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Is Context Between Dog’s Health and Water?

When it comes to the water’s role in health, we know that no live organism can exist, operate without water. That’s how it is, an instance of that is that the water is the main component of the human body. An adult human’s body contains around 60-70% water. For example, if one weights 176 pounds, his body contains about 14,3 gal water. Well, you may find similar rates in our dogs, too. So, there is a straight context between dog’s health and the water.

Water Needs

dog-drinks-waterAs researchers have shown, your family dog’s physique comprises around of 70% water. By losing all the fats and 50% of protein of its body has less impact than he cannot get water for two days or more. It can be fatal for him if the water in your canine’s body is reduced to one tenth.

With a view to survive, an adult canine requires – at a minimum – two milliliters of water projected to each pound weight daily. That’s when considering 1 ounce contains 30 milliliters of water. However, that two milliliters are only enough for your animal to produce urine within his body.

Importance of Water

Without sufficient water vital for urine providing, your family dog or whatever canine won’t be able to live. When you are providing an infinite amount of water, your canine will consume a lot more than that two millimeters required. That is particularly true if you always provide fresh water to him.

Handing your doggie merely the smallest amount of water each day could also be sufficient for him to outlive, although not for long. Shortage in water injures the system and terminates its functions progressively. He’ll ultimately become weak, come down with a disease, and decease.

Water Utilizing Ways In Dog’s Body

The advantage of providing your family dog enough water compared to the smallest amount wanted is that its system can use that multi-mode (just like in humans).

1) The water facilitates the digesting and the process of taking nutrients from the food.

2) Our dog’s system is using the water to eliminate fuel, and that is transformed into energy.

3) You can more easily sustain the standard temperature of your dog’s physique by ingesting enough water as well.

4) Consuming sufficient water replaces the fluids which might be lost in our dog’s body by excretion.

5) The water also requires to mix various kinds of chemical substances within dog’s systems. Namely, the distinct chemical reactions ensure the dissolving and remodeling those components.

6) The water also is a transport device at the same time. It takes the nutrients to the cellular structures and in addition carries poisonous waste material from the cells to the organs for correct processing. With the lack of water, these organs won’t be able to eliminate toxic things off of the dog’s body.

7) In addition, the water is required to control the acid balance within the blood flow.

8) You may know the evergreen saying goes something like “Beauty comes from inside.” This applies to our dog’s mental health as well. Namely, if he or she is happy, and balanced, the vitality is radiating from every pore. That’s can be seen through its eyes, skin, nail, and hair condition too. And the sufficient water consumption has a big role in that as well.

My Take on It

Perhaps you can perceive from the above that the water is nearly always necessary for each function occurs within your favorite’s body. And as a result of its versatility plus the degree to which it’s utilized, water is regarded to be a crucial nutrient that’s needed for all kinds of dogs.

If your animal doesn’t get to water s/he can be died within a few days because of its dehydration. However, he can withstand the starvation; he will only be caught up by the fate when he runs out half its original weight. It’s obvious, there is a significant difference between the consequences of the lack of the two.

So giving my dog anything to eat; homemade food, meat, dry food or canned meals, I make sure fresh water is in front of her always. Especially in the summer when I’m out for several hours, I put enough fresh water in a couple of shaded places to let her drink. I never let the water bowl being empty, and I recommend you to do so as well.

P.S.: By reading this article, I hope you gained some insight related the role of water in your dog’s health. The comment section is open for your remark or question, take advantage of it. Thank You!

When Choosing Dog Gate Be Aware of This

Hi Everyone,

My readers may have noticed that a few days left out of the post-continuity. The reason is simple; I went through some health treatment. As you know, in life, anything can happen to anyone, and I’m no exception. Now, I continue to write articles – hoping – to the satisfaction of my audience.

Thank you for your kind patience,

Alex Sparrow

dog-gateLots of people love to have their dog in their house with them. But, they still like to have some areas that are off-limits to their canine. You may want to confine your dog to a kitchen and den area, or keep your dog from entering a baby’s room, for instance. I think, a dog gate or baby gate may be the perfect solution in these cases.

Material and Size of Dog Gates

Indoor dog gates typically come in wood and plastic or PVC. They are usually about 2’6” tall to 3’6”, depending on your needs. And they may have slats or wiring across the gate to keep your dog from slipping through.

