your canine’s life.

Anyway, the meals of my dogs contain one-third canned meals, one-third homemade and one-third dry food. The homemade food they get don’t contain such components that would be dangerous for them. And occasionally they get cooked white cow bone too.

I apply this method for more than twenty years without a problem. It’s not boring for my dogs, and they get what they need. Their shining coat is speaking to me about their well being. Of course, I’m proud a bit when someone visiting us and perceives the health of our dogs.

And here is a homemade meals recipe I use to substitute the commercial dog food:

My Fine  Stew


2 cups barley
1/2 cup wild rice
9 cups chicken broth
4 cups rabbits — boned, +See Note
1/2 cup asparagus — chopped fine
1/3 cup canola oil
1/2 cup carrots — chopped fine
4 cloves garlic — chopped fine
1/2 cup kale — chopped fine
1/2 cup lima beans — chopped fine
1 cup potato — chopped fine
1 cup yogurt, skim milk

I place the bones and chicken broth into a large pot. I boil it rapidly. Then I add the long cooking barley and wild rice, and reduce the heat to a simmer and cover it.

After giving 20 minutes to the rabbit, I cook another 30 minutes. Meantime I wash and chop the vegetables, then place into a mixing bowl, add canola oil and yogurt, then I mix them.

Important:  You need to allow the barley and wild rice to cool. Remove the bones. Desiccate the liquid if needed. Pour into the mixing bowl and mix well.

Refrigerate or freeze the leftovers in portions in separate containers.

+Note: 2 rabbits, 4 to 6 pounds, bone the rabbit and cube to the size for your dog. Add the bones to the chicken broth.

Substitution: You also can use frozen vegetables, just run them under cold water to defrost them. And I also use lamb meat occasionally, if there is no rabbit..

All in all, it depends on you whether you feed commercial dog food or homemade meals. I think, by observing your canine’s development, you can decide between them, in favor of your pet.