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Pomeranian-blackWe woke up to a bright sunny morning so let’s get to work. After the appearance of the Pomeranian dog enhanced us, I’m coping with their temperament today. Namely, it’s fitting to look at what lies behind the charming exterior. The previous part in the series includes their origin and appearance and can be found here.

The Nature of a Pomeranian

I had a chance to observe these doggies on dog shows many times. And I only can say; the Spitz types are lively, fun, agile and energetic dogs. An uninitiated viewer doesn’t think that the all-day tournament is not tired of them at all.

Furthermore, during the daily walks I also met some of them and their owners. And you can get impressions from these encounters as well. So, you can perceive that the Pom is definitely a proud, full of life small dog.

It’s clever, desirous to learn, very faithful to its owner and family. S/he is an excellent companion as well as show canine. They are ready to accept control or instruction and their affectionate nature make many to be their fancier.

Poms Require Firm But Gentle Hand

They are alert, nosey and energetic: probably one of the most independent of the toy types, they require a solid, but mild hand. Their vivacity and psyche make them popular with individuals who otherwise don’t pay attention toy dogs.

If these doggies correctly launched they typically get along with different canines and animals in the household problem free. They are able to perform the watchdog role in your flat, ringing the doorbell doesn’t go unnoticed.

However, you should bear in mind this pooch’s habit is the barking. That’s why you should educate them to be quiet after a couple bark reaction to doorbell ringing and not disturb neighbors. Being consistent in this is primary.

The Poms have a pleasant nature and don’t cohere their owners every moment. This joyful fur baby is talented in learning new tricks.

Small Dog Syndrome

Pomeranians have to see their handler / owner as the chief, or they turn into quite demanding. If you permit your doggie to tell you, where and when to get things done, then you’ve got a possible drawback in your hands.

And you know what? You might not even notice it due to being biased against him or her. And that conduct is not smart or lovely; that’s the direct domination over you. And it results in bigger issues sooner or later unless it hasn’t at present.

This breed possesses tiny size as well as cute Ewok-seeming face. Due to these, you’ll find an extremely high share of Poms that are suffered by Small Dog Syndrome.

Additionally, they often show human-induced behaviors. The canine convinced that none other than s/he is in command over humans.

Behavioral Issues

These dogs tend to get along well with conspecifics. But, you can see in dog parks, if a different (much) larger dog attacks them or forces them to behave, they are forgetting their modest size.

Such species must be defended by their handlers – from themselves. Behaviors embrace – however usually aren’t exclusively for separation anxiousness – turning into nervous, willful, daring and even temperamental.

They struggle and tell you what they want you to do by extreme barking and guarding conducts. And, they might be cautious with strangers, barking at them extremely, and even growling and biting.

Poms and Children

The Pomeranian is not really a good choice for living beside children having violent nature. Namely, these dogs can be nervous easily because of excesive bustle and noise

Furthermore, they don’t appreciate small children as their boss. That’s the result of the most individual deal with this pooch with overflowing enthusiasm.  

Consequently, you should give your Pom guidelines to keep up with. You have to set up limits him to realize what is free to do. Plus, he requires abundant, every day strolling with a confident pack leader.

You need to show assured demand in the direction of your canine. Keeping these in mind, this can result a properly-rounded, inwardly stable, reliable, fantastic household pet.

Poms and Artists

When I looked after them, I found that Poms appealed not only the royalty. The different artists and famous people also preferred these dogs from Middle Ages already.

For example, let’s mention Michelangelo from that era. He had a Pom which watched him patiently as he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Alternatively, I could mention Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was inspired by his Pom called Pimperl. The relationship between them led to an aria he dedicated to his dog.

Furthermore, Chopin also belonged to the group of Pomeranian fans. His girlfriend possessed a Pom, and Chopin composed a piece for that. (“Valse des Petits Chiens”)

Newton and His Diamond

And, unfortunately, there is an example of how this small pooch can cause serious damage. According to biographers; Sir Isac Newton also had a Pom doggie called Diamond. And Newton got his nervous breakdown because of his pet.

It happened that Diamond capsized a candle that lit a few of his important papers related his work. Newton reached such a level of stress that he got a nervous breakdown. You can only imagine as twenty-year experimental records lost this way.

Whether this happened or not, I cannot neither confirm nor deny. But, I know, that a Pomeranian is available only not for royals and famous people but you, too. This intelligent, confident dog is going to make a fantastic household pet for everyone who loves small canines and desires a devoted companion.

Will be continued with upkeep and maintenance next time,

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow

Alex Sparrow is a nature enthusiastic for more than seven decades. He was writing nearly 400 articles, reports so far about how to live with your dogs harmoniously.
Alex Sparrow