When choosing a dog or baby gate you will need to measure the doorway where you want to install the gate. Find out if the gate you’re considering installs with springs or if it is a wall-mounted unit. Spring-mounted gates are usually easy to take down and put up.

However, if you have a large, strong dog then it might be possible for him to pounce on the gate and knock it over. A wall-mounted gate is more permanent but it does require you to use hardware to mount the gate into the wall.

Once you’re decided how the gate will be mounted, take the measurement of the doorway so you can determine the gate size you will need.  Make sure the gate will be tall enough so your dog won’t be able to climb or jump over the gate. If the gate has slats make sure your dog (or puppy) won’t be able to squeeze between them.


To facilitate choosing the most suited dog gate you may find the advisable dog weights on the packing of the product. Anyway, most indoor dog or baby gates work very well. There really isn’t any difference between dog and baby gates. So if you can’t find what you want when looking at dog gates, go ahead and look at baby gates.

If you have a very elegant home, a lot of money or if you just can’t stand the thought of having plain dog gates in your house, you may want to consider having gates custom made for your house. It is possible to have wrought iron custom gates made for your doorways. These work the same way that regular dog gates work but they will be professionally made and installed.

dog-gate-on-doorThere are also dog gates for your yard, of course. If you have a fenced yard it’s sometimes a good idea to have it sectioned and put up a dog gate. This is particularly helpful if you have more than one dog, especially if you have intact dogs of different sexes. If you have your yard sectioned off with a good dog gate then you can easily separate a girl in season from a male without the risk of having an unplanned litter.

An outdoor dog gate can be as simple as a chain link fence gate but it should always have a good locking mechanism. Dogs can be very clever when it comes to opening gates so be sure to use a good lock when you are separating dogs.

WARNING! Please, pay particular attention to determine the exact size. Namely, some dog gates are sufficiently big for a small individual to climb through. Of course, they are created for bigger canines. However – except if you possess a Giant Caucasian Shepherd – you needn’t the largest sized dog door.

My Remark

It’s worth bearing in mind that you may change a dog gate for a larger one problem free. However, the only way you’ll be able to downsize is simply by changing the complete door.

Having a proper dog gate can make your life much easier. There will always be times when you need to put your dog somewhere and keep him there, or when you want to keep your dog out of a certain area. A good dog gate can be a lifesaver.

However, I’d recommend you to arrange purchasing the dog gate earlier than you bring your favorite to your home. This can help to prevent the occurrence of an unwanted accident.

P.S.: How do you separate your dog from your baby room? How do you provide for your dog the passage between the house and the yard? Share your experiences or ideas in the comments, they may benefit others. Thank You!

Which Party Gets the Dog in Divorce?

A divorce is a very tricky matter, not just for the people involved, but also for the family dog. The process unavoidably bring the sharing of material goods two people possess. What both of you bring into the connection from the start is divided now. This is natural when it comes to properties. However, do you know what happens whenever you possess a dog collectively?

Determining what you should do with a household pet that you just owned with your ex together generally is a tough and emotive combat. Even though it’s quite simple to state that you’d like to get your Poodle yourself, it’s better to keep in mind your canine’s interest when arbitrating its post-splitting destiny.

Every circumstance is different when it comes to separating a dog from someone or giving to. There are cases every day in which these matters are subject to judgment before the court. Fortunately, there are several ways of proceeding. Now I just pronounce these as I heard from a divorce judge the other day.

If a Dog Is a Gift

Assuming that the dog has not been included among the assets to be divided by the divorcing couple. Then the first way of looking at things is based on the simple facts of the law: who gave what to whom? If someone gave a dog to the husband, but he gave the dog to the wife, whose dog is it?

which-party-gets-the-dog-in-divorceIn a case like this, the law would determine that the dog belongs to the wife because the husband gave it to her as a gift. A court could also decide to look at a case from the point of view of what was in the best interests of the dog.

What’s the Dog’s Interest?

It may happen that Mrs. X actually owned the dog but the animal was clearly devoted to Mr. X. In this case, the court could decide to award the dog to Mr. X based on the bond between the dog and Mr. X.

An evolving body of law, however, has been deciding who gets the dog based on a different standard. They have been asking, “Who cares for the dog?”  In other words, who is the person who feeds the dog, bathes the dog, and takes the dog to the vet?

This may be how the court determines what is in the true best interest of the dog. They can award the dog to the person who has shown that they are capable of providing care for the dog and bear the costs.

Other Considerations

So, deciding who gets the dog is not a black and white matter in courts. It will depend on which standard a court decides to use. It may depend on who wants the dog more. It may depend on negotiations and bargaining behind the scenes.

What effect this fuss may have to the dog’s life in the future? Undoubtedly, the dog may be somewhat confused to have his routine upset. And in addition, it loses one of the regular people in his life. An outside observer would not be able to judge without knowing the facts.

However, the picture will have a tinge if there have been ongoing fights and tensions within the home. In that case, the dog may be better off living with just one person in a more harmonious situation.

My Remark

Who knows? Perhaps a judge could award joint custody and the divorced spouse would be able to occasionally visit the dog. You possibly watched the film “The Awful Truth” where Irene Dunne and Cary Grant go to court to decide who gets Mr. Smith, their Wire Fox Terrier.

What happened was that Irene Dunne cheated and used a toy to get Mr. Smith to come to her. Apart from that, Cary Grant is allowed to visit the dog. There was a relative happy ending. However, life might bring that not all divorces have happy endings.

My friend, I must state that I’m not a lawyer. This entry is the result from the conversation I made with a dog owner who is coincidentally a divorce judge with 38 years experience. Apart from that, I find it good that at least courts are trying to place dogs in the best situations.

P.S.: Imagine, you’re now reading your dog instead for the fair housing him in divorce. Hopefully, you and your dog are not a subject of such a court matter. Please, share the impact this post evoked in you in the comments. Thank You!

Voluntary Dog Food Market Withdrawals

There are 48 products on the recent list of the Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts of FDA. The complete list is there.

The News

The Purina, Eukanuba, and IAMS are those brands which recall dog food in the U.S. voluntarily now. The recall action started in August this year.

The Details

The Procter & Gamble and Nestle have decided due to salmonella infection possibility, orders to return voluntarily for potentially contaminated products.

They did this although the competent supervisory authority, the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) received no notification of any case of disease.

The Procter & Gamble began the callback line on August 14. This company recalled 11 Eukanuba and 8 IAMS dry dog food variety. These products were belonging to the 14 November-term series.

According to the information has given to the FDA the recall concerns about one-tenth of U.S. production. Furthermore, according to the message, the reason is that chances are these shipments may be infected with salmonella.

On August 30th, Nestle also ordered a recall for a similar reason. Purina ONE beyOnd Our White-Meat Chicken and Whole Barley Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food have October 2014-term expiry.

The 3.5-pound packets were those that assigned to the action. Namely, they found salmonella infection in a single dose.

The Effect

I’m repeating, the American supervisory authority hadn’t registered a single case of the disease so far. But, as usually happens, however, some companies are already riding the opportunity of the hysteria developed for the case.

The JustFoodForDogs just announced the other day that they would launch the “first kitchen of the dogs on the world.” They said, they will produce dog foods from ingredients free from preservatives, which possess the approval of agricultural office.

The firm in question will open their first unit in Los Angeles. That “kitchen” will have special parking lot, and they also will undertake home delivery.

Moreover, they promised that the visitors might see how food is prepared. And if the visitors want, themselves might be moved to work in the kitchen.

My Remarks

Firstly, I’m not affiliated with any dog food company. And I’m not impressed either from a promising and well-paid advertising.

Yet, I find this news as an encouraging signal to trust in firms, which are sensitive enough to their reputation. And they are trying to do everything for that. I wish all companies would behave so.

My second thought is that perhaps there occurred a niche market for a venturesome firm. Time will tell what takes place from the promises and how. Let’s cheer for them!

A Dog Fence Keeps Your Puppy Happy

Maybe you have the luxury of owning a backyard piece of property. Then your puppy or adult dog deserves the freedom of being able to roam outdoors. But, no matter, the size of your backyard could be; all the puppies are going to attempt to discover the world. It just works for them as in the case of children; the curiosity drives them. Of course, you can prevent this as long as you build a dog fence that’s secured adequately.

The function of a dog fence is to reduce the risk of your doggie wandering off. That’s why is vital, as lots of residential communities created local leash measures. They also did decrees that forbid canines from roaming the public areas without supervising. Furthermore, their intention was to reduce the hazards your puppy or adult dog can meet on its own.

Dog-fence-with-German-ShepherdNaturally, besides walking your dog on a leash on streets, this entails creating an aforementioned fenced enclosure. That prevents your pet from wandering off, obtaining wounded by another dog or a moving car (in the worst case). That also ensures he can run free and spend plenty of time outdoors, but inside the fenced area only.

You may ask: “What if I simply teach my doggie to keep on the property and not using a leash or a security fence?”

Well, my answer would be that’s a big mistake. Why? In the beginning, your young animal is totally new in the world outside. He’s actually becoming accustomed to the possibility of running across your yard. So, allowing him loose without any secure supervision would be a risky idea.

Your adorable puppy (like a child) probably will not grasp and know what his limits are. Thus, he might find himself running away into peril or getting wounded from traffic fatally. And much more than the safety is a difficulty here so to speak.

The reality, particularly is to teach all puppies to keep on isn’t possible at so young age. That’s it, especially when you can find other buildings, footways or busy street close to. Naturally, there’re breeds whose species can be educated. If you have such a dog, you’re lucky.

But, a particular breed of dog temperament requires to train your puppy properly to remain within a certain place of your premises with no leash or fence generally.

The Cons Of A Dog Fence

The benefits of allowing your dog to roam free with fenced borders outside far outweighs the drawbacks. However, there are a few downsides which you should be aware of. For example, you may be tempted to leave your dog outside in the secured encircled area for a long period of time if you have to leave your house, for some reason.

This can cause your dog to panic and experience high anxiety levels of stress. This stress can lead small puppies and dogs to attempt escaping from either climbing the fence or digging through the ground. Never underestimate how far your dog is willing to go when he feels all alone and abandoned.

Of course, with time and proper conditioning, most dogs can be trusted when left alone. However, you should use caution with small puppies and never leave them separate for too long time.

Dog Fence Options

The type of fenced area you choose can be that of a full yard enclosure like most common homes have. Alternatively, if there is no dog fence and the yard is open, you can create a smaller fence with four sides and a small gate.

This type of fenced setup will allow your dog to take advantage of his freedom. While at the same time he’s benefiting from your companion when you are outside handling landscaping tasks. And of course, dogs have the most fun when you play outdoor games with them.

Electrical fences are definitely popular among many dog owners. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you feel it’s right to keep your dog outside with barriers that can shock him if crossed. Your dog cannot see these borders, still it keeps them enclosed in an area by an underground wire.

That wire will shock the animal if he passes over it, due to a specific battery operated collar around his neck. Electrical dog fences are known to do a great job at keeping a dog or puppy secure. But, there are some safety measures in which you need to adhere to due to the nature of the product.

Puppies that are too young shouldn’t be confined with an electrical fence. Your dog must be no younger than six months old. Also, these fences will not prevent other animals from coming into the enclosed area. And, this could prove dangerous to your dog. After all, just use a little common sense with proper training, and your dog should have no problems with an electrical fence.

Another remarkable option is the wireless dog fence. With this device you can change the borderlines within your yard easily. The wireless fence is operating with radio signals and is portable. This property is particularly handy if you want to camping together with your canine.

The panel dog fence is the next player in this circle. You can assemble the prefabricated metal or plastic components very quickly. These are produced in weather-resistant design.

My Experiences

And I’ve to mention the traditional fences, because I have this kind of all the time. Metal pipes embedded in the concrete stump are the supporting-pillars and these keep the wooden or wire fencing material. Why am I talking about this now?

It happened that I had a wire-haired Foxterrier dog. He was a rescued animal, blessed with a lot of criteria of its breed. These included the perpetual curiosity for the outside world. As a result, he dug a tunnel under the fence very often so he could wandering off.

On other occasions, he found the easiest permeable point over the fence, make holes and went through it. I am very much annoyed and always repaired the dog fence. He was a male dog and did run aways in heat periods of females as well.

He also became familiar with the officers dealing with stray dogs. I just paid the fines, phone calls, ads, etc. but was pleased to see him again. Namely, he was a nice and funny companion I never bored with.

P.S.: How about you? How you focus on your canine’s wandering off desire? Have you ever been in similar situation and how you solved it? Share it so someone else can get some good advice. Thank you!

A Kelpie Dog and Loyalty

The Kelpie dog is an extremely active, lively and intelligent breed. It’s obedient and gentle, and appears to us an inexhaustible source of energy. And these characteristics are coupled with remarkable fidelity and devotion. Here is an example to illustrate the loyalty of it.


I’ve recently read a story about a Kelpie dog on the online version of The Sydney Morning Herald. The title was “Kelpie kept trapped owner warm” and the author was Dan Proudman. Here is a short quote from the original article:

[QUOTE]Trapped and hurting from numerous fractures through his ageing body, a defiant Herbert Schutz survived four days in the elements by bunking down with his loyal kelpie, Boydy, to fight off the cold.

And even when help arrived, three freezing nights after Mr Schutz was first pinned by his own car on his remote property near Rylstone, in the central tablelands, Boydy would not leave his master’s side until he was free.

Mr Schutz, 76, remained in a serious condition in John Hunter Hospital on Tuesday night after two neighbours found him under his crashed four-wheel-drive on Monday night.[/QUOTE]

You can read the full article here: http://www.smh.com.au/environment/animals/kelpie-kept-trapped-owner-warm-20130416-2hygy.html

This Kelpie Dog Story Touched Me

The story of this Kelpie dog caught my attention because I have lived with dogs for more than sixty years now. My parents taught me how to live together with dogs the harmonious way. After reading the article I pondered on that we – humans – are imperfect, and not a small degree.

You know, one of the inherent things of the technical era is the increasing longing for the nature. And that gets control over all nations, city residents sooner or later. The dog also represents a part of the nature to the man. And folks recognized that as the first pet connected to people since ancient times.

The inseparable relationship between humans and dogs is evolved for thousands of years. And no matter how weird it sounds – on both sides lay claim for specified level of support. And it doesn’t hurt if dog owners, breeders, we are doing a self-examination with sufficient sincerity.

We can state that in many cases, we expect much more from our dogs to be consistently notable for their obligations to us. However, in the same time we forget to do that towards our dog.

Besides This Kelpie Dog, Others Also Show Loyalty

The case of this Kelpie dog fits into the row of writings describing the loyalty and the immense secret relationship which can develop between human and canine. I’ve also read similar stories; one of them was about Hachi, a Japanese dog.

This canine was waiting for his owner to arrive from work at the railway station 5 PM everyday. One day, the man didn’t arrive, none of the usual times and also not later. He dead at work. And Hachi still went every day to the station and waited for his master orderly. Hachi was really loyal for his owner, although it wasn’t a Kelpie dog.

And I also have two story. One of them happened two blocks away from where I live. The owner of a dog died. She was a widow and lived alone – or saying correctly – with her dog. And, as usually happens, relatives, neighbors buried the widow.

Then, days later, it crossed someone’s mind to feed the dog. But the dog was not found. They were looking for it a day or two and then forgot about the doggie.

It was winter, and folks picked off the wreath from the tomb, later than usual, in springtime. And … under the withered wreaths – to their biggest astonishment – they found the dog’s corpse. That animal wasn’t a Kelpie dog just a mix but there is no doubt of his loyalty.

Our GSD as Loyalty Example


Fact is I didn’t have a Kelpie dog so far. But speaking about dog loyalty I bring up a personal example. I brought home a German Shepherd dog from a local shelter nine and half years ago. Roll was very attentive, loved the life, and took care to teach the house rules to our younger dog. She was a brave and strong guard, didn’t miss any of her attention.

We spent playful times together; she particularly loved the ball-game and rope. Other times we did great running threesome or foursome. When I got tired, I sat down with the twin and talked to them. And they looked at me and observed my voice tone. Life was good.

Last March I was bedridden, cannot go out to the dogs. After four days my wife told me that our Roll didn’t eat. This is not a problem for a day or two if dogs skip meals. Next-day Anna told me again that she didn’t touch the food what she liked anyway. I was in a fever but went out to them. She seemed glad to see me and sniffed my skin and hands for a long time.

I talked to her while stroked her head and gave a treat she consumed. Then I went back to the bed. Meantime I phoned my vet from my bed, asked him to visit my GSD. He could came next day only. Roll just laid there and didn’t care for anything. She got a shot, but my vet wasn’t certain regarding the outcome.

Next-day morning my wife found our Roll died. She gathered her last strength and climbed to our door. Tears came to my eyes. That came to my mind while I read about the Keltie dog which showed a great example of loyalty. RIP Roll.